Numerology Numbers and their Meanings

Numerology: Numbers and their Meanings

(Last Updated On: February 19, 2021)

Numbers have affected our daily lives since time immemorial. Numbers are needed for valuations and without a number we would have no money. Our existence without a number is almost unthinkable. Numbers also have an esoteric meaning; much has been written about this in books on numerology. In this article you will mainly find the meaning of numbers and master numbers.

In the golden age of Atlantis, Archangel Metatron received from Divine Source the meaning of the science of numbers. He taught humanity that every number is a powerful cosmic force.

“Numbers are cosmic energies. Each number has a unique vibration that affects everyone who connects to it.”

The meanings of the numbers in this article have come about through channeled information from the spiritual teacher Diana Cooper.


Numerology is all about numbers and their influence on our lives. In this way every person has a life number, whether he is aware of it or not. You can find your life number by adding up your date of birth. For example: 17-7-1970 = 17 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 7 = 41 = 5. So if you were born on July 17, 1970, your life number is 5. In numerology, you can add several numbers in a certain way, the outcome of which can have specific meanings. For example, you can calculate your lottery number or your soul number.

Letters also have their own number; so your name also has a number that influences your life. House numbers are also included. Each house is colored by its own number and gives energy to certain events. Or take the number on your license plate of your car or motorcycle, for example. This way you can play with numbers in many ways. Because much has already been written about numerology, it is not discussed further in this article. 

Influence of single numbers

  • The number 1 influences someone to take action, to start something new. It is the number of the leader, the pioneer and an outspoken individualist.
  • The number 2 would prefer to work together or do everything together. People with strong 2 influence are also often looking for their soulmate.
  • The 3 is a very spiritual number. Think of the Holy Trinity. The 3 stabilizes: when you reach for the stars, you stay with both feet on the ground. You are therefore less inclined to float, spiritually speaking.
  • The 4 has a solid and reliable influence. The 4 shows that you realize your dreams and hopes on a stable basis, that justice is important to you and that you are a practical person.
  • The number 5 vibrates at the frequency of wisdom and can make you a visionary. She helps to greatly expand the possibilities in life.
  • The 6 is the number of coziness and leads at a higher level to the search and desire for a spiritual community and / or unconditional love.
  • The influence of the 7 shows that you have a good logical mind, but at the same time you can open to the spiritual wisdom of the higher consciousness.
  • The 8 is the number of infinity. It has infinite possibilities and makes a change in the world possible.
  • The 9 can bring someone to spiritual enlightenment, gives visions and divine wisdom and helps to integrate and perfect what has been learned.

Master numbers

These are numbers that are not added up and have a specific and powerful vibration or energy. The universe invites you to pay attention to these numbers, because they carry important messages to those who come across and see the numbers.

  • The 11 is the number of mastery. If you come across this number, you are requested to examine your relationships and living conditions. Take responsibility for the fact that you created it yourself and that you can make changes to it if you wish.
  • The 22 is the builder’s number. The 22 points out that the time is right to become the co-creator of life, if you want. It is a call to start realizing your vision or dream in a positive way.
  • The 33 is the number of the Christ consciousness. When you see this number, it is a call from the universe to start working with the Christ Light.
  • The 44 has vibrations from the Golden Atlantis. She invites us to bring the energy of the Golden Atlantis into our lives and to live in harmony as in the fifth dimension then. Work together with others and respect all forms of life.
  • The 55 has the vibration of Archangel Metatron. This invites you to raise the mind of the world and work together with Metatron on the highest enlightenment for everyone. The color of Metatron is golden orange; tune in to him and listen to his messages.
  • The 66 carries the message that we must accept our role as a universal being. When you see the 66 you are reminded that you are not just a small earthly person, as you may think. You are a great cosmic being with an influence that reaches to heaven.
  • The 77 has the vibration of heaven. She invites you to live with me your higher Self in seventh heaven. You are requested to make contact with the Earth, the Angels and the Ascended Masters as often as possible and to connect with the entire cosmos. The 77 is a call for Enlightenment.
  • The 88 is the vibration of the I AM Presence or Monad, the original divine spark. This number asks you to merge with the eternal Love of your I AM Presence.
  • The number 99 indicates that you have learned your earthly lessons.

When you see a triple number such as 222 or 333, it has the same meaning but with a higher vibration. That is, with a stronger energy.

Digital numbers

Because there are many digital numbers on clocks and other displays these days, these numbers also provide information.

  • 03.03 means: from now on you are moving forward
  • 04.04 means: it is now time to make a project concrete and to start with it
  • 06.06 means: make use of the available help and work together with others
  • 07.07 means: view your own actions from a higher spiritual lens
  • 08.08 means: trust the process and follow your inner intuition
  • 09.09 means: a certain phase is ended
  • 10.10 means: something new starts, prepare for it
  • 11.11 means: something new starts soon and at a higher level. This number was anchored in the collective consciousness centuries ago. That is why new higher vibrations will always flow in at 11.11 am during cosmic moments.
  • 12.12 means: it would be good for you to develop a lifestyle with more spiritual discipline
  • 13.13 means: accept who you are and be an example of wisdom to others
  • 14.14 means: prepare for the return of the Christ Light.

Missing numbers

The list with the numbers mentioned is not complete. I get questions about this more often, which I cannot answer.

Hereby I want to ask the reader to look elsewhere for information about the numbers that are missing in this article.

More and more people get to see the same numbers more often. In addition to the meanings (from author Diana Cooper) in this article, I think there is more going on. In my opinion, it is no longer so much about personal numbers as a call from our soul and Higher Self to awaken spiritually.

We live in a time of major changes and an increase in consciousness. In order to act better, contact with our soul / Higher Self is very important. Meditation is one of the many options. I would advise the reader who is really interested to investigate those possibilities.

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