Lotus Flower Meaning In Christianity

Lotus flower meaning in christianity

Lotus flower meaning in christianity

The lotus flower also has meanings in Christianity. The followers of this religion confer upon it meanings associated with those of the white lily, that is, purity and virginity.

The lotus flower is also associated with yoga. The so-called lotus position (Padmasana) is the traditional posture in which a person crosses his legs (each foot placed on the opposite thigh and his hands placed on his knees) for meditation.

It is also said that the closed, or budded, lotus flower symbolises man’s infinite possibilities. Open, on the other hand, represents the creation of the universe.

The lotus flower is, without a doubt, one of the species of Botany to which more meanings are associated. The way in which this plant grows on the mud, showing beauty and spreading fragrance, has been interpreted, in different ways, by religions like the one of the Ancient Egypt, India and China.

Spiritual purity, purification of the body, speech and mind, as well as the emergence of positive actions in liberation are some of the meanings attributed to the also known as Nile rose, sacred lotus, or Indian lotus.

Meaning in Greek mythology

The lotus flower was reflected by Homer in the Odyssey. This classic of literature tells how three men were sent to an island near North Africa to identify the behavior of the natives who ingested the lotus flower. These men had to be tied to the ship by Ulysses, because when they consumed the sacred flower they felt its effects: peaceful sleep and amnesia.

In both Egyptian and Greek cultures the lotus flower was related to the divine birth, not only because of the way it grows in the swamps but also because of its beauty and fragrance. Because of the pleasant smell of this plant, the Egyptians called the god of perfume Nefertum.

Meaning in the East

The lotus flower is associated with Buddha and his teachings, which is why it is considered a sacred flower by the people of the East. As a symbol of Buddhism the most important meaning attributed to it is the purity of body and soul.

Historians say that a legend tells how when the child Buddha took his first steps, lotus flowers sprouted everywhere he set foot.

Thus, this religion associates the muddy water where the lotus grows with attachment and carnal desires. On the other hand, the flower that emanates clean, looking for the light, constitutes a promise of purity and spiritual elevation.

“Om mani padme hum” is the famous prayer of Buddhism, which is translated as “See, the jewel in the lotus”, or “Bright the jewel in the lotus”.

Meaning in Asian cultures

Other civilizations located in Asia distinguish their divinities sitting on a lotus flower while meditating. In India it is synonymous with fertility, wealth, purity and wisdom; while China distinguishes the lotus flower as a sign of divinity, beauty and perfection.

In Asian cultures the lotus flower is associated with the ideal attributes of the female sex, as it is also associated with elegance, beauty, perfection, purity and grace.

Current significance

Nowadays the lotus flower is investigated from the point of view of science because its capacity to repel microorganisms and dust particles, becomes a mystery.

Likewise, today the lotus flower is a recurrent symbol in tattoos. In Japan it is tattooed along with the koi fish as a sign of individuality and strength. Similarly, people get the sacred lotus flower tattooed to symbolize how they have overcome numerous obstacles and come out ahead in life.

Meaning according to their color

The Rose of the Nile has numerous meanings for many cultures, as we have seen in this article. The colour of these flowers is also subject to interpretation.

According to experts, the blue lotus is evidence of the triumph of the spirit over the senses, wisdom and knowledge. This specimen is usually kept closed, so it does not show its interior.

The white lotus is related to the perfection of the spirit and the mind. It symbolizes a state of total purity and immaculate nature. It is usually represented by eight petals.

The red lotus or Buddha flower of Compassion tries to reflect the innocence and original nature of the heart. It also shows love, passion and compassion.

The pink lotus is the one that, in general, is related to divine characters, among them, the Great Buddha. This flower is often confused with the white lotus.

Lotus flower effect

lotus flowerIn our environment we meet every day with stumbling blocks in our walk with Christ. Every day we practically have temptations and struggles and from time to time we let those things come into our lives, causing us very serious damage in our lives.

The lotus flower is a wonderful creation of our God, of which we have several examples to follow; this beautiful flower can be found more than anything else on the Asian continent, in the swampy areas, besides this it has a characteristic and that is that its leaves have an impermeable effect, and in turn does not allow dust or dirt to adhere to it; this is due to its structure, in which, it is made up of very tiny cells, which accompanied by small wax particles achieve this effect.

This flower has several things to imitate; first of all, it sprouts in a swamp, full of stagnant waters, it seems strange to think that in these places such beautiful flowers can exist; each one of us can find ourselves in really precarious, difficult situations, where nothing is new, our prayers are not new, we do not advance on a spiritual level, we stand idly by, and there is always something bad that the enemy wants you to let into your life.

We have spent perhaps a long time stuck in the same thing, but despite the circumstances that surround you, you are able to sprout, to go forward and give the battle, we have to rise above those dirty waters, which have wanted to sink us for a long time, we must let that source of living water, flow within us, so that our spirit radiates, taking advantage of what we have; Jesus said: ¨De he who believes in me, as the scripture has said, rivers of water will flow out viva¨ John 7:38 (New International Version)

After this we have to be impervious to sin, not let it in, close the doors to the things of the world that separate us from God, not allow evil to hurt our hearts, not pay attention, not keep negative or cursing words that have sometimes been thrown at us, we must decide what things we should give way to, but for this to be effective, you must seek the presence of God, you become impermeable when you have the holy spirit, which directs you in the best way so as not to fail God, he shows us the way to follow, he does not want us to wither, that is why he always cleanses us, purifies us again and again, when we give him the power to act in our life and thus keep us in holiness and be pleasing in the presence of our father.

If you turn away from the sin you have committed and give no room in your dwelling place to evil, then you will be able to hold your head high and stand firm and free from fear, you will certainly forget your sorrows, or remember them as the water that has already passed away.

Job 11:14-16 (New International Version)

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