20 Characteristics of the Sagittarius zodiac sign

20 Characteristics of the Sagittarius zodiac sign

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The Sagittarius, the ninth sign of the zodiac, has intense emotions, and is full of passion.

  • The ruling planets of the Sagittarius: Jupiter
  • Element: Fire
  • Quality: Mobile
  • Lucky day: Thursday
  • Color: blue
  • Numbers: 3, 7, 9, 12, 21
  • Combines best with Gemini and Aries
  • Sagittarius loves: freedom, travel, free nature, philosophy

20 Sagittarius features

(born November 22 – December 21)

1. Sagittarius are race optimists

Sagittarius generally look at life and the future in a very positive and enthusiastic way.

2. Sagittarius have grand plans and dreams

They are not afraid to put a lot of effort into everything they want to achieve, and they have enough confidence to think that they will succeed in making it.

3. Sagittarius are open and honest

They don’t make a pit of their hearts. They are straightforward and can, therefore, sometimes seem a bit flimsy. But most people can appreciate their honesty and sincerity.

4. Sagittarius are funny

Sagittarius are very good at seeing the funny or ridiculous of a situation. They have a different kind of humor, often a little sarcastic, which you love or don’t like.

5. Sagittarius love their freedom

The more you try to put a Sagittarius on the chain, the more they try to free themselves.

6. Sagittarius are adventurous

Travel and adventure are in Sagittarius’ blood. They need to discover new countries and places, and they want to gain new experiences.

7. Sagittarius are always right

They find that out for themselves, and they will not rest until they have proved you are right or wrong. Some call it know-it-all, but that sounds less friendly.

8. Sagittarius are restless and impatient

Sitting still and doing nothing is a punishment for the Sagittarius. If you have something in mind, it must happen immediately. Or better yet, yesterday.

9. Sagittarius are not afraid of gambling

Their adventurous side ensures that they do not play safely and occasionally like to take a chance. To keep it exciting, probably.

10. If a Sagittarius is angry

Then you will know that too. The Sagittarius can then come out hard and relentlessly. They will immediately throw you off Facebook and can also completely ignore you in real life.

11. If a Sagittarius is sad

 Then they withdraw to mourn in a corner alone. They would instead not share their emotions with others. Fortunately, that usually does not take long.

12. A Sagittarius lives in the present

Just like Rams, they do not live in the past. What happened happened. They, therefore, usually do not stay angry with anyone for long.

13. Sagittarius are creative thinkers

An archer is a creative thinker. In their heads, they are always looking for new ideas, new solutions. They also like to learn new things. That constant curiosity, in combination with creativity, makes Sagittarius even good artists, musicians, writers, or philosophers.

14. A Sagittarius is an excellent company

Sagittarius are cheerful, spontaneous, and always ready to have fun. Because of their boundless enthusiasm, they draw others into that cheerfulness.

15. Sagittarius think far ahead

Do not underestimate a Sagittarius and his plans. They have clearly worked out their projects for themselves. If they don’t succeed, they also have a plan B ready and a plan C and probably a few plans.

16. Sagittarius cannot stand injustice

If a Sagittarius catches you on dishonesty or if you fool them, they can punish you hard and relentlessly.

17. A Sagittarius is not concerned with unimportant details

They focus on things that are important to them. They are not worried with nonsense, gossip, talks, and back-banging. A waste of their time.

18. A Sagittarius needs time in love

An archer is not a house, a tree, an animal type. It usually takes a while before he or his wild hair is lost and ready to settle. It can also take a while until they commit to someone.

19. Sagittarius are demanding

Not only do they not bind themselves to someone quickly. Sagittarius are also still demanding. They often have a whole list of properties that their potential love partner must meet.

20. A Sagittarius can be a tad rebellious

Sagittarius are generally straightforward and have strong moral values. But they can also easily deviate from their ideas or values ​​if it suits them better.

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