TOP 10 Benefits of Clear Bracket Braces (Keep Your Smile Bright)

Clear bracket braces vs metal. Transparent or ceramic braces are ideal for people who care about their image and are looking for highly discreet treatments since they blend in with the natural colour of the tooth and are therefore easier to conceal than metallic ones. This type of braces is practically invisible because they are made with materials such as glass, plastic,[…]

Special forms of depression – Everything about it

What is depression? Everyone sometimes feels gloomy or depressed. For example if you are faced with setbacks or disappointments. These kinds of gloomy feelings (‘depressive symptoms’) disappear automatically and are not a cause for concern. But when a gloomy mood no longer disappears and disrupts your daily functioning, you suffer from depression. Some people are ashamed of their depression[…]

Earache: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments, and Prevention

What is earache? Earache is a nasty pain that can feel nagging, but also very intense (stabbing or throbbing). Earache can occur in one ear or in both ears at the same time. Earache mainly affects children. But adults can also get earache. Earache is annoying and can be very painful, but it is not dangerous. Symptoms of earache[…]

Simple tip that keeps you calm in stressful situations

Ever had to give a presentation but forgot your cheat sheets? Missed an important meeting because you still had to install Skype? Stress! And when we come into such stressful situations, we often have no idea what to do, because we can no longer think clearly. That we make more mistakes in stressful situations can also be explained[…]

Suffer from itchy breasts? These can be the causes

Itching is never pleasant, but itching of your breasts is totally annoying. It is not exactly the place that you are going to touch extensively if you are – at the moment, an example – at work. Fortunately, itchy breasts are innocent in most cases. Curious about the causes? Here they come: Irritation from your bras Bras[…]

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