Kiss on the forehead: what does it mean?

Forehead kiss. It started with a kiss. Not only the title of a well-known album from the eighties, but also a common situation. Because the kiss is often the starting point of something beautiful, something loving, something that sparks from. A kiss on the mouth is often a clear sign of love, but when you get a kiss elsewhere, it can raise question marks. On your forehead for example. What the hell does that mean? In this article we give you the answer.

The kiss & the love

From the moment we open our eyes for the first time we are confronted with it: the kiss. A touch of the lips that will be inextricably linked to the rest of our lives. We use the kiss not only to greet or congratulate other people, but also to express our love for another. The kiss is a wonderful thing to tell your loved one without words that you love him or her and would like to be with that person. However, that does not necessarily mean that there must be a mutual kiss on the lips. The lips can also be placed on a body part. On one leg. Or on a stomach. Of course we don’t have to tell you that (such) kisses can also evoke feelings of lust. In many cases, sex is kicked off with a kiss.

Before this article takes spicy turns, let’s go back to the core: a kiss on the forehead. That does not seem so intimate at first. The forehead was not exactly an erogenous zone and certainly not an explicit point for depositing some warm feelings with the other person through a kiss. Yet a kiss on the forehead can indeed have a deeper meaning and be an enormous expression of love.

A kiss on your forehead

A kiss on the forehead is considered romantic by many people. If you get a kiss on the forehead from the other person, that means that the giver of the kiss has feelings for you. Deep feelings, that is. You read that right: a kiss on your forehead is not just a smacker, but a sign of real love. By giving you a kiss on the forehead, the other person wants to show you that he or she wants to be your patron, you don’t want to lose anymore and loves you with all your heart.

Sigh. The above could just be a passage from any book of fairy tales. It would be very naive to claim that every kiss on the forehead carries one of the meanings above. This is determined by both the person giving the kiss and the person receiving the kiss. It can happen that the giver of the kiss only wants to give out one kiss and the other would rather not kiss on the mouth because of garlic reasons. Or that this kiss is used to provide comfort to the other person during a difficult moment. So many reasons, so many kisses.

There is therefore no real meaning to the kiss on the forehead. In relationships, such a kiss is often self-evident and couples have given it their own meaning. This kiss is no longer considered, because in general there is protection, affection and affection. If you get one and if it is unclear why (inside or outside) the relationship, it never hurts to look the giver straight in the eye and ask why he or she has just given that kiss. Often you will immediately find out the intentions and the meaning.

Who doesn’t honor the little …

In the time we live in, we attach more and more importance to big, bigger, biggest and often turn our back on small things. As has been shown many times before, it is the small things that often make the difference. Similarly a kiss on the forehead. The best advice we can give you is to kiss your loved one more often, instead of material things that have to be purchased with money.

Determine in advance what meaning you give to the kiss on the forehead and do not hesitate to share it with the person you love.¬†Give it a special charge and do not be too frugal with the number of seconds you put your lips on your partner‚Äôs forehead.¬†Know for sure that this form of showing affection is placed with your partner in the mental category ‚Äúappreciation‚ÄĚ.

Kiss more!

In general, the more kissed in a relationship, the happier both partners are with each other. We also use the kiss to receive confirmation that everything is still in a relationship. If you want to give your partner a kiss and he turns his or her head away, then that is often a clear sign that something is not right. In addition to being a sign of love, a kiss is also a means of obtaining information. What’s in it? Just think back to the moment you kissed someone and you then came to the conclusion that you didn’t see any bread in this potential partner. For example due to the lack of feelings or the so-called fireworks.

Finally, we can say that in the current era ‚Äď in which love often seems to make way for hatred and envy ‚Äď kisses can definitely be given to each other a little more.¬†That may not be the Egg of Columbus, but every kiss (whatever kiss) makes the world a bit more beautiful.¬†In any case, yours and your (kiss) partner‚Äôs, if only for a little while.

11 different kisses and this is what they mean

Is your tongue regularly found in your partner’s mouth? Does he often give you a quick, fleeting kiss on your cheek? Or does he tease you by biting your lip? The way you kiss not only says a lot about you, but also about your relationship. A kiss can mean so much. Now find out what he really means by his kiss …

Kissing is not only nice, but it is also the perfect workout to burn some extra calories. In addition, you are less bothered by stress when you regularly kiss a game and your brain produces substances that make you happy while kissing. What’s not to like?  Yet a kiss is not just a kiss, because there is a meaning behind the way you kiss and get kissed. You can read the meaning below.

1. Quick kiss on the mouth

This kiss, with closed lips , can be used in multiple situations. We often use this kiss when we say goodbye or greet someone. If you don’t get a kiss, while that is normally the case, it often means that your partner is angry with you.

2. The teasing kiss

When your partner teases your lip, he indicates that he wants more … It is a playful way of kissing with a sexual edge. Chances are that you will end up in bed after a kiss like this.

3. Kiss next to lip

When someone kisses you just next to your lip, the person in question likes you so much that he takes the time for you. At the same time, he is teasing a bit by not kissing you on your mouth, but he certainly sees you.

4. Kiss in the neck

A kiss in your neck is so incredibly sexy and when your partner kisses you in the neck, he wants more. It is not a friendly kiss, it is pure passion. Oh la la!

5. Kiss forehead

This kiss is especially very sweet and your partner indicates with this kiss that he is crazy about you.

different kisses and this is what they mean

6. French kissing

Do you kiss each other with your tongue?¬†Then you are full of love and passion and you want to get to know each other better.¬†Fun fact: The longest kiss lasted 58 (!) Hours.¬†They will have burned a lot of calories.¬†ūüėČ

7. Kiss over the body

Often this kiss starts on the mouth and then the rest of the body follows … The cheeks, neck and chest; they all pass by. With this kiss, your partner shows that he is taking the time for you and you do not want to let go for the time being.

8. Kiss on chin

When someone kisses you on your chin, this person is testing whether it’s okay to give you a kiss. You can answer his question by giving him a kiss on his mouth.

9. Long tender kiss

You are in love with each other, and everyone is allowed to know. With this kiss you show how much you love each other.

10. The break-up kiss

The least fun kiss, but also the most intense. With this kiss comes the realization that it is over and that it is the last time that you are intimate with each other.

11. Kiss on the chest

Does your partner give kisses on your chest? Then you want him to take off your shirt as quickly as possible and go one step further …

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