Successful Prayers For Marriage Restoration After Adultery

Successful Prayers For Marriage Restoration After Adultery

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Prayers for marriage restoration after adultery. Prayer for infidelity in marriage.

Today, marriages are under massive attack. Marriage is the sacrament by which a man and a woman are united; it is the beginning of a family. These prayers are to give thanks, for married couples in crisis, to ask for a happy marriage. I hope they serve you.

When is the best time to pray for marriage?

Prayers to stop adultery, You can pray this prayer whenever you want. But we recommend it (as our suggestion), do it at dawn. Jesus got up very early and went to pray on the mountain alone. Take advantage of that moment, in the silence of the morning, and pray with devotion the prayer for marriages.

The world itself needs the testimonies of healthy and beautiful marriages, is desperate for that light.

We must create a culture that values marriage and family; these words must be spoken with reverence. Marriage and family are sacred sacraments of the priceless love of God for the world.

‚ÄúSo what God has united, let not man separate.‚Ä̬†(Mark 10.9-10)

Never allow anyone or anything to separate you and your spouse. Prayer for marriage, if possible, should be performed daily, asking for protection.

Prayer for troubled couples

Jesus, here we are, both in front of you, like that day when we received the sacrament of marriage. Like that day, when you blessed our love. But now Jesus, we are knocked down, dry, far from you, without the water of your love. And now our enjoyment has dried up, pour your Holy Spirit on us so that it cleans us, it washes us, it restores us, and it renews us so that that love that you blessed sprouts again.

Jesus, cut and release all bondage of both to sin, remove all spirit of infidelity, walk through our family, our home, bless our children, bless our lives. Lord allow me to be what my spouse longs for and that he/she is what I want for. Lord, restore that powerful sacrament by which we are united. Sana, Jesus.

Jesus, may the Holy Family move into my home, so that we know how to raise our children, in the style of Mary and Joseph, and so that our children are like you. Send us your Holy Spirit, to protect us. Shed your precious blood on this marriage, on the home, on the family, cover us with your cloak. Amen.

Marriage prayer

Lord, we love each other, we love each other very much, even knowing that there is nothing definitively accomplished, but that love is built day by day, with silences and words and above all, with much welcome and forgiveness.

When our love was maturing, we invited you to our wedding. It was as beautiful as at Cana. The permanent sacrament of your presence in us has made us discover throughout our conjugal Life that the water of our routine becomes new wine when our love

is genuinely donation and giving when we forget what is mine

and the we when you with your presence make us indeed a community of Life and love. Amen.

To have a good marriage

Lord: Make our home a place of your love.

Let there be no injury because you give us understanding.

Let there be no bitterness because You bless us.

Let there be no selfishness because You encourage us.

Let there be no rancor because You give us forgiveness.

Let there be no abandonment because You are with us.

That we know how to march towards You in our daily Life.

Let every morning dawn one more day of dedication and sacrifice.

That every night we find more love from spouses.

Lord, make of our lives that you wanted to join a page full of You.

Do, Lord, of our children what You long for:

help us to educate and guide them along the way.

We strive for mutual consolation.

Let’s make love another motive to love you more.

May we do our best to be happy at home.

That when the great day of going to meet you dawns, you grant us to find ourselves united forever in You.


Prayer giving thanks for marriage

Lord, holy Father, omnipotent and eternal God,

we thank you and bless your holy Name:

You have created man and woman so that one is for the other

help and support. Remember us today. Protect us and grant us

that our love is a gift and a gift, in the image of Christ and the Church.

Enlighten us and strengthen us in the task of the formation of our children,

so that they are authentic Christians and builders of the

earthly city. Make us live together for a long time, in joy and peace,

so that our hearts can always lift up to you through your Son in the Holy Spirit, praise, and thanksgiving. Amen.

Prayer for marriage

O God, our heavenly Father, protect us and bless us.

It deepens and reinforces our love on a daily basis. Grant us by your mercy that we do not get to say bad words to each other.

Forgive us and correct our faults, and help us to always forgive ourselves every time we inadvertently harm each other. Take care of us and keep us so that we can be physically well, alert in mind, tender in heart, and devoted in spirit.

O God, grant us to aspire and to give and to be the best for each other. We also ask you to fill our daily lives with virtues that only you can provide us with. And so, Lord, take our love and our lives together, that they be praise to you, that they are at the service of others.

