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The Medicinal Effect Of Minerals And Precious Stones

I have been wearing amethyst rings for years, just because I like them, and only when someone told me that that stone has a specific effect, did I start to deepen myself. Full of surprise, I collected the necessary material and started reading.

I review a number of the more well-known stones, but in fact, the list is endless.

The medicinal effect of minerals and precious stones

It comes directly from nature, and if you start from the life cycle, everything has a role in environment. This also applies to the minerals and precious stones that come out of the ground. Man has been trying for many years to use these stones. Stone medicine is, therefore, not actually a new alternative method of healing, but centuries old. It supports illnesses and other problems and, among other things, brings out positivity.

The stones

As indicated, we assume here some of the more popular, commonly used, easy-to-find stones.


  • Color violet, in nuances from light to dark.
  • The soothing effect, relaxing, purifying, suitable for a sober consciousness, helps with peaceful sleep.
  • To be found in Uruguay, Mexico, Morocco, Brazil.


  • Color translucent light blue.
  • The medicinal effect helps the immune system, stimulates the lymphatic pathways and the blood, supports with vocal cord problems and speech, protects against seasickness.
  • To be found USA, Nigeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Brazil.

Rock crystal

  • Color clear white, transparent.
  • Therapeutic effect soothes fire blisters, warms when cooled, strengthens vision, helps against inflammation, supports balance.
  • To be found Pakistan, Madagascar, Soviet Union (former), Brazil.


  • Color lemon yellow to a golden brown, slightly transparent (artificial). Original more gold topaz
  • The medicinal effect strengthens the nervous system, stimulates metabolism with an emphasis on the stomach and pancreas, can support liver problems.
  • To be found Spain, Soviet Union (former), Brazil, USA.


  • Color white transparent, yellowish, or brown.
  • Therapeutic effect good against stress and fatigue; it cleanses the organs, helps against gout, good for self-awareness.
  • To be found in Africa, Brazil, Australia, and Siberia.


  • Color golden yellow.
  • Healing effect strengthens all gems (which are inlaid in gold), suitable for self-awareness, stimulates love.
  • To be found, South Africa, Soviet Union (former), USA.


  • Color light green to a dark group slightly transparent.
  • The medicinal effect helps with bleeding, reduces fever, has a calming effect.
  • Find China, Egypt, Mexico, Myanmar.


  • Color pink, salmon red, or faint white.
  • The medicinal effect helps against fatigue, menopausal symptoms, and blood or circulatory problems.
  • It can be found along the reefs of warm coastal areas such as the east of Australia, around Japan, or Africa.


  • Color black opaque.
  • The medicinal effect helps if you have a festering wound or suffer from mold, soothes the skin, and strengthens the resistance.
  • To be found Brazil, USA, Mexico, India.


  • Color in all colors of the rainbow.
  • Remedial action can support heart rhythm disorders, helps with stomach and digestive problems.
  • To be found in Australia, Mexico, Brazil.


  • Color red.
  • The medicinal effect helps to strengthen the immune system in case of infectious diseases, helps with eye infections, helps with impotence, and increases love and passionate feelings.
  • To be found in Thailand, India, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Siberia.

Rose quartz

  • Color translucent pink.
  • The medicinal effect helps to strengthen the immune system in case of infectious diseases, helps with eye infections, helps with impotence and strengthens love, and passionate feelings support a night of peaceful sleep.
  • To be found in the USA, Austria, Brazil.


  • The color usually blue, sometimes green or yellow.
  • The medicinal effect is good against problems with nerves.
  • To be found Australia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, North America.


  • Color light to golden yellow, silvery or blue pink.
  • Medicinal effects good for metabolism, digestion, and helps with good mood and can support the liver, stomach, and intestinal problems.
  • To be found Sri Lanka, Africa, USA, Ural, Brazil.


  • Color shiny silvery.
  • The medicinal effect increases the energy of the other gems (inlaid in silver), lowers the acidity of the stomach, brings balance, and is calming.
  • To be found Soviet Union (former), Australia, Mexico.


Of course, the stone does not replace procedures that a doctor deems necessary, but it supports/helps in the healing process. In addition, the rocks are all wonderful, and you can enjoy the coloring game.

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