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Each of us has a nice nickname, especially mentioned by someone special, family members, friends or family.

Most of the nicknames given by your friends is after judging your behavior and please! In relationship asks for different nick names that you love to call your partner. A nickname given by your partner remains especially for you all the time, and it has a special reserve to be mentioned by just that person.

Here we call you some nice names to call your girlfriend, and we bet they will be liked by this name.

  1. Cutie Pie
    Many of boyfriends love to call their girlfriend with this name, as these names will never get you in trouble.
  1. Angel eyes
    I have a girl with beautiful eyes? Then you have her name as “angel eyes”. Calling her by such a name can help make her feel respected and confident about herself.
  1. Donut
    Donut is one of the desserts that is usually lined with sugary dust around. We don’t need a girlfriend who would regret being called “donut.” Calling donut can make her feel, she is sweet and good indeed.
  1. Pop
    Is she heavenly beautiful and charming? Call her doll and she would appreciate!
  1. Darling
    Calling girlfriend with the name “darling” sounds a bit formal and good. Darling is a standard form of the name, which is often called by being a friend of women.
  1. Hot Mama
    If you find your girlfriend hot, sexy and beautiful call her “Hot mommy”. She would certainly be with her curves from now.
  1. The Dream Girl
    If she’s your perfect match, and you’ve always wanted such a girl to be your girlfriend, call her “dream”
  1. Hop
    If she likes more joy, fun and likes to have fun in everything, call her “hop”
  1. Gorgeous
    Gorgeous is no longer just a word, you can call her beautiful and play safely this time.
  1. Hugging Bug
    Hugging Bug is one of the names that came into fashion through TV, so calling your women with this name can never upset her.
  1. Kitten
    Kittens are cute, sweet, playful and cuddly. Calling your girlfriend “kitten” can make her feel about the positive things in her.
  1. Babe
    Well, now the word is talking the portrayal is due to media portraying in the wrong way. But calling your girlfriend with the name “babe” will never get you in trouble.
  1. Queen
    You can call her “queen” as she has always been the girl behind your success. Even if it isn’t, there’s no problem tackling her with this fun and respected name.
  1. Sweetie
    Sweetie is a common name used by many of the friends to address their girlfriend. The name “Sweetie” makes her feel sweet and good behavior.
  1. Joy
    Regardless of an ordinary boy’s name, you can call your girlfriend “Joy” as she brings joy and happiness to you.
  1. Happiness
    If you thought, happiness is what that comes from your girlfriend, her with this beautiful name.
  1. Lying
    nicely Most of the friend’s love to hug girlfriend and if she’s someone you love, you call her by the name, nice.
  1. Melody
    Melody is a feminist name and if your girlfriend is a singer, and her voice is melodic, then call her “melody”
  1. Rose
    You can call your girlfriend named “Rose” if she was worth more than you and if she is sweet in the behavior.
  1. Pan cake
    You can call her with this cute name, but be sure not to link the name with her figure size.
  1. Lover Girl
    If she has always been a lover girl, don’t hesitate and call her lover girl. Calling her with this name can make her feel the power of love.
  1. Honey Bunny
    Honey bunny sounds something cute, sweet and cute. She of course simply calls her by this name.
  1. Pigeon
    Pigeons are usually pure, quiet and more vulnerable. If you think she represents all these qualities in herself, then call her by the name “the pigeon”
  1. Cherry
    Like the cherry on the top of the cake, the desert fills you up with her cherry if you thought she’d finished your life. Her presence is valuable in your life.
  1. Charme
    Relationship works with many beliefs and myths. However, if you think she’s your luck and brings back the charm, call her by this name.
  1. Light Eyes
    Light eyes are for those girls who have beautiful and clear eyes. If you think her eyes were the best feature, call her “my eyes”
  1. My Lemon
    Lemon is usually thought to add some unique flavor and freshness to the dish. If you already, she brought some unique freshness and taste, then she is your lemon.
  1. My Summer
    She is clear like summer, call her with this name. If she brings light and clarity into your life, you can call her by the name “summer”
  1. Julia
    If she is the center of attraction and heroine of your story, then call her by name. If you have all the qualities of Julia in her, and call her with this name.
  1. Pinky
    If she loved to wear more pink or something if she represents the qualities of a girl, then associate her with the name “Pinky”
  1. Pumpkin
    Pumpkin is a sweet name type in which a girl would not be offended if you care about the word pumpkin is not associated with her body size.
  1. Dummy
    Although, this is a cute name, but you can definitely refer to this name if you want to lose her. The word dummy looks like some girls who are much more right to give stupid or stupid answers.
  1. Scoop
    If you thought she was just like a scoop of ice cream that you want to cherish until the end of your life, call her by this name.
  1. Darling
    If she was a darling to you and more valuable than any other person in life, then call her by the name of “darling”
  1. Honey Forest
    Honey forest is a dessert that is sugar, but not too much. If you think your girlfriend was like honey then hope to call her using this name.
  1. Sexiness
    If you find her curves, body and moves as sexy as hell, don’t hesitate and call her by this name.
  1. Dumpling
    This is one of those awkward fun names to contact your girlfriend since boys will find it fine, but women will think you’re making a note about their weight.
  1. Boo
    Call her Boo If you find her sexy, gorgeous and incredibly hot.
  1. Magic
    If, however, your girlfriend fills your life with magic and she always brought some liveliness into your life, then call her “magic.”
  1. Wifey
    If you think she is your future wife or planning to marry her in the future, she looks like the name “wifey”
  1. Cinderella
    If she only meant to be your Cinderella and was princess in your eyes, you can call her with this cute name.
  1. Hot Stuff
    If you find her really irresistible and hot, why not call her named “hot stuff”
  1. Sweet Heart
    This is one of the most standard names used by friends to call her friends. If you find her sweet and sincere then call ‘sweet heart’.
  1. Cookie
    If she is ordinary, crunchy and sweet as a cookie, then call her with the cute name, cookie.
  1. My Everything
    ‘My Everything’ is a name that a boyfriend would like to call girlfriend if she meant everything to him.
  1. Pooh
    Have you seen Winnie the Pooh? If you like your girls as cute as pooh call her with this name. Make sure she doesn’t feel uncomfortable and violates the name because of her weight and size.
  1. Sprinkles
    Sprinkles is something that brings joy, happiness and pleasure to life. You can call her sprinkles, if you thought they possess all these qualities in her.
  1. Peach
    Peaches are usually nice and cute, which look like fruits in peace. If you find your girlfriend, nice when the peach fruit call her with this name.
  1. Lamb Chop
    At first glance it seems nice, but when you think about it you compare your girlfriend to the slaughter of an innocent little animal. May as well shoot Bambi while you are at it
  1. Main Squeeze
    This is generally considered a cute name for a girlfriend and although you could be unknowingly calling her a Frosty Cold.
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The sweetest words – Really nice things to call your girlfriend

