Meaning of trumpets in the bible


Symbol important is the trumpet, sign powerful is its sound, which always announces important things for mankind and all creation, the Bible tells so many asides:


Leviticus 23; 24
Speak to the children of Israel and tell them: The seventh month, the first day of the month, you will have a solemn feast, announced to the sound of trumpets, a holy assembly.
Leviticus 24; 9; Numbers 10; 10; 2 Kings 11; 14; 2 Chronicles 29; 27 and 28; Nehemiah 12; 35 and 41.


Numbers 10; 2
“Become two trumpets of hammered silver, which will serve to summon the assembly and to move the camp.
Numbers 10; 2-8; Numbers 29; 1; Matthew 6; 2.

3rd WAR

Numbers 10; 9
When in your land, you will go to war against the enemy that will attack you, you will sound an alarm with the trumpets, and they will serve as a memory before Yahweh, your God, to save you from your enemies.

Numbers 31; 6; Judges 7; 16-22; Joshua 6, 1-27; 1 Samuel 13; 3; 2 Samuel 18; 16; Nehemiah 4; 20; Ezekiel 7; 14; 2 Chronicles 13; 12 and 15; 1 Corinthians 14; 8.


1 Chronicles 13; 8
David and all Israel danced before God with all their might and sang and played harps, psalteries and eardrums, cymbals and trumpets.
1 Chronicles 15; 24 and 28; 1 Chronicles 16; 6 and 42; 2 Chronicles 5; 12 and 13; 2 Chronicles 7; 6; 2 Chronicles 15; 14; 2 Chronicles 23; 13; 2 Chronicles 29; 26; Ezra 3; 10; Psalm 81; 4; Psalm 98; 6; Revelation 18; 22.


Matthew 24; 31
He will send his angels with a resounding trumpet and gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of the sky to the other.
Isaiah 26; 12; Jeremiah 4; 1-17; Ezekiel 33; 3-6; Joel 2; 1-17; Zephaniah 1; 16; Zechariah 9; 14 1 Corinthians 15; 52; 1 Thessalonians 4; 16; Revelation 8, 9 and 10 .



In Sinai, God manifests his glory among thunder and lightning, in a dense cloud and at the sound of trumpets, interpreted by the angels among heavenly choirs, so it appears on this mountain before the Hebrew people. Theophany on Mount Sinai occurs between heavenly trumpets, heard by men, divine manifestation for the primitive people, expression of divine worship, and reverent human fear.

EXODUS 19; 9-20

The appearance of God to the people in Sinai

And Yahweh said to Moses, “I will come to you in a dense cloud, that the people that I speak with you may see and always have faith in you.” Once Moses had transmitted the words of the people to Yahweh, Yahweh said to him: “Go to the town and sanctify them today and tomorrow. Let them wash their clothes and be ready for the third day, because Yavé will come down on the third day in full view of the people, on the Sinai mountain. You will mark the town a limit around, saying: Beware of climbing you up the mountain and touching the limit, because whoever touches the mountain will die. No one will put his hand on him, but he will be stoned or roasted.

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Man or beast, he must not stay alive. When the voices, the trumpet, and the cloud have disappeared from the mountain, they can climb on it.” Moses went down from the mountain top where the people were and sanctified him, and they washed their clothes. Then he said to the people: “Hurry up for three days, and nobody touches a woman.” On the third day in the morning, there was thunder and lightning, and a dense cloud over the mountain and a deafening sound of trumpets, and the people trembled in the camp. Moses brought the people out of it to go to meet God, and they stayed at the foot of the mountain.

All the Sinai was smoking, for Yahweh had descended in the middle of the fire, and the smoke was rising, like the smoke of an oven, and all the people were trembling. The sound of the trumpet grew louder and louder. Moses spoke, and Yahweh answered him by thunder. Yahweh descended on the mountain of Sinai, on the top of the mountain, and called Moses to the summit, and Moses went up to it.


Given explicitly by God to his people, as a means of communication and communion with Him, the Trumpets are used by the Hebrews to congregate the people, to announce marches, in celebrations, parties, sacrifices, and burnt offerings, and finally as a voice of alarm or war cry. The Trumpets are for the Jews “a permanent memory in the presence of their God.”

NUMBERS 10; 1-10

The Silver Trumpets

Yahweh spoke to Moses, saying: “Become two trumpets of hammered silver, which will serve to summon the assembly and to move the camp.
When the two knock, the whole assembly will come to the door of the tabernacle of the meeting; When one is touched, the chief princes of the thousands of Israel will congregate to you. At a loud touch, the camp will move to the east.

