Venus In Virgo: Meaning, Significance And Personality

Venus in virgo: Meaning, significance and personality

Venus in virgo: Meaning, significance and personality

Let’s analyze Venus in Virgo! A quite peculiar and different Venus 

Why follow the transits of Venus?

Venus rules our taste, our aesthetic sense and our order of priorities in this life. It is essential that we know where you are to understand what is the most comfortable style now and why we can choose in many areas of our routine. Realize that when I talk to you about Venus in Virgo, I am giving you clues about how the natives who have this location are in their natal chart, but I also help you to know what is the prevailing energy at this moment, I reveal the astrological trend.

And that is worth it if your Venus is in Virgo, as if it is in Scorpio, in Sagittarius, or in any other of the 12 signs. Adapting to your style and combining it with your own nature will help you be more in tune. For example, the weeks that Venus has been in Leo, we have been called to shine, to stand out and to make the most of life.

Even if your natal Venus is in a much more reserved sign, like Virgo or Scorpio, the useful thing is that you have let go of your hair and adapted the typical Venus attitude in Leo a bit. In this way, you will have gone in harmony with the powerful energy and will have been able to get more out of the cycle. This is precisely the practical astrology.

How is Venus in Virgo?

It is said that Venus is in fall in Virgo since, in Pisces, it’s opposite, the planet of love is in its exaltation. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and therefore, it is an extremely cerebral sign, but do not despair, we can also appreciate the sensual nature of Venus when it travels Virgo. Contrary to what many people think, this sign has nothing to do with virginity in intimacy.

Venus in Virgo is extremely perfectionist, also in bed, and this operates in favour of her lovers since she will put all the interest of the world in mastering the love arts. And believe me that she is very good at getting what she intends. She is an immaculate and elegant lady, so that disorder, dirt or lack of hygiene throw her libido on the ground and any chance you had of conquering it.

Intelligent and reserved, Venus in Virgo will not hesitate to remain alone for as long as she deems necessary if a Partenaire that can live up to it does not appear. That “better alone than badly accompanied” house ideally with its independent nature.

Once in love, she is an extraordinary couple who will do everything in her power to help her partner. You will not have to ask him for any favour since they come naturally. She is very generous with those she loves and wishes her the best. Sometimes he turns to constructive criticism to help you get further, and things go better, but you have to understand that not all lovers find it easy to feel judged.

Is a faithful and responsible companion who likes order and things well done. He puts interest in taking care of his body and tries to keep the spiritual part in tune. A life of disorder and madness is his worst nightmare, and therefore he flees from people who threaten his balance.

His style is neat, impeccable, elegant and yet simple. Value comfort and well-made garments. In his partner, he seeks discretion, sincerity and an orderly lifestyle. The intellectual connection is also essential to her, and she would be unable to fall in love with a plover head.

A cultured man and good conversationalist would be his ideal, and if he has an artist and bohemian touch, better than better. The idea of ​​watching an author’s movie and then going out to dinner at a romantic and cosy restaurant seems most seductive. His perfectionist style is the one he will send in the next few weeks. I let you know, so you don’t allow your life to turn a little chaos.


The Venus Virgo can seem somewhat reserved and distant. They try not to stand out too much and look like ‘loners’, do not like large groups of people. Venus-Virgo seems mysterious and shy, which has a certain appeal.


Also, or especially in love, the Venus Virgo is very critical and perfectionist. You would rather stay alone than be with someone who is not the one. You have a whole list of conditions that a partner must meet, which is impossible in practice.

Of all Venus positions, Venus in Virgo is the one with the most unmarried people.

A relationship must be an addition to your life and not a void that needs to be filled. Venus-Virgo is not looking for a relationship.

In love, you are careful, and you go safe. You want to know what to expect. You want to make sure that the other person likes you before you make a move.

A relationship must develop and grow slowly.

You complain and complain a lot about the things that annoy you. An ideal partner is someone who is not easily irritated by your irritations but who does what with the criticism and tips. You appreciate it if someone follows your advice.

You are not very romantic. You express your love by doing practical things for the other, such as cooking, massaging or sticking a flat tire. Feelings are not shown exuberantly.

If you have a good relationship, you will make the best of it and not quickly think that the grass is greener elsewhere. 

There are many things that you hate or love, so you need to know your partner well.


Likes hygiene. Shower together.

Intimacy is awkward for Venus Virgo and intimacy can be seen as a skill they should be good at. He/she will search until your sensitive place is found.

Will not have ‘intimacy for intimacy’ soon.

It is submitted in bed. Prefer the other to take the lead.

If you are going to have intimacy with Venus-Virgo, make sure you are completely clean and cared for. Shower, brush your teeth, shave where needed and get a sweet, subtle scent. Venus Virgo immediately bursts into something unsanitary.

Attracted to :

  • Intelligence
  • Someone who has the same interests or job as you
  • People who are just as clean and concerned with health as you are
  • Good manners

Taps off on:

  • Show-offs and know-it-alls. Attention people, people who are too loud and present
  • Laziness
  • People who don’t appreciate what you do for them
  • Too much makeup, what looks fake
  • Mess, filth
  • “Cookies”, antisocial people

Work. Jobs that fit well with Venus in Virgo:

  • Because of your perfectionism, you are good at precision and details
  • Cook
  • Nutritionist, personal trainer
  • Fashion designer
  • Doctor, nurse
  • Teacher
  • Craftwork, handmade

Women with Venus in Virgo:

You try to be a ‘superwoman’ and look perfect. 

Venus in virgo woman. You don’t want to stand out too much in terms of clothing. You dress nicely, but not too hot. Also colorful and too hot clothes will quickly look ‘cheap’ in you. Neutral colors and ‘classic’ clothes that suit your body shape are best for you.

You express your love by doing odd jobs such as cooking and cleaning

With intimacy, you can have many rules such as no intimacy before the 3rd date. You want to have control.

Venus-Virgo women can be boring in bed and do little, or always the same routine. Some don’t like intimacy so much, but still, do it “because it has to happen.”

Some women are very kinky and just want to lose control.

You get excited by seeing the other person enjoy.

In relationships, you can be a bitch, lots of whining about what is wrong

You also criticize friends, for example, about their friends. What you say is usually accurate, but painful to hear.

Men with Venus in Virgo

Venus in virgo man. You fall for intelligent, feminine, neat women. A woman must be well cared for and have good manners. You break off on things like dirty nails or unshaven legs.

Venus in Virgo man needs time for itself

He likes to have everything under control. Things that need to be done periodically, such as an MOT inspection, are arranged on time.

  • Pay much attention to its appearance. He irons his clothes, and his hair is always in perfect shape.
  • Can’t relax so well, would instead do something useful. Cleaning and exercising is relaxing for him,
  • Can have fetishes, such as a woman dressed in a school uniform or secretary suit with glasses.


Men with Venus in Virgo: Afrojack. Antonio Banderas. Bruno Mars. David Guetta. Eminem. Fidel Castro. Geert Wilders. Hugo Chavez. John Gotti. John Lennon. Lil Wayne. Louis van Gaal. Mick Jagger. Negativ. Robert de Niro. Robin van Persie. Robin Williams. Simon Cowell. Vin Diesel.

Women with Venus in Virgo: Amber Rose. Angela Merkel. Barbie (Samantha). Brigitte Bardot. Catherine Zeta-Jones. Ellen ten Damme. Gwen Stefani. JKRowling. Julia Roberts. Kim Kardashian. Lil Kim. Octomom. Little finger. Sophia Loren. Toni Braxton.

Venus In Virgo: Meaning, Significance And Personality

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