1961 Chinese Zodiac ‚Äď Strengths, Weaknesses, Personality & Love

1961 Chinese Zodiac

Year 1961 Chinese Zodiac

1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997

People born under the sign of the Ox are very balanced and prudent. They do not speak for not sinning and in a conversation, they are usually silent because what they like most is to observe, although when their words intervene, they are the most accurate. They typically go at their own pace and have a great sense of reality and an almost overwhelming logic. Among the most negative features of this sign is in prolonged and even inexpressive people.

Of high strength and tenacious, the ox or buffalo is one of the twelve animals that make up the Chinese horoscope. Independent and very intelligent, they take care of what is theirs.

Accustomed to the western horoscope in which a person can be a zodiac sign depending on the month and day of birth, the strangest and most unknown is to speak of the Chinese horoscope in which the cast does not go for months but for the year in which it is born.

According to Buddhist tradition, Buddha wanted to gather all the animals of the earth to testify to his last will. Only twelve animals appeared before him: the rat, the ox, the tiger, the rabbit, the dragon, the snake, the horse, the goat, the monkey, the rooster, the dog and the pig. As a reward for the devotion that these beings gave to Buddha, he turned them into the Twelve Signs of the Chinese Zodiac.

Discover your Element according to your date of birth

  • 1/22/1925 to 12/2/1926¬†Wood
  • 11/2/1937 as of 1/30/1938¬†Fire
  • 1/30/1949 to 2/16/1950¬†Earth
  • 2/15/1961 to 2/2/1962¬†Metal
  • 3/2/1973 to 1/22/1974¬†Water
  • 2/20/1985 to 2/8/1986¬†Wood
  • 2/7/1997 to 1/27/1998¬†Fire

The temperament of the Ox

  • Metal.-¬†Resolved and energetic. Committed and stubborn.
  • Water.-¬†Insightful, intelligent and tolerant.
  • Wood.-¬†Noble and virtuous, with balanced and skilful criteria.
  • Fire.-¬†Passionate, effective and very intense.
  • Earth.-¬†Stable, decent, hardworking, tenacious and leisurely.

The Metal Ox

Eloquent, intelligent and frequently artist. It is a controversial creature that is not afraid to express its point of view: it considers that its opinions are the only correct ones. He is a difficult colleague, but he can be trusted.

Woman: is sociable and can achieve power and money. He does not like to back down his decisions or get in his way.

Man: he has a vision of life so personal that it is difficult to follow the train. He does not accept criticism, and penetrating his inner world can be an impossible mission.

The Ox of fire

Sarcastic is usually a great critic of the faults of others and frankly to the raw. You are not prepared for any job that requires diplomacy. He is ambitious and idealistic, capable of anything to fulfil his dreams.

Woman: fire takes away patients and adds dynamism and a lot of ambition. His character is less firm and more passionate than that of the other oxen.

Man: risky, restless and very ambitious, he is one of those who never give up. He is very generous with his loved ones.

The Ground Ox

He usually gets what he wants from life. He advances with strength and tranquillity and is exceptionally patient until he reaches his goal. Loyal, sincere and reliable, lacks some creativity and sensitivity.

Woman: his will and self-control are remarkable. Reliable, patient and sacrificed, it is one that recovers from any blow.

Man: it can be challenging to deal with because he is a perfectionist and demanding with others. It is tough to reach his heart since he fears abandonment and rejection.

Water Ox

The most affectionate ox. It is reasonable, flexible, open to criticism and suggestions. It is not ambitious and is realistic like few others. It is perfect for teamwork, although it can be very demanding.

Woman: is the one who enjoys the here and now. It is sensitive and reserved, but implacable: if you owe one, it will be charged even if you have to wait a lifetime.

Man: it is possibly the easiest to love of all the oxen because it does not close to demonstrations of affection and is open to novel experiences.

The wooden Ox

He is the aptest to work with others and also the most aware of the feelings of others. His motto is ‚Äúlive and let live.‚ÄĚ He is not stubborn, but very jealous, which can lead to difficulties in his love life.

Woman: he likes to have control, and he gets rid of those who can’t follow the train. To conquer it, you have to be willing to let it a command.

Man: he is a very good friend and a hard worker, obsessive and methodical. But it is relentless with those who are against it, and it can become very violent.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Ox (buffalo)

Positive: Achieve your goals thanks to the perseverance and strength you concentrate on your work. He hates unpunctuality and laziness; He never accumulates debts, is a saver and always has reserved for emergencies. He is not afraid of responsibilities.

