Still single? Why? Your zodiac sign gives the answer to why you haven’t found the true one yet.

Aries is looking for a love that only exists in fairy tales

March 21 to April 20

Rams that are looking for the true do well to wonder if their romantic desire for a prince or princess is realistic. You can be genuinely in love, flood the other with passionate dedication, but then suddenly, out of nowhere; you are cold and cold as a block of ice. You break off if your loved one turns out to be a person who blows toilet paper when there is cold because there are no paper tissues available. A prince or princess does not do such things.

Aries man runs off to a loved one with curlers. Aries woman dreams of a knight who conquers the world and defends her. Knights and princesses only exist in fairy tales, continuing to believe in them is a lonely existence.


Taurus is looking for a modest, modest love

April 21 to May 21 

Taurus is carefully considering the day of tomorrow, and nothing will ever stop a Taurus from preparing for the future. Bulls that are looking for the right one would do well to do something spontaneous. Accept an unexpected invitation and let go. The ware can be in a bar or in the same cafe that you would never go to. You do not like eccentric or striking types, but they too can be modest and modest. Bulls are reluctant and wait for others to come to them.

Take a gamble and have a conversation with someone who looks striking. Take the initiative; you don’t have to get married immediately; you can still take a lot of time for that. The truth is closer than you think.

Gemini is looking for a flexible love

May 22 to June 21  

Gemini changes his clothes, place of residence, and love life as quickly as he changes his mind. Have you not found the true one yet? Twins who want to meet the true one do well to keep to agreements. Do not cancel without giving a reason. Be clear about their changing, enigmatic qualities, an unconscious urge to hide true intentions. If someone else is in love with you, and there are many, tell them that you need a lot of incentive, spiritual challenge, and love change. The right person then knows that it is actually straightforward and a great problem to love you.


Cancer does not search but waits patiently for love

June 22 through July 22

Cancer longs for the truth but will never go in search. Intuitively, Cancer knows that the fact will suddenly be there. Lobsters shut themselves off for a long time when they are disappointed in love. It can take a long time before they open up to a partner again. Life is too short to be alone for so long. Cancer would do well to go out with friends.

Even though you don’t have much faith in strangers, the truth can be friends with one of your friends. You are sometimes afraid that you are not handsome or desirable enough. Look in the mirror more often and crawl out of your shell, beautiful Cancer.


Leo is looking for a strong personality

July 23 through August 23 

Lion longs for love and admiration, the character of the Lion does not allow it to search for the true one. You are proud, and you will never find that you are looking for the true one. At parties, you are the center of attention with many admirers. Your ego does not allow you to take the initiative of addressing someone. You don’t go on the ornamental tour at all. Leo would do well to take the action himself; there is nothing subservient to that at all. The truth may not be the first to follow you like others. Take your chance and put your pride aside.


Virgo is looking for a homely love

August 24 to September 22 

Virgo has few love affairs and can resign itself to never encountering the true one. Virgo is, therefore, not actively looking for love. You are careful and quietly take the time to find a love partner. You are critical, very picky, and you only settle for a decent, honest, and real relationship. Virgo would do well to worry less about a possible relationship. You can at least try to go out with someone who doesn’t seem like real love at first sight. Remember, true love never shows up immediately. Only is only alone, Virgo.

Libra seeks an assertive love

September 23 to October 22

Libra is unable to live alone and needs a partner. You ask yourself daily when you will encounter the true one. You like to flirt, and searching for the truth is not difficult for you. Your capriciousness and doubt are difficult if there is someone in your life who might be the one. You hopelessly mix up friendships and love.

Without difficulty, you can get whoever you want if you have him or her, then you don’t know what to do with it. Libra would do well to stop wondering if he/she is the right one but enjoy the company and love of the person who is now. Let go Libra; if someone finds the right one, it is you.

Scorpio is looking for a dominant love

October 23 to November 21 – 

Scorpio is so attractive that looking for the truth is not necessary. You are confident, proud, enchanting, and very tempting. The reason you are still single is not that there are no candidates. You get attention everywhere, and it doesn’t matter if your hair is good or not. It doesn’t matter what clothing you wear; everything looks great on you.

Scorpio would do well not to waste energy on submissive partners. Of course, you enjoy so much attention and flattery, but you are not naive and superficial — active, intelligent people who can sting through your iron self-control suit you. The truth does not shy away from telling you the hard, naked truth. Focus on the parable, that’s the true one.


Sagittarius is looking for an honest love

November 22 to December 21

Sagittarius is a convinced optimist and likes to be independent. You will never give up your personality for someone else. You are proud, and you will never admit that sometimes you have a lonely feeling and are looking for the true one. You may cry internally, but your friends will not notice it. You give humorous answers when others ask you why you are still single. Sagittarius would do well not to trust everyone.

You are so sensible, bright, sharp, and your debate surprisingly logically, but you are too confident. Strangely enough only in love and not in other areas. You cannot recognize scammers, cheaters who are not after true love. Listen carefully to your heart, and do not be seduced by beautiful talkers. You will realize the true immediately.


Capricorn is looking for a safe haven

December 22 to January 20

Capricorn hides more passion than other people think under a cool appearance. It is difficult for you to let yourself go in love. You are looking for the truth, but you do not want to take any risks. You are afraid of wasting time on a romance that leads nowhere. You want to walk safe paths, and everything must go according to the book. Capricorn would do well to jump out of the spell.

Dancing, going to the theater or to a Stand-up comedy will give you a lighter feeling and who knows you might come across the true one. Immediately tell them that you seem to be a manager and more balanced in your feelings than you actually are.

Flirt and pull your serious coat from Capricorn.


Aquarius is looking for a friendly love

January 20 through February 19

Aquarius dreams of other dreams, dreams that other Zodiac signs don’t understand. You are interested in everything and everyone. Looking for the true you are not really like others because you are attached to your freedom and prefer not to look further than tomorrow. You have so many interests that you sometimes forget that you are still single. Waterman would do well to realize that missing out on love through one’s own fault is stupid.

The true knows that your only great love is freedom, and you need the space, don’t like your obligations at set times. You do not want to be alone, so give in to the feeling that you are looking for the true one.


Pisces is looking for a protective love

February 20 to March 20

Fish prefer to give than they take. You always listen to the problems and stories of others, so that you do not get involved. You are looking for true love, but you are also afraid of finding the true one. Love can hurt, you know that all too well. But is hiding and locking yourself off for love a solution if you long for it? Fish would do well to go with the flow and let go of the fear.

Remember, the pain of love passes by again, and every encounter is a new chance. Go out, open your heart again; you are the most wanted Zodiac sign in love. The truth is already waiting for you.


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