What Does It Mean When A Guy Squeezes You In A Hug

What Does It Mean When A Guy Squeezes You In A Hug?

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This is the body language of a man who is in love with you

How do you see that a man is interested in you?

I have to admit that this is not easy

Men are complicated creatures. And you can’t always tell them when he’s in love with you. Unless you’ve learned my tricks.

I have been a dating coach for years and have done nothing but bringing men and women together. In all those years, I have coached thousands of men and learned precisely how men could behave when they like a woman.

That’s why you get the seventeen signals below to see if a man is in love with you.

It is not the standard stories about body language such as “see if he has his arms crossed because that means that he is closed.” That is much too simplistic.

No, you can look much better at how a man generally behaves towards you and the people around you. If you see more significant differences, such as that he continuously treats you much more beautiful than the people around you, then that is a reliable signal.


Note: always assess body language in clusters

If you want to test if he likes you, you have to be very careful. Because it is tempting to conclude immediately after one signal.

But this is dangerous.

Because you always have to look at clusters of behaviour. If you don’t see one signal but eight other signs do, then those eight may weigh much more substantial than the one that misses.

So always look at how many of the signals below you can tick off. You will see that there are many if a man is really in love with you.

Also, think about your ex-boyfriends and whether they treated you that way at the start of the relationship. You will see that the behaviours below are patterns that come back with almost every man when he tries to flirt with you. 

Here they are. The seventeen body language signals that a man likes you or is in love with you:

Signal 1: He focuses entirely on you

What you do in a day is determined by what you find most important.

When you are hungry, you eat or think of food if you can’t. When you are thirsty, you drink something, or you continuously think of a cold glass of water.

And if you like someone, then you have a lot of trouble thinking about something else, let alone focusing on something else.

What does this look like in terms of body language in a man?

Suppose you talk to a man.

He leans back and occasionally looks at his phone. If someone comes by who he knows, he greets that person. And before you know it he is talking to the other person.

This man has no unconscious need for a long conversation with you.

A man you like simply can’t hide that because his whole body is focused on you.

Of course, including his eyes.

So if a man does not look at his mobile for a moment, completely ignores his friends who walk by and radiates in his whole attitude that you have his attention Then that looks more like it.

The best test is to wait until his cell phone rings.

Most people will pick it up immediately or give it the necessary attention. But a man you like will quietly ignore it or just push it away.

Signal 2: He nods at everything you say

A man you like will agree with you on everything.

That’s because he can’t think clearly. A man who stands before a beautiful woman becomes a lot less intelligent.

If he likes you, he is not critical.

Not only that, he will give you all the space you need to tell your story.

That means that he continually nods to show you that he finds it attractive what you say and what you should continue to talk.

I always explain to my male coaching clients that they should be careful with this. It is, of course not nice to talk to a man who does not give a damn at all. So I always explain to them that they should be as honest as possible about what they do and don’t find interesting.

Unfortunately, I can give what I want to advise, as soon as the same customer is in front of a beautiful woman, he can’t help it and gives her the same everywhere.

And in his body language, he shows this by continually nodding.

Signal 3: He is leaning towards you

If you stand in a pub and look at the men who talk to a woman, there is a straightforward way to see which of the men is on the adornment.

You only have to look at which man leans close to the woman

So that he leans forward to get as close as possible to her.

This is something men do unknowingly. Most don’t realize it at all. I would not point it out to him because as long as it is unconscious, it is a reliable way to see if he is decorating you.

Another reason why some men lean forward is that they feel insecure. They don’t know for sure if you like the conversation with them. If a man is nervous, he can show it this way.

These nerves work to your advantage if you like a man

A nervous man has invested emotionally. Reassuring him at such a moment ensures that he feels more at ease and the chance that something arises between you increases.

Signal 4: He laughs at all your jokes (even when they’re not funny)

You often see a group of men laughing loudly at a remark from an attractive woman, also though it is not funny at all.

That’s what happens to a man you like

He already finds you attractive, and if you say something that looks like a joke, he will take the opportunity to laugh. When people are in love, this goes into overdrive, and they are just shouting at each other.

They find the stupidest comments funny.

If you want to know if he likes you, you can tap a lousy joke or count a boring story and see if it keeps his attention.

If he also has to laugh about it, then you are lucky and find you attractive.

