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Jared Biblical Figure – What does Jared mean?

Jared biblical figure. The biblical facts about Jared, like the other long-lived patriarchs, are in the book of Genesis. In terms of the documentary hypothesis, the passage about Adam’s descendants (Genesis 5: 1-32) is attributed to the Priestly source. A parallel passage (Genesis 4: 17-22), which contains a genealogy of[…]

Discover The Biblical Meaning Of Feces In A Dream

Dreams involving feces can have an array of meanings, depending on the context. Although it might sound strange or unpleasant, feces are often associated with abundance in dreams – both physical and spiritual. In this article, we’ll review some of the biblical and spiritual meanings of feces in a dream.[…]

Biblical Meaning of Flooding Water in A Dream

Biblical meaning of flooding water in a dream. Water is a natural element that is quite common in dreams. Its presence in them has a lot of symbolism and is mostly about the attitude or mood of the dreamer. There are different types of dreams with water, but today we will talk[…]

What Does It Mean To Dream With Excrement?

What does it mean to dream with feces? Dreaming of feces. The dreams droppings are not uncommon. However, these dreams arouse in us many emotions and hold a definite meaning. On many occasions, if we have this type of dreams, we can feel dirty or a feeling of having lied. Excrement is[…]


What does a halo around the moon mean? Many people ask themselves the biblical meaning of halo around the moon or the Ring around the moon meaning. Before we tell you about the biblical meaning of halo around the moon, we will tell you what a halo is and why[…]

What Do Bears Mean In Dreams Biblically?

Exploring the Spiritual Realm: Unveiling the Biblical Interpretation of Bear Dreams.Have you ever had a dream about a bear and wondered what it means? Dreams have always fascinated us, and in many cultures, they are believed to have spiritual significance. In this post, we will focus on: what do bears[…]

Lotus Flower Meaning In Christianity

Lotus flower meaning in christianity The lotus flower also has meanings in Christianity. The followers of this religion confer upon it meanings associated with those of the white lily, that is, purity and virginity. The lotus flower is also associated with yoga. The so-called lotus position (Padmasana) is the traditional[…]

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