JEHOVAH SHAMMAH: Meaning and Bible Study

JEHOVAH SHAMMAH: Meaning and Bible Study

(Last Updated On: February 16, 2021)

Shammah meaning

The Lord is there, The first part of the name means – The eternal, I Am. the second part of the name suggests He is there or is Present, so, understand in this study, that every time we mention the phrase “God Is There “or” God is Present”, we are saying Jehovah Shammah.

This attribute, in particular, shows us the omnipresence of the Lord, which is or exists everywhere a continuous present, in each part of the time, in the hereafter, in the present and the future. The Lord is there. And also taking into account, that God is Present, it is worth mentioning that not only this but that all the perfections of God, both revealed and undisclosed, are eternal, continuous and permanent perfections. 

E.g. God is there being my peace (Shalom)God is there being the Highest (El Shaddai)God is there being Governor (Adonai)God is there being my Justice (Tsidkenu) Etc. To clarify a little more this issue, we will divide it between points:

Point One: Your Presence Is Looking About Me

It doesn’t just mean that he is looking over me, everything I do (Psalm 46: 1); being with us, looking over us, he also implies that he is a God who is present, but not expectant, but active, the presence of God implies activity at all times, is God and is acting in my life, not just watching the pass. Thus his presence looking upon us must give us confidence in knowing that he is living with us. (Isa 41:10; Psalm 32: 8; Lam. 3: 21-24).

Point two: your purpose is working on my

If he is a God who is present and acting not only by chance, or not only waiting to be he who works with us, but God is present, making us be interactors of our history along with him (Rom 8:28). Examples: In Gen 50:20 the purpose of God being present in the life of Joseph was revealed when Joseph acted and was in the circumstances according to what God wanted, and that resulted in God’s will being fulfilled. 


in the life of Joseph; In Deut 8: 2-3 we see that God was with the people 40 years, waiting for their interaction with Him, it helps us to know this when our purposes seem not to be fulfilled because understanding that God is presently fulfilling his mission in me clarifies me the situation; In Jer. 29:11 we see that God is present in our projects, realizing his.

Point three: God is present waiting for me to be present with him for eternity

The security we have is not only that God who is ever-present in our lives, who is looking over us, who acts with us and makes us act with him, but we have a God who is also present to be for eternity and to make His Majestic and Glory Presence felt for eternity. God is present to be present one day in all the fullness of His Presence and that we are eternally present in him. John 14: 1-2; Isa12: 4-6 (atn.Ver.6); Revelation 21: 4; Isa 46: 3 and 4.

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