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Learn to talk with the deceased: Many people still have questions

Many people still have questions about a deceased loved one, and sometimes seek help from a medium. Finding a good medium is not easy, and there are also scammers in that area who are only out to make money. Yet anyone can learn to talk to someone who has passed on.

What happens when someone “rings over”

A person who exchanged this world for the “eternal” is no longer physically there. The body dies of old age, or illness, but the soul does not die. A soul is a part of someone, in which the personality resides. The moment the body dies, the soul rises from the body and remains present. In a normal situation the soul will go to the light.

Many people with a “near-death experience” have seen this light. In the light, people who have died before and love us are waiting for us. A soul therefore has no body, but can show itself in the form of a human being.

Learn to look in a different way

Here on earth we all use our senses to communicate with each other. We use our eyes to see each other, our ears to listen to each other, and our voice to talk to each other. If we want to see or hear a soul, this requires a different way of looking and listening than we are used to. If you want to see a soul, or an energy, you don’t just look with your eyes, but you turn on your “third eye”.

Your third eye is a chakra and it is between your eyes, and then a little up. This chakra is an energy point, and you look, as it were, with your two normal eyes through your third eye to see a soul. This requires some practice, so don’t despair if you don’t see something right away. A soul or an energy, usually looks like a kind of hazy, human appearance,

Learn to listen in a different way

The same applies to hearing what a soul has to say to you. Normally we listen with our ears when someone is talking or when we are on the phone with someone. A soul communicates on a different frequency, and that frequency is close to where our thoughts are audible. If you are thinking and you are wondering, then this conversation takes place in your head.

It seems like this conversation happens with your own voice, but if you listen carefully there are different voices. If you ask someone you know who is on the other side, the voice that gives the answer may not sound like that person’s. This also requires some practice, so take your time to learn this.

Learn to feel in a different way

Just like a living person, a soul has an energy that can be felt. Sometimes this is a happy energy, sometimes a sad, a loving, or an angry energy. Feeling energy from a person, or from a soul, is done through your heart chakra. Your heart chakra is in the middle of your chest, and then a little up. By imagining that you open this chakra, you can learn to feel the energy.

You can practice this with living persons by opening your heart and feeling when they are sitting in front of you. You can feel the energy of a soul in the same way, and it is not necessary for this person to sit opposite you.

How you make contact

The best way to make contact with a deceased loved one is to first find a quiet place. Sit quietly, close your eyes and try to relax as much as possible. If you like it you can burn some incense or light a scented candle. When you are relaxed, imagine opening your chakras and seeing, hearing and feeling everything you want. Then get the image of the person you want to talk to in mind.

Ask that person if he or she is willing to talk to you, and watch, listen and feel what happens. The answers to your question may appear in words in your mind, in images, or in a feeling. Do not doubt whether it is perhaps your fantasy that gets you, but just experience what is there at the time. If you get answers, images or impressions,

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