39 Weeks Pregnant Cramping And Baby Moving Alot

39 weeks pregnant cramping and baby moving alot

39 weeks pregnant cramping and baby moving alot. At 39 weeks gestation, it is normal for the baby to move a lot, but not always the mother will notice. If you do not feel that the baby moves at least 10 times a day, you should contact your doctor.

In this phase, the upper belly is normal because some babies only fit into the pelvis during labor, and this is why if your belly has not yet gone down, do not worry.

The mucous plug is a gelatinous mucus that closes the end of the uterus, and its exit may indicate that the delivery is closer. It is characterized by a kind of bleed with blood threads, but almost half of women do not perceive it.

In this week the mother may feel very swollen and tired, to alleviate this discomfort it is recommended to sleep whenever possible, soon she will have the baby in her lap, and resting can be more difficult.

39 weeks pregnant [hard bellies and other symptoms]

If you are 39 weeks pregnant, the delivery will not take much longer! It may even be the case that you already have your baby in your arms! If it is still not that far, your partner will probably always be on standby. What happens if you have not yet given birth this week with you and your baby?

No more growth spurt

In week 39, there is, of course, a lot going on with your baby. Below is first an overview of his or her weight and height.

  • Weight: 3300 grams
  • Length: 50 centimeters

As you have probably already read, heard, or seen in our timeline, your baby will not grow much more during these final weeks of your pregnancy. The growth spurt is over, and your baby will no longer become longer, but only heavier. All the weight that is now added to your baby is intended as a reserve for after the birth.

The baby will soon enter a new world and will have to get used to everything, including nutrition and circumstances. The baby will lose a lot of weight in the first few days after birth. It takes a few weeks for the baby to get used to our world.

Your baby was transparent at the start of pregnancy. Little by little, the color began to change during pregnancy to the color pink. When you are 39 weeks pregnant, your child’s skin becomes whiter. Even if you have dark skin, your baby will be relatively light at birth. This is because the pigment has not yet developed in children. This development only takes place a few weeks after birth. Your child starts to get more and more of his or her color.

Irritated and forgetful

In addition to the many activities and changes in your baby, you will naturally also change again. Below are the most significant changes that you may notice this week.

You will be forgetful this week, easily irritated and also tired, but that is normal, of course. You are now 39 weeks further, and in those 39 weeks, you have probably had all kinds of ailments and had trouble sleeping.

You probably already look forward to the moment when it is all over! Rest assured, it’s almost time. You will practically be rid of all the ailments that you have experienced in recent months. Enjoy the last days, take a rest and prepare for the birth.

This week you will start worrying about birth. Some are worried about the pain you will have. Others will take care of the delivery and whether everything will go well. Try to worry as little as possible, because you can never adequately prepare for what is to come. You will only notice how it is when the delivery is underway. Try to make by doing relaxation and breathing exercises so that you know how to handle the pain best.

Symptoms and ailments in this week

Even if you are 39 weeks pregnant, there are again all kinds of diseases that bother you or cause you. Here we list a few more common ones.

Nauseous and tired when you are 39 weeks pregnant

You are now in one of your last weeks, and it can be so incredibly annoying to feel sick during this period. You will often get this nausea in combination with the feeling that you are tired very quickly.

You may even have very high or low blood pressure. The only thing you can do is to stay calm, rest, and ensure that you pay attention to what your body is saying. If you feel that this nausea is not standard, then it is natural that you contact your obstetrician. However, this nausea and tiredness usually go away by itself if you take enough rest.

Mucus plug loss in week 39 of pregnancy

There are many questions about losing the mucus plug during pregnancy. One will lose the mucus plug a few weeks before delivery, while the other will not lose it yet and will not lose the mucus plug until pregnancy. If you notice that you have lost your mucus plug more than two weeks before delivery, it is essential to contact your midwife. This can work with you to see what the actions to be taken will be. Also, you should always contact your obstetrician when there is blood involved.

Losing the mucus plug does not indicate whether your delivery is close or not. Some lose the mucus plug a few weeks before the birth, while others only lose it during the birth.

Hard bellies and menstrual pain

Having hard stomachs or menstrual pain can have different meanings. Your body is practicing during weeks before giving birth, and as a result, you can have hard bellies more often. Also, pregnancy can cause intestinal problems, which can cause cramps that resemble menstrual pain. Often you will also get a normal abdominal pain in combination with diarrhea at the end of the pregnancy.

This is due to the pressure on your intestines and the pregnancy hormones in your body. However, menstrual pain can also be caused by pre-contractions or even real contractions. In the beginning, these contractions are not that strong yet and can, therefore, be compared with the cramps that you get during menstruation.

It then remains to be seen whether the contractions will continue, or if it turns out to be only contractions. The latter automatically disappear. If you have doubts about what you are feeling, it is good to contact your obstetrician or gynecologist.

Do it if you are 39 weeks pregnant: strip!

In this case, by stripping, we mean something other than what you might have thought of in the first instance. If you are 39 weeks pregnant and the baby does not seem to be getting ready to come out, you might consider getting stripped. Perhaps the pregnancy has become so heavy that you prefer to start giving birthright now.

It may also be the case that the midwife wants the birth to begin because your baby has too little food left in the womb, for example. These are times when it can be useful to strip.

This strip is done by the obstetrician or gynecologist, who gently pulls the membranes off your cervix with one hand. This is only possible if your uterus has softened and gives way. Delivery hormones are created by peeling away the layers. The delivery often starts within 48 hours after stripping.

Is the cervix still closed? Then the midwife cannot strip you yet. No matter how tired you may be from your big belly, your baby is not ready to be born. Then you will have to wait a bit this week!


39 Weeks Pregnant Cramping And Baby Moving Alot

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