What Can I Substitute For Oatmeal In A Cookie Recipe?

What Can I Substitute For Oatmeal In A Cookie Recipe

What can I substitute for oatmeal in a cookie recipe?. If you are looking to diversify your diet, we will tell you with what food you can replace oatmeal without significantly changing your usual intake.

To vary your Cookies, you can replace oatmeal, with other sources of carbohydrates, such as wheat semolina or couscous, which is hydrated and we can also accompany it with milk and fresh fruits.

Other good options, less traditional and that also requires hydration, are quinoa, a pseudo-cereal that offers many vegetable proteins, and that also combines very well with sweet foods such as fresh fruits, yoghurt or others, or amaranth, with similar characteristics to the previous food.

We can also use rice, making it with milk and to which we can add fruits, dried apricots and seeds after having cooked it.

Or ultimately, we can go to commercial cereals, although the first options are just as natural as oats, without added sugar and with good nutrients for the body, so they are more advisable if we want to start the day with health.

You know, if you want to vary your Cookie and replace oats with another food with similar characteristics, here you have good options to choose from.


Butter is a very common ingredient in baking and easy enough to substitute. But you can’t always since we can’t substitute butter in a cookie recipe.

  • We can substitute the same amount of butter for margarine and vice versa.
  • We can also replace it with oil using 2/3 of the amount in oil. For example, if the recipe indicates 150 gr. of butter, we can replace it with 100 ml, of oil. Depending on the recipe, we will use one oil or another. If you want to know which is better, I leave you my post about oils.
  • We can also substitute the same amount of butter for Crisco, but only in recipes for frostings or creams. Although for my taste the Crisco is only useful to practice with the pastry bag since it is very refined and tastes nothing.
  • We can even in recipes that ask us for melted butter, substitute it for applesauce.


Either because of intolerance or veganism, eggs are often not welcome at home, but it is true that many recipes, if not the vast majority, include some small amount of eggs since the eggs serve to bind and emulsify the ingredients, to give texture and to keep the moisture in the sweets.

  • One egg equals one small very ripe banana or 1/2 large, very ripe banana.
  • We can also substitute an egg for 60 gr. applesauce
  • 55 gr. of yoghurt would equal one egg.
  • We can even substitute an egg for 45gr. of chickpea flour mixed with 65 ml. of water.
  • An egg is even equivalent to 45 gr. of oatmeal mixed with 45 ml. of water.
  • We can also use 45 gr. of hydrated chia seeds with 45 ml. of water.
  • And we can also use 30 gr. of coconut flour mixed with 75 ml. of water.



Powdered yeast is essential if we want to get some sponge cakes and that is why we must know well what it is, how to use it and how to substitute it and so that you have no doubts you can visit the post where I talk about boosters and yeasts.

  • 1 tsp of baking powder equals 1/3 tsp of baking soda plus 1/2 tsp of cream of tartar.



Cream of tartar has many uses in pastry since it is a stabilizer. We use it to whiten the crumb of the angel food cake, to help us make a good meringue, among other things.

  • We can substitute 1 tsp of cream of tartar for 2-3 tsp of white vinegar or lemon juice. According to which recipe we will use 3 tsp. But beware, this can slightly modify the flavour of your preparations.
  • If the recipe has bicarbonate and cream of tartar, we can substitute the same amount of baking powder since they are the same.



Milk is the easiest to substitute since we will do it for the same amount of any vegetable milk, juice or even if the recipe has other strong flavours such as essences or fruits, we can substitute it for water.



Flour is a fundamental ingredient in our mass elaborations, and that is why running out of it can make us panic, so do not worry. Even if you do not know what type of flour you should use, you can take a look at the post on flour; you will surely find what you are looking for.

  • We can substitute half of the amount indicated for wholemeal flour. In other words, if a recipe tells us 100 gr. Of flour, we will replace it with 50 gr. Of wholemeal flour, since it absorbs much more water.
  • 130 gr. of flour equals 90 gr. Cornstarch so according to the amount indicated in the recipe, we will make a rule of 3. But I do not recommend replacing 100% of wheat flour with cornstarch or potato starch since the texture can vary greatly.



Buttermilk or buttermilk is usually used to fluff up our creations, and it is increasingly common to find recipes that include it, and although it is true that more and more supermarkets have it, it is possible that you do not find it or that you do not have it at home as normal.

  • To replace the buttermilk, simply put the amount of milk indicated in the recipe in buttermilk in a bowl and subtract 20 ml. To add those 20 ml. In lemon juice or white vinegar. So you can see it better if the recipe indicates 200 ml. Buttermilk, we will use 180 ml. of milk mixed with 20 ml. Lemon juice or white vinegar. Of course, it must be left to rest without stirring for 10 minutes.
  • We can mix 30 ml. of milk with one natural yoghurt and of that mixture use the quantity of buttermilk or whey that we need.
  • We can also use 1 3/4 tsp cream of tartar together with 250 ml. of milk, let it curdle a little and use the amount indicated by buttermilk or whey.



Depending on the recipe, we can substitute sugar, either because we want to take care of ourselves and we need a healthier one or because we have run out of it and simply want to replace it.

  • We can substitute sugar for a healthier version, for this I recommend you go to see the post about sugars or the post about syrups and honey.
  • We can substitute the indicated amount of sugar for honey; for this, we will use 20% less than the amount indicated in the recipe. That is if the recipe indicates 100 gr. Sugar, we will use 80 gr. of honey.
  • If what we need is icing sugar, what we will do is crush the white sugar with the help of a grinder. Of course, keep in mind that we will never be as fine as the one they sell.


I hope that the post on how to substitute ingredients in confectionery has been useful to you and that your doubts have dissipated even a little.

I love you a thousand.

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