What Does It Mean When You Dream About A Tsunami

What Does It Mean When You Dream About A Tsunami?

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What Does It Mean When You Dream About A Tsunami

Dreaming of a tsunami, with floods or with natural disasters that carry a lot of water, is very reasonable, although you reside in a country where these things do not happen or happened rarely. If your dream has something to do with all this, attend because we tell you what it means to dream of a tsunami in its different versions.

Meaning of dreaming about tsunamis

Interpreting a dream in which a tsunami appears is easy because it is done quite logically. A wave of a tsunami arrives, representing future problems that are usually emotional, but that can be of any other nature.

Keep in mind that tsunamis do not happen every day, and when they occur, they are so destructive that they can cause giant waves of water that flood entire houses, towns, and cities. Therefore, to know what it means to dream of a tsunami, we need to analyze all the details that appear in your dream.

Some of the most famous dreams with tsunamis and their meanings are the following:

Types of dreams with tsunamis

What does it mean to dream of a tsunami and save yourself

It is not easy to protect yourself from a tsunami. If, in your dream, you struggle to achieve it means that in your day to day, you are a born fighter, and you are willing to achieve your goals no matter what.

What does it mean to dream of a dirty water tsunami

This type of dream announces destruction and dirt. Remorse within you is affecting you to the point of having such dreams. And there is something that you are hiding inside and that you need to solve or bring to light so that the feeling of remorse ends. Telling the truth is something positive, so don’t keep hiding anything.

What does it mean to dream of a tsunami that drags people

It is interpreted as the appearance of problems that can harm you and the people closest to you.

If you are the person dragged by the tsunami and you go to the sea, it means that you are living a period of intense stress in your life and that you need to put an end to it and relax a little.

If the tsunami has made, disappear a family member of yours that you are not able to find means that the disappointment lives in you for some bad decision that you have made recently, and that has affected that missing person. Your fear of ending that relationship is reflected in your dream.

Analysis and consequences of dreams with tsunamis

The aftermath of tsunamis is of crucial importance for the interpretation of dreams. The higher the destruction caused by the wave in dreams, the stronger the feelings of the dream in real life have, and therefore we will have to fight harder against the negative influences that haunt us day by day.

This can be an illness, an economic loss in business, problems at work, disagreements in general, or issues with our partner.

If during the dream, people are overwhelmed by the tsunami, the dream represents that these people or even the dreamer flee from themselves in real life. They do not face reality and are in continuous flight from their situations.

When we dream of tsunamis, and we are overwhelmed by the wave and survive, this symbolizes that a significant change is approaching in our lives. We are close to a new event, which will mean a new reality and a new context in every way; personal or professional

Many people who have experienced a tsunami in real-life narrate the facts as a confrontation with death and thereafter face life with more enthusiasm, as if every day was the last day of their lives, I leave you a video on how to survive to a Tsunami if you’re curious:

The meaning of dreaming of a tsunami that does not drag and we die is clear. Water pulls us because we are weak and get carried away in real life. We accept what they tell us without question, and we do not face each other, even being aware that this can lead us to a depth of character and, therefore of happiness.

Psychological interpretation of sleep with tsunamis

From the psychological point of view, the interpretation of dreams with tsunamis involves the manifestation of fear in the dream before the power of the subconscious. All mental feelings and values ​​that we have repressed threaten to flood the dreamer’s consciousness during sleep. All that craving represents the fear of drowning.

The symbol of the dream with tsunamis tries to lead us to an imminent loss of control over our person, everything that she represents, principles, motivations, concerns, and motivations.

There have been people who have dreamed of tsunamis and have subsequently led to psychosis. These are extreme cases in which the psyche severely warns of the proximity of an internal disaster.

Frequently, however, the dream symbol also manifests a way to intensely address your fears and concerns, especially when you have difficulty communicating verbally.

On the higher level of spirituality, the symbol of dreams with a tsunami acts primarily as a purifying power. We can understand it as the energy end of a cycle. The tsunami starts the old pain and insecurities and opens the way to new ideas and thoughts.

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  1. I am 31 years old and have been dreaming about surviving and dying in a tsunami in different setting since I was 12 years old… I have a dream about tsunamis 1-2 days out of the week… what does this mean?! From the age of 12-16 I dreamed I was an Indian running up a mountain and dying or surviving and with time, my dreams have altered but still die or survive a tsunami… any information will be helpful…

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