Does Lavender Oil Keep Away Bedbugs?

Does lavender repel bed bugs?. Bedbugs are a few of the most dreaded insects which may ever invade your living area. When some pests, like roaches and rodents invade your meals, bedbugs goal you for meals. Aside from the painful bites along with the red aromas left behind, they’ll really[…]

How to Naturally Repel Rabbits from Your Garden

How to naturally repel rabbits from your garden? Rabbits feel at home in open and semi-open landscapes. You will find them almost everywhere, so also in the quiet forest gardens. The rabbit digs burrows and is mainly active at night. Depending on the time of year, they eat all kinds[…]

How to save a tree from carpenter ants?

How to save a tree from carpenter ants?. Sometimes the people confuse the need for a wood termite treatment with one for carpenter ants, a variety of ants listed as the largest, with black, reddish or yellow coloring and massive jaws. Despite their name, they do not eat wood like[…]

Why are ants attracted to my car?

Why are ants attracted to my car? Ants on my car. Ants, those troublesome pests that usually invade your home, have found their way into many small spaces. Outdoor buildings, dog houses, roofs, and even cars are not free from this invasion. If ants have invaded your vehicle, the results[…]

How To Care For Hostas In The Fall?

How to care for hostas in the fall?. Optimally fertilize and maintain hostas. Provided that proper care and attention is paid to the location, Hostas can grow for many years in the same place and develop into beautiful symmetrical pollen. In addition to proper fertilization, the location, which can range[…]


How to use peppermint oil for bed bugs. Essential Oils are all amazing! We acknowledge it! They resolve such a high number of issues which other goods (AND MEDICINES!) Can not start to resolve as efficiently, and they do it with fewer side effects and a much better smell than[…]

How Much Does A Cord Of Wood Weigh

The only legal unit measurement of firewood is the CORD. A CORD is defined as: ” a loosely stacked pile of split firewoodmeasuring 4 ft. wide x 4 ft. high x 8 ft. long.” The total volume of a CORD is equal to 128 cubic feet. There is no legal standard for the “Face Cord”but[…]

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