May we always be united before you, in joy and peace with the help of Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Prayer 2

Lord, holy Father,

omnipotent and eternal God,

we thank you and bless

your holy Name: you have created

man and woman

so that each one is for the other

help and support. Remember us today. Protect us and grant us

that our love be a

gift and a gift, in the image of Christ.

Enlighten us and strengthen us in the task

of the formation of our children,

so that they are authentic Christians

and builders of the

earthly city. Make us live

together for a long time, in joy and peace,

so that our hearts

can always lift towards you,

through your Son in the Holy Spirit,

praise and thanksgiving. Amen.

Pray the prayer for marriage together.

Agree (if possible) to perform the prayer for marriage together. It is an act of charity that you will be doing for your relationship. Take time to pray together. Let us remember that, praying together as a couple, nothing can overcome the blessings that you will receive in your prayer.

‚ÄúHusbands, understand that you must share your Life with a weaker being, such as the woman: treat her with respect due to co-heirs of the grace that Life gives. In this way, nothing will be an obstacle to prayer.‚Ä̬†(1 Peter 3.7)

God is one with you; God is love; marriage is love. Love endures on whatever comes; it will not end. [Read 1 Corinthians 13.7-8]

Let us be grateful to God for the gift of our partner; we are called to be one with them in time and eternity. So do not stop doing this powerful prayer for marriages; you will not regret doing it. The Lord bless you and make you a holy marriage in love.

Marriage Restoration Testimony / Vieyra

20 years ago I got married because I was pregnant. A few months before, my husband got another woman pregnant. She made life impossible for us, for years she moved away and came back. My husband dedicated himself to drinking, going to have fun. I was angry all the time, complaining to him many times, wanting to separate us, the reproaches came, the lack of forgiveness, the idolization of him.

It was always like this, a life of lawsuits. I wanted and sought God’s word in many places, I even enrolled in church groups, but when I got home it was the same, fighting, pride and unforgiveness on both sides. Over time my husband was unfaithful, I felt that my world was ending, he wanted to take my life, I tried several times with medicines and with a knife. He did the same to my husband, there came a time when he beat me, it was a very very difficult situation. My life was according to me to suffer and suffer. I was pushing my husband away more and more from my side every day. We have three daughters, the two oldest watched everything. My husband almost always arrived drunk, it was very difficult.

One day I came to this beautiful group where they taught me to love God.¬†To value myself.¬†God is my soon help.¬†I did all the studies they gave us, I began to be obedient, to depend on God.¬†Today my husband and my daughters see me differently, they tell me that I have changed a lot.¬†Now my husband is next to me, he hugs me and says he regrets everything we have experienced.¬†I have wholeheartedly forgiven him and he seems to me.¬†There are things that are still in process but I know that God is going to restore us both completely.¬†I see it and I believe it because so much I sought to live in peace and I found it with God who is so great and merciful.¬†It is working in my family.¬†His word says ‚Äúcry out to me and I will answer you and teach you things that you do not know‚ÄĚ. Everything is for the glory of our great King of Kings!
It only remains for me to tell you that we are obedient because that is what our God wants, that we love Him, only Him. Thank you little sisters because I have learned a lot from each one. Thank you Sr. Ana. God bless you.

Testimonies of restored marriages after adultery

Testimony / Celest

I am a Christian and my husband is not yet a believer. I tell you my testimony to this day, one year and four months after my husband left our home:
For work reasons, my husband was transferred to the interior of the country and as a family we all went together. I spent many years of ups and downs in my marriage, but never fear of infidelity.

One day we had a little discussion which was the trigger for all of this to happen. My husband reproached me for my lack of interest in him, that I will help others by solving their problems except mine, my religion, that love died, etc.
Several situations, later I realized that I had been unfaithful.I was able to put my hands to the fire for him, because he never proved to be like that, before he was very homely, dedicated to his home, only to his family.

He met a person at work who knew how to get him out of his home in just three months. The destruction of my marriage was an extremely hard blow for me, especially when you think that you were the best woman in the world, that you only deserved good things, except a payment like this. Your dreams, your greatest wishes, your future only looks empty and uncertain.
You only see despair, darkness, suffering, the pain increases every day,evil is getting worse, abuse, our children suffering etc.

But I had two options: The first, I passed this test in the world and I let myself be carried away by my emotions (hatred, bitterness, depression, revenge).

Or I would pass this test of God’s hand and let him fight for me (Trust, security, Faith, Love, Hope).

