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Wearing ring on index finger feng shui. Your fingers are an extension of your own energy, its function is very similar to that of hair, because they act as energy antennas. Is recommended to practice with the index finger until properly managing their own energies.

The position of the rings on each finger channels a different energy

The thumb

Symbolizes the power of the will. If you use a ring on this finger you will be aware of the changes that will happen in your life. In addition, it will increase your willpower.

The index finger

This finger represents a certain type of powers such as leadership, authority and ambition. Using a ring on this finger will help you give a boost in that direction. In ancient times only men of power or kings wore it on the index finger.

The middle finger

Located in the center of the hand, it indicates the individuality of the person and symbolizes a balanced life.

The ring finger

The ring finger of the left hand has a direct connection with the heart. That’s why the wedding ring is worn on this finger. It also represents emotions (affection) and creativity. Using a ring on the right hand will help you be more optimistic in your life.

The little finger

Represents relationships, as well as your way of communicating with the outside world and the attitude with others. On the contrary that with the Thumb: that concentrates all its energy in the inner self. A ring on this finger will help improve all indoor capabilities.


Each finger is ruled by a planet

Thumb = Venus

Related to love, sex, feelings, social, personal and financial relationships.

Index = Jupiter

Related to social position, growth and expansion, but also to successes and failures, spiritual connection, faith and long journeys.

Heart = Saturn

Related to discipline, concentration, work, profession, strength and learning.

Cancel = Sun

Related to joy, life, individuality, happiness. The ability to say what is thought from sincerity.

Pinky = Mercury

All energy related to thinking, communication, intelligence, learning, short trips, business and commerce.


On an energy level, what is the difference between the right and the left hand?

The rings in the right hand are energy enhancers that help to accomplish the objectives, but in the left hand they protect and help them to achieve them. That is why when the time comes for the engagement in a couple we first place the alliance in the right hand, since we want to get married, but at the time of the wedding (once the goal is achieved) the married ring will be placed on the left, where We want to protect our marriage.

In some places the married ring is placed in the opposite hand. But although it is part of a particular tradition to the place, it must be remembered that the correct positions are the ones explained.

What happens to lefties, or ambidextrous people?

The activity of the hemispheres of the brain has no influence on the positioning of the rings, which is the same as for the right-handed.

Which finger do you wear your favorite ring?

And the choice of the finger on which the purchased ringlet will show off is determined by its views and taste. However, psychologists, astrologers and palm readers are convinced that if you take the choice of a ring and the place of wearing it seriously in your hand, you can adjust your character. So on which finger to wear the ring?

It is believed that the ring on the right-hand side of the right-handed person indicates its current condition.¬†The ring on the left indicates which status is desirable for this person.¬†Determining the status of left-handed people is more difficult ‚Äď a ring that expresses the current state can be either right or left-handed.

It is recommended that people wear a ring around the thumb expansively, emotionally and with huge reserves of energy. According to astrologers and palm trees, the thumb corresponds to Mars, and the ring on this finger should contain their temperament. The ring on the thumb calms the aggression of a person and helps make the relationship more harmonious.

Ring holders on the thumb are usually stubborn. The ancient Greeks and Romans wore a ring on their thumb to protect their masculinity. According to psychologists, such people try to establish themselves in the world in one way or another, sexually.
It is better to wear a copper ring on the thumb.

Indecisive and shy people wear a ring around the index finger. From the point of view of astrology and palm reading, this finger personifies the power of Jupiter. The ring on the index finger makes them more confident, increases self-esteem. Moreover, it is believed that this will bring happiness and success. A person will be able to gain inner faith in his power, gain more insight and broaden the horizon of knowledge. It is recommended to wear a ring of tin or gold.

accident-prone People who are confronted with many obstacles are advised to wear a ring around their middle finger. On the middle finger it is also recommended to wear a generic ring (if present) that has been inherited by generations of family members to you. The ring on the middle finger helps to cope with difficulties, gives strength to resist and endure all hardships. A ring on the middle finger would also be suitable for those who are engaged in meditation or introspection. Iron rings are recommended to wear on the middle finger.

Ring wearers on the ring finger emphasize their passion for beauty, beautiful things and wealth. That is why it is perfect aesthetics, pleasure lovers, thirst for fame and wealth. Ring on the ring finger, especially gold, helps with self-expression and the acquisition of celebrities and wealth.

Calm and confident people fit better in a small ring, on the contrary, emotional and hot people will love big rings. Those who want to find their other half put a ring in their left hand and show everyone that they are free. The ring on the ring finger of the right hand is also worn by married people. In this case, the ring symbolizes their willingness to connect their relationships, and gold, such as the metal of the sun, is best suited to strengthen love in marriage.

Those who lack eloquence, flexibility of the mind or manual dexterity, it is recommended to wear a ring on the little finger. In the opinion of astrologers and henchmen, the little finger is the finger of the patronizing of Mercury diplomats, doctors, business people, speakers, politicians and analysts.

Wearing a ring on the little finger is recommended for those who need support in these areas of our lives. The ring on this finger should also help establish business contacts and find a common language with anyone. Ring on the little finger would be suitable for lovers of gambling and flirting. It usually helps such people to suppress these qualities of their character. Psychologists believe that the ring wearers often tell the little finger a lie, quirky and sensitive to betrayal and adventure.+

Clear-sighted and esoterically well-fitting silver ring. The silver ring helps the development of magical abilities, intuition, the gift of prediction and foresight. You can wear such a ring on every finger, but esoteric women are advised to wear silver bracelets on their wrists, not rings.

You can use these recommendations, but you can trust your inner ‚Äúme‚ÄĚ ‚Äď the subconscious will not mislead.¬†And the ring will bring you joy and happiness as long as you like it!

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