Signal 5: It reflects your body language

You go through your hair with your hand, and he does the same. Or you sit, and he holds his legs and upper body precisely in the same position as you.

At such a moment he is mirroring you, as body language experts call it.

That means he takes the same body language as you.

He will only do that if he feels comfortable. And if he wants you to have good feelings with him.

The longer and more often he does this during a conversation, the higher the chance that he will like you.

Signal 6: He is looking for a lot of eye contact

Perhaps this is the most crucial body language signal of this entire article.

By following someone’s eyes, you can see what that person is paying attention to

If his eyes are on you all the time, it means that he is giving you notice all the time.

There is only one reason for this, and that is that he likes you.

Admittedly, this only applies if you are in the pub or are together in another way where romantic contact is permitted.

If you sit in the canteen with your colleague and tell a story, it makes sense that he looks at you all the time. But in other situations, situations in our free time, it is much less obvious to look at someone for a long time. You only do that if someone has something beautiful to say.

Whether you like that person.

Some men don’t dare make eye contact

They look away when you try. Or he is a bit shy. That is not conscious.

In most cases, it is most reliable if he looks at you continuously, especially in a beautiful setting such as a pub or a nightclub.

Signal 7: His eyes wander occasionally

And I don’t mean that he looks at the ceiling or his feet.

A man who finds you attractive will show this because he looks at your body all the time.

Often in a not so subtle way. Men who have better social skills will know how to hide this.

It is of course not very polite of him

And I will not tell what he is thinking about at that moment. You shouldn’t ask him about that either.

But if a man looks at you from head to toe or occasionally gets stuck in certain places of your body with his eyes, Then there is a solid chance that he will find you attractive or perhaps even fall in love with you.

Signal 8: He gets nervous when saying goodbye


Most men are not as confident and do not know how to make a move. They just do something. Often in the hope of blessing.

A man who doesn’t like you won’t get nervous about saying goodbye.

He will say hello, kiss you on your cheek or a hand and quietly walk away. But a man that you find attractive is unlikely to give an attitude.

He doesn’t know if he should kiss you or touch you in any other way.

That doubt, when saying goodbye is an indication that he likes you.

If you also like it, it is useful to use it by touching it yourself. This can be pretty harmless but keep it for a long time. Then he will hopefully be man enough to kiss you.

Signal 9: it touches you

If you like each other, hopefully, a mutual conversation of body language will start.

In such a conversation, he touches you, and you answer him a little later, again by touching him.

If you use this conversation yourself – which is very wise to help such a man decorate you – then it is essential to pay attention to whether he ” answers.”

If he does not respond and your touch does not respond, it is an indication that he does not like you, Or becomes very nervous about touching a woman.

Most men will take every opportunity to touch you if they find you attractive

Even though they usually do not dare to do so well, if they feel that the coast is safe, they will undoubtedly do it.

Signal 10: His attitude changes completely when he talks to you

What is very important to check is that he treats you differently than other women.

That is a sure signal that he likes you and that he is not nervous about women in general.

So look carefully at how he talks to other women

  • If you see him talking similarly, this is an indication that nothing unusual is going on.
  • But if you see that he touches you and treats you differently than those other women, it probably means that he likes you better than the rest.

He will become more nervous in your case and will try to touch you more often. Or change his entire tone and facial expression.

Women have this just as well as men

If you are standing in front of an attractive man, you talk very differently than standing in front of a man who doesn’t do you much. Your whole attitude changes and people can see this from you.

Only very experienced decorators such as bad men and players succeed perfectly in keeping these expressions hidden. But the normal house-garden-and-kitchen man finds this very difficult, and you immediately see it when he finds a woman unique.

Signal 11: He will sit as close to you as possible

A man who wants your attention will try to help fate.

He hopes that you will touch him sooner or later or that he may touch you. That is why he takes the initiative by looking for your proximity.

He does this by sitting or standing close to you

The kinder people find each other, the more they can enter each other’s personal space.

If you look at a group of people, you can often see who the couples are by looking at how close people are to each other.

A man you like will look for that proximity

  • You can show him that you do not want him by taking a few steps back or to the side. That is an obvious signal to him that there is nothing else in it.
  • But if you find this man attractive, you can show him this by taking a few steps forward or sitting next to him. Everything that reduces the distance between you works.

That is why I always recommend sitting side by side on dates.