Negative: It is difficult to adapt to new circumstances and avoid innovations, always prefer to bet on the safe. This aspect can harm your professional and economic progress. His demand can become an exhausting obsession for him and his collaborators.


The ox is the sign of the most methodical and thoughtful Chinese horoscope. Within Asian culture, this is considered a sacred animal in the East and represents the prosperity obtained through effort, tenacity and work. This sign reflects the characteristics of the animal it represents: patient, tireless at work and capable of carrying enormous responsibilities on their backs without a complaint.

The unstoppable strength of this animal makes the Chinese horoscope sign acquire an¬†organization, determination and stubbornness¬†towards its objectives, avoiding complications and keeping its inner balance accurate to its ambitious goals. His rival, among the other signs of the Chinese horoscope, is the goat ‚ÄĒ his¬†allies: the rooster and the snake.

The ox is an innate leader who needs a work environment in harmony and tranquillity to develop his true empowerment. He has a logical, systematic and brilliant mind. Its individualistic, practical and independent character can make you look bored and lacking imagination. Avoid any kind of confrontation or fight, and if any of your attitudes can cause them, you will give in to avoid them since tense environments destabilize you.

People born under the Chinese horoscope of the Ox are those whose date of birth is located in the years 1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985 and 1997.


All those who are under the protection of the Ox are¬†humanitarian, generous and with a great common sense¬†that in the face of the unforeseen, they feel disoriented. His main concern is to obtain security and¬†emotional, spiritual and material stability. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčliving with debts alters your nerves, and you must have every aspect perfectly studied to risk in some aspect of your life.

They are appreciated for their tranquillity, seriousness and modesty. He obtains all his achievements with a slow but constant action and is valued for his companionship, honesty and loyalty. On the other hand, and something significant, the word of an Ox is worth more than any role: if he says yes and promises something, his commitment is authentic, and his words will be fulfilled.


In romantic relationships, all those who are under the shelter of the Ox are people who are somewhat jealous and possessive. Although they do not become obsessive, much less need to feel loved and appreciated as well as demanding fidelity since they are. They show their feelings with love and sweetness and can become very sensual and passionate.

When it comes to conquering another person, those of the Ox sign take their time to do things right. Their romantic nature makes them go little by little and without pressing the other person. They are used thoroughly to conquer your partner day by day and are prone to want to live a love story in the most romantic way possible.

The love of an Ox is powerful and clear, romantic and impulsive. Establishing an intimate relationship with a person who belongs to the sign of the Ox will mean having carried a long work of perseverance behind them because they do not give themselves to the first exchange. However, once an Ox is delivered, they are loyal and dedicated. They have the value of their weight in gold.


Although people who are under the sign of the Ox are reliable and robust, they are prone to suffer problems in the head and stomach area. To avoid discomfort and future pain, the ideal for all those Oxen is to take care of their diet and ensure that it is healthy.

It is convenient to pay attention to fatigue and nervous situations every day because they tend to affect the health of the Ox negatively and also weaken the immune system or, in the worst case, cause depression. Something that is advised is to practice yoga, meditation or other relaxing activities that help keep all tensions under control and get rid of stress.


The character of a person protected under the protection of the Ox brings with it a way of being and of facing the life that will lead it, although not always since there will always be exceptions, to channel his working life and his professional career in the world of business. Since they are also very skilled with their hands, they can also do some work that requires a unique skill such as carpentry or crafts.

They are people who apply and concentrate to the fullest to gain experience, deepen and learn to the most comprehensive in the new subjects. They are ambitious and always aspire to a position of more responsibility than theirs if they can seize the opportunity. They accept to work on something unknown since their curiosity to do something different seduces them to the point of doing so.

Oxen people disapprove of any sign of frivolity in the workplace. The Ox does not like news or surprises and can become very critical of that kind of thing. If you are entrusted with a task, it will go to work without anyone helping you and will not stop until you feel delighted.

When it comes to finances, their need for stability may cause them some occasional problem since they do not feel they should try new ideas for fear that they will ruin the work done previously. That need for security is significant for a person who is under the protection of the Ox and therefore, throughout his life, he will always have money saved. The economic issue will never be a problem since having a particular mattress will always be a priority for them. Chinese calender 1961.

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