These are all nice things to call your girlfriend. Whether you are fighting, you want to cheer her up, or you want to remind her how much she means to you, try using these names to create proximity.

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# 1 Sugar . She’s so damn sweet she can give you a toothache. Quite naturally … calling her sugar feels like candy to her soul.

# 2 Sweets . A cute name that means she is the sweetest in your heart. Candy rolls from the tip of the tongue and sounds cool.

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# 3 Apple . If she is the apple of your eye, calling her apple is a fun way to tell her. Not grin. It’s really one of the nice things to call your girlfriend.

# 4 Cutie. There is a difference between beautiful, sweet and cute. If she’s so cute, let them tell you awwww, then it’s sweetheart.

# 5 Hun. Their, short for honey, is one of those cute names that old couples use when they have dropped the full version. If you are so comfortable with each other, skip the full version and go fit with this half size immediately.

# 6 Lovey . “Love you” sounds too exaggerated if you say it all the time. But when you say sweetheart, let her know she is the love of your life. It is an “I love you,” and you are all to me … all in one.

# 7 Heat. If she only radiates heat, this is the one you should call her.

# 8 Spicy . If she can be both sweet and spicy, let her know you like her when she’s more of the freak in bed than the girl next door. It could be a signal that you want a bit of spice tonight.

# 9 Chile. You may not have seen this word as one of the fun things to call your girlfriend. But is it too hot to taste? If she’s so damn hot, you just want to eat her, call her chili.

# 10 Mrs. Thang. Yes, that’s right, she is Mrs. Thang – and no one doubts it.

# 11 Drop.  Drop-dead gorgeous can be shortened just to drop. When you see her, you just want to fall in, or when she laughs, she can drop you on the floor. That’s why you call her licorice, so let her know.

# 12 life sentence. Lifer is someone you choose for life. If she’s in it for the long term, remind her that you are her hitchhiker, and she is yours.

