How To Tell Your Boyfriend You're Pregnant Unplanned

How to tell your Boyfriend you are Pregnant Unplanned

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How to tell your boyfriend you re pregnant unplanned?.

  • Don‚Äôt wait too long¬†to inform your parents, partner or ex-partner.¬†The longer you wait, the harder this becomes.¬†
  • Indicate¬†in advance¬†that you want to discuss something important and make sure that you are somewhere where you will not be disturbed.
  • Sometimes it is easier if a friend or other family member is¬†present during the conversation¬†.¬†Sometimes it can even be someone from outside:¬†a trusted person or external care provider.¬†The emotions often flare up less when a ‚Äėstranger‚Äô is present.¬†Initial responses or impulsive comments that people regret afterwards are less likely to be said.

First the emotions, then the practical matters

There is a good chance that your (former) partner and your parents might respond surprised or even indignant as the first reaction. They may have to get used to the idea, which is understandable. First give them the opportunity to express their emotions .

You can then start looking together for solutions for practical matters. We see that many (former) partners and parents offer their girlfriend / child help and support in the search for the best decision. Unfortunately, there are also situations in which this is not the case and the (former) friend or parents do not support the girl.

The moment you find out that you are pregnant, it is usually one of the most special in the life of any couple . Many couples accompany each other at the time of the pregnancy test , while others prefer to do it alone in order to surprise the future father. If this is your case and you want to surprise your boyfriend with this happy news, don’t miss our list of original and special ideas.

How to report that you are pregnant

It is important that you consider factors such as your partner’s personality, your tastes and your way of receiving surprises. Think what, if the way you choose does not go with your boyfriend’s way of being, this can condition his way of receiving the news . To avoid misunderstandings and not cause an awkward situation, think well about the tastes of the other person and try to adapt to them, this is too important news to spoil it with a bad choice.

If the pregnancy is planned, you will already be sure that the news that you are pregnant will be received with emotion . So you should not worry about your boyfriend’s reaction, although it is still important that you choose the right time and shape.

In case your pregnancy is a surprise, it is much more important to choose well the way to give the happy news. You may have a stable partner and receive this pregnancy with excitement, despite not being planned. But there are also many cases in which the relationship is beginning and you are pregnant, it can be somewhat compromised for both.

There are so many ways to give the news that you are pregnant as personalities, romantic, fun, crazy, sentimental or family, for example. These are some ideas for all tastes .

A message from the future baby

Choose one of your favorite couple photos , surely on your mobile you have many special photos of the two on a special occasion.

Print the photo and¬†write a message from your future child on it¬†, a surprise message addressed to dad.¬†Something like ‚ÄúI hope to look like my dad‚ÄĚ ‚ÄúSoon we will travel together dad‚ÄĚ ‚ÄúMy dad has the most beautiful smile in the world‚ÄĚ or the message you prefer.

A gincana with surprise

Organize a gym at home, you will have to prepare tests and hiding places with messages that take the future dad to the surprise prize , the pregnancy test.

They do not need to be very complex tests, even, in each one you can include clues about the message that the father is about to receive . Use the drawers in your room, your boyfriend’s shoes, kitchen cabinets or any point in your house that can help you hide the notes with the clues.

Hide an object in the drawer of your shirts

You can use any typical baby object such as a pacifier or booties. Although you can use something more special like a Doud-dou with a note. A doud-dou is an object of attachment, a kind of blanket that includes a small doll of soft and tasty fabric, which is used to make the baby comfortable and relaxed . One of the peculiarities of this simple object, is that being cloth allows you to add a desired smell.

What is usually done is to place the doud-dou in the drawer of the mother‚Äôs clothes.¬†You can also sleep with him so that the tissue is impregnated with your smell, which will be your future baby‚Äôs favorite.¬†To surprise your partner,¬†you can place the doud-dou in the drawer of his clothes with a note¬†that says something like ‚ÄúI will love sleeping with my doud-dou because it smells like my dad‚ÄĚ

We hope that the news is received in the best way and that you enjoy these beautiful moments with your boyfriend. Your relationship is about to take a fundamental step , you are laying the foundations of your family. !! Congratulations!!

how to tell your boyfriend you are pregnant.

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