Prayers for lawyers and judges

Strong Prayers For Lawyers And Judges For Court Cases

Prayers for lawyers and judges. Prayer for court cases.

Prayers for court trials. Legal problems are a serious matter; a lot depends on what happens there, so we must ask for God’s faithful help, so that everything turns out perfect so that everything flows and is a real success in your favour. This time we will give you a powerful prayer that you must do with love and a lot of faith. Always remember that God is the Just Judge, Jesus is on your side. Who against you?

This prayer will help you in that judgment so that everything goes in your favour and goes well.

Prayer to win a trial

“My God, my father, I ask you for the help I need to win this judgment, that your love is on my side and help that everything goes in my favour, your best than anyone you know what happened, your best than anyone you can prosecute, you know what they did to me and that I am only a victim of the situation, you are my beloved father, my teacher, my best friend, I ask you to assist me in this place.

I am a being of love who lives for life, for love, to help others, help me to get out of this terrible situation that does not let me live that does not make me be at peace. Father Jesus, join me and be the Just Judge, be my friend, my partner and my best lawyer, nobody better than you to defend me.

My teacher, my beloved, my affable advocate of good, I ask you for the help I need to win this trial, that all is well that the truth comes to light and that the truth sets me free, that the love of God is the best Counselor, may good and bliss be with us to the end, that when the judge is to rule, it is you who will speak through him.

I know that sometimes you make mistakes, that things do not always go as you want, but I also know that I can count on you by my side to help me, you are undoubtedly my strength in all this laborious process, I ask you today to sharpen my sense of seeing beyond the visible, show me your power, your strength, give me the tools to get ahead.

The love of God can do everything, today I ask God for your support, protection, I ask you from love your high strength, to give me the necessary tools.

My dear God, you are a fundamental part of this battle, an emotional, spiritual and legal battle, that I am waging with your glory and love, accompany me in this battle filling me with strength, power, love and life, I always want to be prostrated before you my great God because I believe that without a doubt there are no two like you.

I trust you, in your hands, I put this judgment, sir because I am sure that there is no one better than you to accompany me, from love, from strength and from the faith, being and being by your side is the same, I honour myself, and I am filled with gratitude because this is done, this is done, it is done! Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

The ultimate purpose of going to court is for judges to decide on a case between two parties. As a Christian, Jesus Christ is our greatest advocate (1 John 2: 1-2).

Psalm 27: 1-2,

“Jehovah is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life, whom shall I be afraid of? When the wicked, even my enemies and my enemies, came upon me To eat my meat, they stumbled and fell. “

Prayer to win all criminal trials

Judgment of Judge

This prayer is then directed directly to win those trials where you are involved.

“I come to you my good Jesus, Savior and Redeemer,

Lord of Justice and Peace, Mighty and Just Judge,

to beg you grant me your divine favour

and implore you to give me your blessing and help

in these moments of trial and misfortune,

in which I feel alone and helpless,

because the injustices that have surrounded me

and adversities that I experience today

make me suffer and fill with concern.

I resort to your generosity, your great love,

your mercy, your truth and clarity,

asking you to encourage and guide my heart

so that I can fight hard

against all those who want to see me badly;

cast your power and glory

for those who are to judge me,

make the right decisions with honesty and honesty,

and humanity and generosity abound in their hearts

at the time of issuing their sentence,

I implore you, fill them with understanding and pity

so that they benefit me and your verdict is favourable to me.

You, Lord, King of Justice and Lord of Peace,

make Divine Truth endure,

give me help in this difficult situation I’m going through at the moment:

Give me clarity and forgiveness, my Lord,

and give me strength not to make those mistakes again.

Make your strong and powerful chest my shelter

so that the eyes of my enemies never find me

and they cannot do me wrong or evil.

Grant me your strength as a Just Judge to fight injustice

and receive my devotion that I offer you from the heart.

Justice is done for all and forever. 

Give me the grace to receive your light

and deserve your help and protection.


A prayer can be beneficial if it is done with determination and perseverance; if this following prayer is followed up, it can bring the expected results.

“Most Holy Just Judge,

that my body is not dazzled nor my blood spilt.

Wherever I go, your hands hold me.

May those who want to see me badly have eyes and not see me,

If you have weapons, do not hurt me, and with injustices do not hang me.

May I be wrapped with the mantle that Jesus was covered,

so that he cannot be injured or killed,

and to the defeat of the jail do not submit me.

Through the Father’s intersection,

Son and Holy Spirit.



Prayer to get out of a trial well

Going to court while being directly involved with the problem can be one of the worst situations in someone’s life, it is for them that we show you a prayer for those types of situations below.

“Mighty, brave, invincible, great Lord,

you are fear in the fight, protector and faithful follower of justice,

help me win in this strong battle of mine.

A vigorous defender of just and noble causes,

I need you, and it is for them that I invoke you at this crucial moment,

so that your company comes to me,

and when the enemy says to win the battle,

all are positions in my favour and the victory be mine.

Legendary protector,

bearer of the forces of good,

May the brightness of your sword cut through the darkness of my despair,

because my call is desperate, and justice does not support me.

Commander of a thousand battles today I invoke you,

to achieve victory and do justice for me.


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