# 13 One . Not only does she have your number one priority, she is the ONE. Whoever calls her will continue to tell her what place she takes in your life and your heart.

# 14 Sunshine . If it’s a rainy day when she’s not there, let her be your sunshine. What’s not great about someone who calls you sunshine? It is as if you are telling her that life without her could not exist.

# 15 luck. If the happiest day of your life was the one she walked in, call her happiness. You were lucky to meet her and you are lucky that you are with her.

# 16 Wide eyes . Eyes wide open is what you felt the moment you saw her. If you feel like you were just blindly walking through life until she shined a bright light, then a broad look is the perfect cute thing to call her.

# 17 Bestest. She is the best of everything. She’s the best friend, boyfriend, lover, well, she’s just the best, period.

# 18 More.  Every time you are with her, it leaves you longing for more. More is a big thing to call her to let her know that you will never stop wanting more from her.

# 19 Smiley. When her smile is the only thing that can make a terrible day, a bad situation good, or you get loud right away, then smiley is something that makes her smile.

# 20 Perfect. Of all the nice things to call your girlfriend, I am sure she will appreciate it. Nobody’s perfect, but if she’s about as close as you are, then perfect is the perfect thing to call her.

# 21 Eleven . Because on a scale of one to ten, she is an eleven, and that should be what you call her. She is so off the charts that she has a song that is all hers.


# 22 Dime . If she’s money and a perfect ten, dime is what you should call her. Definitely one of the nice things to call your girlfriend.

# 23 hottie . Maybe it’s used too much, but that’s okay, it’s still wonderful to hear someone call you hottie.

# 24 “B.” There is nothing better than someone who says you are beautiful. If you don’t want to call her beautiful, “B” will keep it short.

# 25 Good. If she is exactly right for you and your world, then it is all she needs to hear her.

# 26 All of them . For the girl that is all you need – really everything – “everything” is the perfect thing to call her when you are away or when you are alone.


# 27 Flick . For the girl you turn on, such as flicking on a light, flick is the perfect name. A mixture of erotica and cute, only you will know what it means and that is how you want it.

# 28 turns. If all her curves fit you perfectly, curves are the perfect thing to call her.

# 29 Flip . If you look at her, your belly just flips. If everything she does makes you want to do backflips, that’s the perfect thing to call her.

# 30 Cutesickle . For the girl who is as sweet as ice cream and cute to start up, a cropping game is the perfect word combo. How can this word NOT be one of the fun things to call your girlfriend?

# 31 Brooke. A word in the urban dictionary that means beautiful and wonderful, even if her parents don’t call her that, that is possible. Parents do not always know best.

# 32 boo . Boo is a cute short word for boyfriend or girlfriend. Being someone’s boo would be your favorite hug where you can’t sleep outside at night. If you never want to sleep without her under your arm, then it is.

# 33 Brainspin . A brain crow is when you are unable to sleep because you cannot get your mind off someone or anything. If she keeps you awake at night because you think of her sexy warmth, the brainwash fits just right.

# 34 Lit . A word that means everything enlightened or poppin ‘, if she is all that, then you should call her enlightened! Maybe not on your list of cute things to call your girlfriend, but it’s unique.

# 35 Sexy . Okay, so it may be a bit clear and obvious, but which woman wouldn’t like it if you’d call her sexy? An oldie but a goodie, it still applies.

# 36 Honey . Not used since the sixties, when someone is a sweetheart, they are simply the cutest thing you can ever watch.

# 37 Gaze. The girl who never gets naughty to look at is always nice to stare at. If she’s the first thing you want to look at in the morning, and the last one before you put your head to bed at night, then staring is the cutest thing to call her.

# 38 Bright side . If things get really bad in life, and she is the first thing you think about to cheer you up, then she is your “good side”. Can’t go wrong by calling her the best thing that goes!

# 39 Silver lining.  If she is the thing that makes everything bearable, then she is your silver lining. Calling her silver lining, or simply silver, tells her that you cannot live without her.

# 40 Flame.  The thing that lit a fire, main flames are the girls you just can’t imagine going without. If she puts a spark in your heart, then flames are what you should call her.

# 41 Sparky.  Okay, you have to be careful about this, because if you’re near the friends zone, it can be done wrong, like a little sister. Sparky is that spunky girl who lights your heart like a spark. Sparky is someone who makes your life exciting.

# 42 Wifey.  Perhaps something straight from the Elderly * for those who are old enough to even know what that is *, your wife is someone who has your back and is the center of your universe.


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