Pain In The Knees When Walking Down Stairs Or Climbing Stairs

Pain In The Knees When Walking Down Stairs Or Climbing Stairs

Pain in the knees when walking down stairs or climbing stairs; knee pain

Pain when walking is very annoying, your mobility is deteriorating and sometimes you can no longer do what you have always done. Pain when walking or climbing stairs can have various causes. Complaints can occur in the entire leg, feet, hips or knees. The knees in particular often give complaints when climbing stairs or walking in hilly landscapes.Sore knees; pain in and / or in the knee

Pain during climbing stairs can have various causes. It is always important to find out the cause of a complaint, especially with knee complaints. The knee is a complex joint and damage due to incorrect movement or wear must be prevented at all times. Prevention is always better than cure, but sometimes we cannot do anything about it, for example due to an accident or due to age and natural deterioration of the joints.

Sore knees when climbing stairs

Because the knee is a complex joint, a lot can be wrong with it. A few examples of knee problems with the result of being unable to climb stairs are:

Patellofemoral pain syndrome

This complaint mainly involves pain around the kneecap at the front of the knee. The complaint mainly arises during climbing stairs, cycling or sitting with your knees bent for a long time. The complaint mainly occurs with adolescents, but can occur at all ages. The cause of the complaints is irritation of the various structures around the kneecap and can be remedied by rest and / or pain killers and / or exercises and / or surgery.

Because the irritation that causes the symptoms can have many different causes, a lot of research is often needed. There are many examples of patients who have already undergone many treatments, but whose complaint is still present.

Osteoarthritis of the knee

Osteoarthritis is short of cartilage wear on a joint; joint wear. Due to the disappearance of the cartilage, the bones can no longer move smoothly alongside each other and pain complaints can arise. Osteoarthritis of the knee is most common and more common in women than in men. Osteoarthritis in the knee or knees is very annoying when climbing stairs and may even make it impossible to move the knee joint.

Osteoarthritis can have various causes, such as overweight, damage to the meniscus, wrong position of the legs, age of natural wear. Treatment is very difficult, pain relief is possible, but is often followed by, if possible, the surgical placement of a prosthesis.

The runners knee

This complaint often arises while running hence the name and gives as a complaint a stabbing pain in knee when walking up stairs or climbing stairs. Often the symptoms can be felt immediately after walking, but sometimes the symptoms also occur the next day. The treatment of a runners knee or runners knee takes place through physiotherapy. In exceptional cases, surgery is necessary.

Knee pain due to rheumatism

Rheumatism in the knees is common in rheumatism patients and is treated by giving painkillers and / or anti-inflammatory drugs. The pain occurs because tendons, bands, hairstyles and muscles in the knee start to become inflamed and / or become irritated. Due to the pain, rheumatism patients also often have difficulty walking and / or climbing stairs.

Pain on the knee what to do?

It is always advisable to visit the doctor if you have a knee pain. The above examples are just a fraction of what the causes of knee complaints may be when climbing stairs or walking in hilly landscapes.

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