This is much better because you then have less distance between the two of you. A conversation with touches is even more comfortable too. Dates where you sit next to each other instead of opposite each other are therefore many times better.

Signal 12: He doesn’t like it when you talk to other men

If you speak to a man you want, he will not appreciate it if another man joins the conversation.

He will not give him the light in his eyes.

That is, of course, a bit childish but unfortunately, that’s how it goes.

Every man responds differently when a second man comes to talk to “his girlfriend.”

  • Some become aggressive, but let’s hope the man you like isn’t that unsportsmanlike.
  • Other men become quiet.
  • And other men try to take back the lead by exaggerating or bragging to impress you more than the other man who joined.

The only variant that does not exist is the man who allows the other man to come into contact with you.

If a man doesn’t care that a strange man reports talking to you, he probably doesn’t like you as you initially thought.

Men are just jealous and have a competitive urge among themselves. So you almost always notice that when a new hijacker comes on the coast.

Signal 13: He hugs you

There is a strange idea that men would not like to cuddle.

There is some truth in that.

Because men don’t like to cuddle with people, they don’t feel attracted to. Women can hug everyone, but men usually have less need for that contact.

If he hugs you, it means that he likes you very much

But if he does it often and often, it probably means that he wants you or even falls in love with you.

A man will not proceed unless he has strong feelings. It is in his DNA to be kind to you when he is in love with you, but he is a lot less friendly to the rest of the world.

Signal 14: He fumbles to himself when he faces you

If he gets more nervous when you meet him, that’s a good sign.


A man wants to make a good impression on a woman he likes. He has a lot to offer for that. But he probably has no idea how to do that.

That’s because he simply has no idea how women are structured and lack the social skills to court you.

At least, that applies to the average man. There are men with more experience who know exactly how to turn a woman around. But most men cannot do this and therefore become nervous when they face a new woman.

If you see that he starts to fiddle with himself, then you know that you have a price

You can see it by playing with his clothes or handling his hands uncomfortably.

Or any other signal in which he makes small movements that serve no other purpose than to lose nervous energy. It is then a strong signal that there is more going on and that he likes you a lot more than the average.

So don’t be shy when you see a man fiddling.

It means that he is either a little afraid of you or that he likes you. And since you are a strong, independent woman, the chance of the latter is somewhat higher.

Signal 15: He shows affection in public

A man can be nice to you when you are alone.

But what a potent signal if he shows all of the above in public

That means that a man is not afraid of his feelings. Or that he likes you so much that he is not even concerned with his emotions.

Most men are very concerned about their image. They don’t want to look weak or sticky in the eyes of other men. But a man who is in love doesn’t care anymore. He is no longer concerned with it.

Instead, he only thinks about you.

As a result, he wants to touch you continuously

Also in public. He is even proud that he can go on the street with such a nice woman like you and he wants to show everyone to you.

A man who shows affection in public – as with the signals I explained above – probably likes you pretty much.

Signal 16: He protects you

A man who lets you walk on the inside of the street so that he sits between you and the traffic, that’s a man you like.

All that kind of gallant gestures shows that he consciously (or unknowingly) treats you like his girlfriend.

Another example.:

When a group of men arrives, he grasps your hand more firmly or squeezes it to let you know that you are safe. Or if you are in a disco or crowd, he shields your body with his own so that nobody bumps into him.

These are pieces of testosterone-driven primal man that will come up with your husband if he likes you very much.

Signal 17: He is looking for an excuse to be near you

A man who sees you more often than you would expect That is a man that you find attractive.

The higher the excuse he uses to be in your neighbourhood, the higher the chance that he will see you.

Men who like you, squeeze all kinds of turns to get more time with you.

This varies from making excuses for being in your area more often by positioning yourself in such a way that you come to them more often.

It will surprise you what crazy frills men play who is in love with you.

They can’t help it.

Their desire for that special woman has hijacked Their brain.

You now know the signals with which you can see if he likes you

As I said before: The more signs he shows, the more confident you can bet that he likes you.

Do you notice that he is doing some of the above? Then I have something beautiful for you.

But even if he does not score very high, pay attention:

I have written a report with the # 1 thing men want from a woman. Women who understand this simple psychological trick have no trouble making a man in love with them.

So if you are unsure whether he likes you or if you want to make him even more in love, register below by leaving your e-mail address. You will receive the report that I call the Men’s Secret immediately in your inbox for free.

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