What Does It Mean When You Dream About Fighting Someone

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Fighting Someone

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What do fighting dreams mean?. Participating in a fight or merely observing it is not a dish of good taste, even in dreams. The interpretation of these dreams of fights in which you can see yourself fighting or watching other people fight usually leaves a bitter taste upon waking, restlessness, and insecurity. Do you want to know the meaning of dreaming about a fight?

Meaning of dreaming about fighting

What does it mean to dream about a fight or watch someone fight?

If you dream that you are fighting with someone in your family, it is a bad omen, you will have bad luck, or some misfortune will happen. If you are sick, it may get worse, or you may become unhinged.

Dreaming that he is fighting with someone means that he will collide with his co-workers and may also have legal problems.

If you dream that you are fighting with a boss or someone above you, it means that you will correct and criticize him for not agreeing with his work.

If you dream of watching a fight, it means that you are wasting your time and money.

If a woman dreams of watching a fight, it means she must protect herself against criticism and gossip, which will try to harm her.

To dream that he is defeated in a fight means that he will suffer economic losses or may even lose his home.

To dream that he is beating his assailant means that thanks to his courage and perseverance, he will be valued, repeated, and obtained wealth and social position, despite his adversaries.

Dreaming a girl that her boyfriend or lover is engaged in a fight, means that he is not unworthy of her.

To dream that two men are fighting with guns means that they will have many problems and complications, while in the dream, there are not too many problems; Even if you get some small benefit, you must support unpleasant people.

If you dream of fighting on horseback, it means that you will marry someone rich and handsome, but silly.

If you dream that you are fighting armed, it means that you will marry someone smart and balanced.

If you dream that you are fighting with swords and these are silver, it means that your spouse is wealthy and very authoritarian.

Dreaming in a melee fight is a sign that someone is going to fight in real life.

The conflict of dreaming that you fight

To dream that you fight with someone acquires different meanings, all of them quite contrary, but that can help you stay alert and face the problems that are yet to come. When you dream that you fight with a family member, you may have to face the feeling of guilt surrounding family relationships. Surely you are hiding aspects of your life or your personality that you think your family would not approve of.

In general, you will dream of a fight about some internal conflict, of insecurity, or directly of indecision when making determinations. It is a dream that usually appears in the crucial moments before a significant change, either at work or personal level.

In this way, it is widespread that you see yourself in your dream of fighting with your boss. Indeed, the dream is surrounded by a bad omen because it implies labor conflicts but look carefully at how the fight ends, because you may get out of the situation and get even professional improvements.

Other people fight in dreams

It may also happen that in your dream, you are not the one who fights, but that you are the observer of the fight. The truth is that the meanings of this type of dream vary a lot, but in most cases, it is interpreted as wasting time and wasting opportunities. Envies, betrayals, arguments, complications, or losses are the most common meanings of these dreams with fights.

The meaning of the dream also changes a lot, depending on which weapon is used for the fight. In the event that there are no weapons involved, the interpretation is based on internal conflict, while if the fight is with guns, the meaning centers on the inevitability of the situation. On the other hand, a battle on horseback speaks of all those resources that you have to face your problems and that you did not know, and a battle with swords speaks of power struggles.

One of the dreams that worry most is that in which you fight with your partner. Unfortunately, its meaning is clear and forceful, and it is a warning that this person does not suit you. We only find a real purpose in these dreams with fights, and it is when you dream that you defend someone. In that case, you can be sure that you have high strength and will solve the problems successfully.

Conclusion of dreaming about fighting

The fights, as you have seen, are not as harmful as it may seem at first. It is true that sometimes they bring bad news, but we must also understand the right side and take advantage of that advantage to know how to face better what life has prepared for us. We end here with the meaning of dreaming about fights and hope we have helped you find the answers you were looking for.

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