Feng Shui Colors In The Bedroom For A Better Relationship

Feng Shui Colors In The Bedroom For A Better Relationship

Feng shui bedroom colors for couples

Feng shui bedroom colors romance. Feng shui bedroom colors. Experts in feng shui believe that the color of the bedroom determines the romantic life. The right colors provide positive energy between you and your partner.

Each couple has its own problems and quarrels, how can the correct use of color and feng shui help you improve your relationship, both in the bedroom and beyond?.

Feng shui

Originally Chinese doctrine is a method that must ensure that energy is returned to places where it is missing. This is often done by people in the house themselves, for example by moving furniture and giving the walls a new color. Harmony is then created in the house. The goal is to be more balanced yourself; you feel more feng shui!.

Colors in the bedroom

Each color has a different meaning in feng shui. You can apply the color to the wall and also include it in the accessories (cushions, lampshades, vases, flowers). Pick a color that you can look at yourself for a long time.


In the feng shui, the red color represents the element of fire. It can, therefore, have an uplifting or aggravating effect. This depends on the person himself. A predominantly red color can, according to the rules of feng shui, create an uplifting sex life, but if you already have problems in a relationship, you better avoid the color red and opt for calming colors.


The color yellow stands for earth, clarity, and optimism. In some Asian cultures, it stands for an imperial or royal color. When it comes to wealth and health, the yellow color is above the color red. Use pale yellow for the color of the curtains if you are uninhibited and you are looking for, or want, an honest relationship. Use the amber, narcissus, and sunset yellow colors to create a soft atmosphere. People who have insomnia should avoid this color.


This color is a beautiful combination of the romantic red and optimistic yellow. One of the best colors within the feng shui for romantic happiness. It is a right color for couples who are opposites to each other thanks to the energy that gives the color orange. An orange wall provides a better understanding of each other, and you will reach a compromise sooner.


White represents the element metal within the feng shui. This element again stands for purity and inner strength. This color is not suitable for people looking for exciting sex life. It does, however, possess more healing powers than the other colors. It ensures that you can easily change your mind, get more strength and courage. For someone who has just experienced a painful divorce, this is the right color.


For people in poor health, blue is the color of the walls. This is recommended by well-known feng shui experts. The color blue is ideal for people who have a love-hate relationship with each other, who have constant arguments with each other. Blue colors and accents in the bedroom bring harmony, flexibility, and compassion. If you are single, this color can attract a partner that brings you inner peace. This color is not suitable for people suffering from depression.


A combination of the exhilarating red and the feminine/virgin white. In a relationship, a pink room can improve love life and is recommended for every couple. Be one hundred percent sure that it is a color pink, other colors that look like it can negatively influence the relationship.


Many feng shui experts believe that the color purple stands for spirituality. Just as the color white gives, purple has healing power. It is suitable for married couples who want to celebrate their long relationship. If you are going for an exciting life under the sheets, purple is not the color for your bedroom. If you are single or have just had a divorce, purple in the bedroom can give you more insight and strength.


Green stands for the element of wood within the feng shui. It is the color that stands for growth and change. The color is ideal for couples who are trapped in a rut or for a single person looking for an adventurous companion. You can have greenery reflected on the walls and in accessories in the bedroom.


Many people who think of this color associate brown with the earth. Brown stands for stability and reassurance within the feng shui. You can paint the bedroom brown if you are looking for a reliable partner. The dark and semi-dark brown color of the curtains gives your confidence more power. The lighter colors of brown make you calm, and you stop analyzing the relationship. Do not use earthy colors in the bedroom if you have a boring sex life. This color brings little to no excitement.


Black is an unusual color in the bedroom because many people link the color to loneliness and repentance. In the feng shui, however, black color in the bedroom can do much good for your relationship. Just like the color blue, it stands for the element of water. This element brings flexibility and mutual understanding. For a single, it can attract a partner who stands for mystery and adventure.



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