What is Dirty Tinder? Everything You Need to Know

What is Dirty Tinder? Everything You Need to Know

What is Dirty Tinder?

A little while ago, ads started popping up that promoted Dirty Tinder. A lot of these ads would take you to Dirtytinder.com. In the past, this URL simply redirected you to other dating or hookup sites depending on your location. They were basically simple affiliate redirects. They would not lead you to an actual dating site or app.

Today, the domain seems to be abandoned and forgotten about. Whether something new replaces the affiliate redirects that were there in the past is unknown. I’m sure something will be done with this domain in the future. Right now, it’s simply parked and they’ve even got a button that you can click to make an offer for the domain dirtytinder.com. Which tells us there are no immediate plans on the owner’s side to do anything with the domain.

Dirty Tinder App

I tried to find the Dirty Tinder app on both the official iOS app repository and Google Play. I was unable to locate it on either. It either never existed on them, or is simply no longer available. I was, however, able to locate an APK file of the Dirty Tinder app for Android. The app appears to not have been updated since 2017. As we’ve stated in prior posts, downloading an APK app from outside sources can cause multiple headaches for you and your beloved mobile friend.

I personally, did NOT download the app myself, but I did get someone from our team with an old phone they don’t care about to download the app so we can get a better understanding of what this is all about.

Things You Should Know About Tinder and the Dirty Tinder

Before you join any of the sites, there are certain facts that you should know. Here are the important ones:

Not everyone is a creep.

It can seem like everyone just wants one thing: sex. Or you can feel like you’re entering the world of predators and dangerous people. That’s certainly not the case. However, many of the sites are designed for hookups. If you’re looking for something more serious, you’ll likely want to try a different site. Research the individual site to find out exactly who and what it caters to.

It’s a shallow world.

When you’re going for just a hookup, you probably won’t care. However, if you’re looking at Tinder and the alternatives for something more long-term, you can start to feel really shallow and mean. After all, you’re initially basing your decision on looks. Then you remember someone is doing the same to you. It’s not worth thinking too much about. Just enjoy your time.

It’s important to be honest.

If you’re using a site as a place to find hookups, make sure you’re honest about that and that the other person is happy about it. If both aren’t on the same page, this isn’t going to work. Don’t be embarrassed about the reasons you’re there, especially on the dirty Tinder alternatives.

You’ll likely run into people you know.

Many of your friends will also be on the dating apps. This is where it can get awkward, but only if you let it. You’ll need to consider what to do if you do come across them: do you swipe left and hope the other person doesn’t swipe right to realize? Do you agree to swipe right with any friends and make jokes about it? Keep an open mind to make friendships work after this.

Tinder was supposed to be a game.

Surprisingly, Tinder was never supposed to be a dating app. It was meant to be something fun for people to do that has turned into the dating sphere and a hookup app. However, the dirty Tinder alternatives were created for dating purposes. They were adapted from the original Tinder design with specific needs in mind.

There is something for all.

You will find a dating app that works to your needs. Some apps are better that others for more acquired tastes or needs, especially when it comes to casual dating and over-50 dating. There are even apps for matching with people in uniform.

Have fun with the apps. Tinder and the dirty Tinder alternatives can be enjoyable spaces, especially when looking for specific hookups.

Find the perfect Tinder alternatives for dirty people

In order to find the perfect Tinder alternatives for dirty people, Dirty Tinder App evaluates a large variety of dating websites out there with an open mind. Each listing is evaluated thoroughly. The number one thing that the reviewers use to evaluate criteria is whether or not it meets the Tinder standards. From there, the reviewers look at the other features of the website.

The reviewers search the site to determine what makes it stand out against the competition. What search tools are there? What kind of user verification is present? What communication methods are available? These are just a few of the things that the reviewers keep an eye open for.
Another important aspect that Dirty Tinder App looks for is the number of users that the website has. A dating service can’t be considered if there isn’t enough users on the platform to engage the interest of new users. Most of the Dirty Tinder App listings have millions of users.

What is Dirty Tinder? Everything You Need to Know

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  1. hi

    Im william, live in denmark. every day I receive around 100 mails from dirty tinder and other sites. I never wanted to be a part of this site, and I dont know how I ended here.
    Im a danish pensioneer, married and not looking for any women.
    I have contacted a lot of the women on this site and asked them to help me out of this nightmare. no answers.
    most mails arrive in “junkmail” but the past 2 weeks they started to arrive on my mailadress: vrlauridsens@gmail.com.
    are you able to help me out of this circus ?

    friendly greetings

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