What Happens If You Fail A Class In College?

What happens if you fail a class in college?. Well, it doesn’t look right, but many schools allow you to retake the class and “overwrite” the lousy grade. You should find out if your school does this (ask the Registrar Office. They’ll know). You want to look at the reasons you failed and make sure[…]

Reasons Why Your Car Heater is Blowing Cool Air

Your car heater is blowing cold air? One beautiful day, when winter comes, the air in the car that should be coming out warm into the cabin comes out cold. Horror! In addition to the problems that can be caused by not defrosting the windshield, if the interior temperature does not rise to a comfortable[…]

How To Get A Child Passport With One Parent Absent

How to get a child passport with one parent absent. If you are considering sending your children on vacation outside the United States, you must stay informed about the documents necessary to obtain your children’s American passport. This document, apart from being essential to travel, is also a valid form of identification. If the name[…]

39 Weeks Pregnant Cramping And Baby Moving Alot

39 weeks pregnant cramping and baby moving alot. At 39 weeks gestation, it is normal for the baby to move a lot, but not always the mother will notice. If you do not feel that the baby moves at least 10 times a day, you should contact your doctor. In this phase, the upper belly is[…]

How To Get Pregnant Fast On Metformin?

How to get pregnant fast on metformin?. Gynecologists use metformin as part of the treatment to get pregnant; we tell you how: Metformin to get pregnant Women who have insulin resistance may have various gynecological problems, including difficulty getting pregnant. Therefore, gynecologists meditate metformin to help the female to control insulin resistance and thus maintain[…]

How to tell your Boyfriend you are Pregnant Unplanned

How to tell your boyfriend you re pregnant unplanned?. Don’t wait too long to inform your parents, partner or ex-partner. The longer you wait, the harder this becomes.  Indicate in advance that you want to discuss something important and make sure that you are somewhere where you will not be disturbed. Sometimes it is easier if a friend or[…]

Dealing with anger with unjustified blame

If you relate to someone with narcissistic behavior, you will probably recognize the flow of blame at your address. Because, after all, nothing is wrong with the narcissist. Yesterday I listened to a YouTube video clip of an American therapist and he said “Because the narcissist thinks he is enlightened.” Then a bell rang with[…]

Unprocessed emotions in your mother’s belly

We are suffering en masse from the effects of unprocessed emotions. The emotions that are not felt with an open heart, but tucked away, not voiced, not discussed, laughed at or simply ignored. If you are in your mother’s belly as a baby, you are completely one with her. You feel everything she feels, because[…]

Highly Sensitive, Autism and Emotions – Share Love

I recently followed a refresher course from Vera Helleman about autism and emotions. It was a special day for me in which I found a lot of recognition in how Vera dealing with emotions translates from two kinds of people: the neurotypic human being who lives from the I-reference, where the attention goes to physical,[…]

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