Thank God I made the best decision!
So I began my journey in search of the truth, and it set me free !!
God put counselors for me, I left my friends, be silent, prayed, fasted, kept vigils, I set up my own war room, and God allowed me to find this precious group led by Sister Ana Nava.Now I know that it was in their plans, because this is where I learned and recognized that my marriage did not have the proper foundation, because Christ was but very far from us.

Thanks to all the Marriage Restoration studies of this group:Biblical principles, high spiritual level prayers, soul healing prayers, I learned that my true enemy was not my husband and that my foolishness and idolatry brought down my house.

So, hand in hand with the promises of God written in his word, with Faith, Love, Hope let me be carried away by my Beloved and now He occupies his rightful place in my life.

Hosea 2:14 I’m going to make her fall in love He will take her to the desert and I will speak to her heart
Jesus, managed to captivate my heart now I know that with Him I have everything, I no longer look back, I don’t hold a grudge against my husband, I learned to forgive him.

God healed my heart and I pray that my husband and the other person can meet the same God who fills my life with Joy and peace on a daily basis and can experience freedom, love and forgiveness in their lives.

What God united, man cannot separate !!! Matthew 19: 6

It is a mandate that will soon come to the manifestation because his word is Yes and Amen in Him !!!!Your word is my guarantee !!!
Those who sow with tears will reap with rejoicingPsalms 126: 5 So shall it be !!!

Is there something impossible for God?Jeremiah 32:27

Now I only hope in Him, and I know that the award is near and I am waiting for it, because I know that my Beloved hastens his word to put it into action. Jeremiah 1:12
I bless you my Beloved Ones and encourage you to continue persevering.
He has said it and He will do it !!!!He has spoken and will comply !!!!

Testimony of healing of the soul / Angela

I have been married for 28 years, 3 years ago my husband left home to live with another woman. Like all of us who go through this situation, I wanted to die; I fought, I screamed, I cried, I claimed, but nothing worked, my husband moved further away. He had a daughter with the other woman and lost all interest in his family. 

I do not support myself financially. The first year and by God’s mercy I was able to survive. I got to the point of running out of basic services due to lack of payment. My house was about to burn down and even without knowing God, He protected me. My husband never tired of repeating to me that he did not love me and that the one he wanted to live with forever was that lady. 

My only company was my daughter, since my two sons each had their own home. My husband was the object of my idolatry, I begged for his love and only received rejection. Once I was converted to Christ, I started looking on the internet for help for restoration, I read the book as God wants and is going to restore my marriage, I also entered the ministry and little by little I changed, from being that woman who harassed my husband with claims now I am a wife who does not claim. I pray for him and the other woman every day. 

I hope in God that he does his perfect work. My husband no longer yells at me that he doesn’t love me, of course he doesn’t tell me that he loves me and I don’t ask either, I just keep trusting God who is working in my husband’s heart too. At this moment he did something that he has not done for a long time and that is that he wrote to wish me a good night and this message accompanied him with this. 

I like the detail but not like before, now it was different. I know that God is dealing with my husband as well as me. It has been very difficult to accept that he lives with another person, but it was not impossible. I learned to control myself and not to reproach. I understood that my husband must be molded and transformed and then return home.

Testimony of healing of the soul / anonymous

I have a year in this process. When that started, all I did was take refuge in God; Prayer, fasting and reading the word. I did it my way because I had no guidance, until I came across this group.

Following Sister Ana’s guidance, the following month I thanked my BELOVED Heavenly Father because I am convinced that He has allowed it with a purpose for my life and for the life of my husband. After 2 months I gave my husband totally into the hands of God. He was no longer spying on his Facebook, he was no longer pending if he was online or not. The few times he came to the house, he did not demand anything, he did not ask anything.

When I was sure that my husband was living with the strange woman, I began to pray for her as well. I clung more closely to Heavenly Father and all his promises of restoration: It is a process where day by day I make the decision to forgive.

Thanks to the studies given in this group and to the prayers that Sister Ana has taught us, my heart is free from bitterness. There is no longer despair, anger, anger, jealousy.

Thank God I did not fall into the enemy’s trap of disclosing my marital problems (Sister Ana’s advice) to anyone other than some sisters who were members of this group who needed to know my situation in order to help me. Every time I was tempted to call my husband I would get on my knees before God and say it to Him.

Currently I keep holding the hand of my Heavenly BELOVED, trusting in his promises and in his will that is Pleasant and perfect. It is written in his word that what God unites man does not separate. I trust in my Heavenly Father and I know that taken by the hand of Him, from the studies given in this group and the advice of its administrator and some leaders, my marriage will soon be restored in the name of Almighty Jesus.

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