Is It Safe To Use Essential Oils On Dryer Balls? All Here!

Is It Safe To Use Essential Oils On Dryer Balls
(Last Updated On: May 4, 2021)

Is it safe to use essential oils on dryer balls?. Dryer balls are good for the environment, and you wash. You let them spin in the dryer. They ensure that your laundry dries faster, is softer and that your laundry does not become static. And you can easily make them yourself from wool.

The advantage is that you can put a few drops of essential oil on it so that everything smells nice.

This also saves you the chemical dryer clothes that are not really healthy for yourself or the environment.

A natural way to get your laundry super soft and to smell like your favourite essential oil. Just think of lovely soft towels with the scent of lavender. (is totally safe)

3 or 4 drops of essential oil are sufficient for one load of laundry, added to the soak cycle. Heating essential oils do not harm them (they are the result of steam distillation at the boiling point of water) or alter their properties. Oil may evaporate, but it is as effective as steam as it is in its liquid form.

Supplies for your dryer balls

dryer balls
essential oil balls

A ball of natural wool, note that it must be real wool and not a synthetic yarn because the wool is supposed to be felted in the washing machine. And an old pantyhose.


Take the beginning of the thread and wrap it around your waist and index finger ten times. Take it off your finger and then wrap the yarn around the centre 3 times (it will look like a bow).

This is the base of your ball, wrap the wire tightly around it and make it into a ball. Continue this until your ball is the size of a tennis ball.

Do this until you have at least four balls.

Cut the leg off a pair of tights. Put the first ball in the foot of the pantyhose and tie it directly above the ball, then put the next shot in and link it, repeat until all balls are in the pantyhose.

Then wash the balls with wax on the hot setting (60 or 90 degrees). This will make the wool felt, giving you a firm, firm ball. When the balls have been washed, put it in the dryer on the highest setting.

After the balls have dried completely, you can take them out of the pantyhose, and they are ready for use.

The next time you put your laundry in the dryer, drop a few drops of your favourite essential oil on the dryer balls and put them in the dryer together with the laundry.

Vary the amount of essential oil if you want a more reliable or less durable fragrance.

Enjoy a gentle, deliciously scented wash.

3 natural ways to make your laundry fluffy

Many people still use fabric softener. There are two reasons to stop this: it contains toxic substances, and a coating remains on the fibres of your textile during washing, and that coating accumulates with each wash, making your clothes increasingly challenging to clean. There are three alternatives that give a better result than fabric softener. By switching to one of these alternatives, you are also much cheaper.

Tip 1

Dryer balls: the best natural fabric softener

Dry sheep wool dryer balls are my best friends. They last no less than a thousand drying cycles and also remove the wrinkles from your clothes. The use is straightforward: after washing you put your laundry in the dryer, you add three dryer balls, and that is that.

Dryer balls have several advantages: they soften your laundry, they shorten the drying time, your clothes are no longer static, because of the wool they have an antibacterial effect, and they ensure that the hairs of your cute dog, cat, rabbit or guinea pig do not adhere attach your clothes. You can read more about this in A golden trick to remove pet hair from your clothes

If you are so attached to that sweet scent of your fabric softener, here is an extra bonus tip: put a few drops of essential oil on the dryer ball, and your laundry will smell better than ever before. I myself use lavender oil because it really feels like a blooming lavender bush, but it is precisely which air you prefer.

Tip 2

The cheapest fabric softener is natural vinegar.

When you think of vinegar, you think of that nasty sour air. If you add a good dash of natural vinegar to your detergent dispenser, you will notice that your clothes do not smell like vinegar at all. Meanwhile, your wax is softened. Especially with towels, you see that they look even softer than with that one fabric softener that you pay your blue on.

An additional advantage of vinegar is that it kills all fungi caused by soap residues (even in your washing machine itself!), That the colours of your clothes remain beautiful, that your clothes will be less static, and much more. Also read: 10 brilliant tips for using vinegar for your laundry

Do you miss the sweet scent of your favourite fabric softener? Then fill a bottle with vinegar, add quite a few drops of essential oil and shake the bottle before each use. You should not forget the latter, because otherwise the oil separates from the vinegar and you will get grease stains on your clothes.

Incidentally, I use both myself: so vinegar in the washing machine so that my machine also remains in good condition and dryer balls in the dryer. If you want to do it this way, you only need to drip the essential oil onto the drying balls.

Tip 3

Make your own natural fabric softener.

If you prefer to stick to your old habit but want to switch to a product that contains less toxic substances, you can consider making fabric softener yourself. That’s how you do that:


  • 20 ml natural vinegar
  • 20 ml of water
  • A small drop of glycerine
  • Possibly 15 drops of essential oil

Of course, you can also make a double portion, but first I would start with a small bottle to see if you like it. For example, take an empty water bottle and pour the above supplies into the container with a funnel.

To add extra scent to the laundry and your laundry, add a few drops of essential oil, you can experiment with this in terms of smells, you can choose a specific type of fragrance, but you can also mix scents. Remember to shake well each time before pouring a splash of your homemade fabric softener into the detergent dispenser so that the oil is mixed well with the rest of the stuff.

Make the laundry smell extra delicious.

To create an extra particular scent, you can also mix essential oils. For example:

  • Zen spa: 5 drops of lavender oil with 5 drops of eucalyptus
  • Energy: 6 drops of lemon oil with 4 drops of rosemary oil
  • Relax: 6 drops of lavender oil with 4 drops of rosewood oil
  • Meditation: 5 drops of lavender oil with 5 drops of bergamot oil
  • Fresh: 6 drops of lavender oil with 4 drops of peppermint oil

What are essential oils?

Essential oil is also called essential oil, and it is the scented oil that is extracted from plants or fruits. The oil occurs in all parts of the plant, both in the flowers and the leaves, but also in the roots or in the wood. Some essential oils are much more expensive than others because a lot of material is needed to extract small droplets of oil and one type, for example with oranges, makes it easier to gain higher production quickly than with another plant or fruit.

So you see, that fabric softener can be put straight in the trash, with the tips above you are ultimately also much cheaper. Once you are used to softening your laundry in a more natural way, you will soon think of the fabric softener: what a plastic smell, yak! Success with it!


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