At a second touch of the same class, the camp will move at noon; These touches are to get moving.
You will also touch them to gather the assembly, but not with that touch. The sons of Aron, the priests, will be the ones who blow the trumpets, and these will be for you of obligatory use forever in your generations. When in your land, you will go to war against the enemy that will attack you, you will sound an alarm with the trumpets, and they will serve as a memory before Yahweh, your God, to save you from your enemies. Also, in your days of joy, in your solemnities and in the feasts of the beginning of the month, you will play the trumpets; and in your burnt offerings and your peaceful sacrifices, they will be for you a memory near your God. I, Yahweh, your God.

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Fundamental was the use of trumpets when the Hebrew people stormed Jericho, the walled city; Following the instructions given by God, priests and warriors, together with the people, managed to take the city. The power of God, manifested by the sound of the trumpets and in the final battle cry, gave his people the resounding victory.

JOSE 6, 1-27

Jericho takes

Jericho had the doors closed, and his bolts well thrown out of fear of the children of Israel, and no one left or entered it.
Yahweh said to Joshua: “Look, I have placed Jericho, his king, and all his men of war in your hands. March you, all the men of war, around the city, walking around him. So you will do for six days; seven priests will carry seven loud trumpets before the ark. On the seventh day, you will go around seven times around the city, going the priests playing their trumpets. When they repeatedly play the powerful horn and hear the sound of the trumpets, the whole town will scream loudly, and the city walls will collapse. Then the people will go up, each one in front of him.”

Joshua, son of Nun, called the priests and said: “Take the ark of the covenant and let seven priests go with seven trumpets resonating before the ark of Yahweh. “He also said to the people:” March and also go around the city, the armed men going before the ark of Yahweh. ”
So Joshua had spoken to the people, the seven priests with the seven loud trumpets were playing the trumpets before Yahweh, and the ark of the covenant of Yahweh went after them. The men of war went before the priests who performed the trumpets, and the rear guard, behind the ark. During the March, the trumpets were played.

Joshua had given the people this order: “Do not shout or make your voice heard, nor let a word come out of your mouth until the day I say to you: Shout. Then you will shout.” Yahweh’s ark circled around the city, a single lap, and they returned to the camp, where they spent the night.
The next day Joshua rose early in the morning, and the priests carried the ark of Yahweh.
The seven priests who carried the seven resonant trumpets before the ark of Yahweh set off playing the trumpets. The men of war went ahead of them, and behind the rear guard followed the ark of Yahweh, and during the March, they were playing the trumpets.

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The second day they circled around the city and returned to the camp; they did the same for seven days.
On the seventh day, they rose with the dawn and likewise done seven laps around the city. On the seventh, while the priests played the trumpets, Joshua said to the people: “Shout, for Yahweh gives you the city. The city will be given to Yahweh in anathema, with everything in it. Only Rahab, the courtesan, will live, she and those with her are at home, for hiding the scouts we had commanded. Be careful of what is given to anathema, lest you, taking something of what you have consecrated, make the camp of Israel anathema, and bring confusion upon it. All the silver, all the gold, and all the bronze and iron objects will be consecrated to Yahweh and will enter their treasure.”

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The priests blew the trumpets, and when the people, having heard the sound of the trumpets, shouted loudly, the city walls collapsed, and each went up to the city in front of him. Seizing the city, they gave anathema everything in it and on the edge of the swordsmen and women, children and old men, oxen, sheep, and donkeys. But Joshua told the two explorers: “Enter the house of Rahab, the courtesan, and take that woman out with all of her, as you have sworn.” The young people, the spies, entered and took Rahab, her father, his mother, his brothers, and all his family, and they put them in a safe place outside the camp of Israel.

The children of Israel burned the city with everything in it, except for silver and gold and all the bronze and iron objects, which they put in the treasure of the house of Yahweh.
Joshua left the life of Rahab, the courtesan, and her father’s house, who lived in the middle of Israel until today, for hiding those sent by Joshua to explore Jericho.
Then Joshua swore, saying: “Cursed of Yahweh, who will rebuild this city of Jericho. At the price of your firstborn’s life lay the foundation; at the price of your youngest son put the doors.”
Yahweh went with Joshua, and his fame spread throughout the earth.

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