What does it mean when you Dream About Cockroaches

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Cockroaches

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Just mentioning the word cockroach makes the hair on the back of our neck stand on end, doesn’t it? This is not surprising because these insects are synonymous of dirt and filth! Dreaming of cockroaches may be strange, but not necessarily bad. Cockroaches are the symbol of tenacity. So, what does it mean when you dream about cockroaches? Keep reading and find out!

Dreams about cockroaches are usually a good sign. The cockroach is an insect that can survive almost any condition. Cockroaches belong to the Blattodea order of insects, the same order as termites. They are great survivors because they adapt to any environment and reproduce rapidly.

Cockroaches can symbolize longevity and persistence.

That is why a dream of cockroaches is a sign of being able to endure and achieve success through perseverance. They teach us that perseverance pays off in the end.

Dreaming of cockroaches can be scary

The good news is that dreaming of cockroaches is not the same as having them physically present in your environment!

  • Sometimes dreams of cockroaches may indicate feeling guilty for not being able to keep promises given to friends and family.

If you had a dream with lots of cockroaches running all over you, it is not a good sign. This dream indicates you don’t have enough strength to fulfill all your obligations and promises and you are letting others down.

  • Sometimes cockroaches in a dream indicate having groundless fears about something.

Having this dream may mean that you are using fears as an excuse to do something or avoid doing something.

  • Dreams about roaches might be a warning of a possible health issue, due to poor hygiene, so these dreams might also be a message for you to start taking better care of yourself.

Cockroaches search for dark and dirty places that also have a lot of food, since cockroaches feed of the same food as we do. This is why we can spot them in dirty hotel rooms, untidy kitchens and even in our own home if we haven’t been very clean.

Cockroaches are also carriers of many different diseases and can often be a clear sign to avoid the place where you are currently and run away to the hills.

  • Dreams about cockroaches might also reveal you don’t want something in your life, or you don’t like something.

They might indicate having an opinion about something or some situation, being dirty, poor, or low quality, which makes you feel embarrassed.

But do dreams about cockroaches bring up the same symbolism as they do in reality? keep reading and find out more…

Dreams about cockroaches are also a good sign

We must admire the resiliency of a cockroach. The good news is that cockroaches are positive signs when seen in a dream.

This little creature has been on the earth during the time of dinosaurs, they run around and scurry into dark corners. Unless the roach is eating you or causing illness, a cockroach can be a sign of longevity and tenacity.

When you see a roach in a dream try to ignore your own fear or queasiness and realize that they are a symbol of you getting through a tough situation and that your own inner perseverance will pay off in the end.

  • Dreaming about one big roach or a few roaches, is usually a good sign, and indicates you will be able to fulfill your promises and obligations.

These insects in a dream indicate your success may only come through hard work and respecting responsibilities and commitments.

This dream also reminds you to take only as many responsibilities as you can handle.

  • Dreams about cockroaches are also a good sign if you are currently planning some important life events, like moving to another house, or a wedding. In such cases, cockroaches indicate all will be as planned.

Cockroaches in your dreams might also announce receiving some good news in the near future, as well as pleasant events and surprises. These dreams are usually not a reason to be worried.

Keep reading to find out a lot more about what that pesky roach dream means and what is the spiritual meaning of cockroaches

What is the general meaning of seeing a Cockroaches in a dream?

We will list some of the most common dreams that include cockroaches and try to explain their hidden meaning in those dreams.

  • Dreaming of many roaches or being overrun by cockroaches is a negative dream indicating that you do not have the strength to keep your promises or know that you are letting people down.

In dreams, they often appear when you are working through issues with friends and loved ones these are reflections of guilt because of your own focus on concentrating on stamina and hardship.

If you have already made commitments, then you need to stick to them and be creative and adaptive in your surroundings. The worst situations will pass, and you will be left standing – you can make it through a difficult time in your life, but you have to take it one day at a time.

  • A few roaches in a dream or a big roach is just fine – because they show that you can beat the odds and even if you have taken on a lot, you will adapt and be okay. Consider in your own life, how you are overreaching, or if you are taking on too much and realize that right now.

Normally, seeing a cockroach scattering across the floor in a dream as I have already mentioned signifies your hard work will pay off in the end. We don’t think twice about cockroaches unless of course, they pop up in our dreams! Most of us believe that the cockroach is a revolting little thing that scatters about looking for leftover food.

  • To dream of a cockroach in your bed indicates that someone is going to challenge your comfort zone. As our bed in life indicates our focus on comfort the cockroach is a symbol of feeling alienated about something in life.

Cockroaches can make you ill and some people are highly allergic to them. If you have a negative reaction physically, to a roach in a dream, then this can indicate a health issue that is linked to sanitation or personal care. Consider how you are being taken care of.

Do you have reliable outlets or time for your basic needs? This can also be a reminder to simply take better care of yourself. Having a fear of roaches is normal in the waking world but in the dream, world cockroaches can’t hurt you.

You are, after all, dreaming. Your fear is unfounded, and this indicates that you are holding yourself back by fear in your waking world. When you see a dead cockroach or kill a roach, think about ways in your waking world where your own lust for life has died.

Are you feeling melancholy or unmotivated to go on in your life? Do you simply not know what to do next? Being indecisive is alright if you allow yourself the time to find a solution, however, make sure you are not blocking out opportunities for reward and growth.

What is the spiritual meaning of cockroaches?

Cockroaches in Chinese numerology appear between the dates of 25th of January and the 31st, which numerically represents the number three. This is because 2+5=7 and 3+1=4 then 4-7=3. Also, the number of days in between is 6 and if we break this down further to 3+3=6. Therefore, 6 is the other spiritual number.

The main cockroach number is number three. The number is connected to trinity and manifestation in life. Grouped with the fact the cockroach is connected to resilience it can essentially with our natural flow of how we can visualize what we want and manifest our desires.

The number three is also connected to being rather free-spirited and the cockroach often moves around in the dark and they only need water to exist. Water spiritually is associated with our emotions. The number three is a sign that you are protected by a spirit.

In Greek mythology, Pythagoras described the number three as a “three lined triangle” which is connected to a possible love triangle.

So, what I am trying to say is that you will be experiencing a relationship breakdown or alternatively a career move that involves three people. Threes are associated with making some difficult decisions in life.

The cockroach itself is connected to whether we notice “what” our unconscious mind is telling us. Are you fully aware? Everyone knows that cockroaches are disgusting because they carry E-coli and other nasty bugs – but apart from that, you might not know much of them.

What do reoccurring dreams of cockroaches mean?

As I mentioned in the above paragraphs this pesky bug often scurries around the floor and in a dream, but this can signify some difficult thoughts in life, they are dirty little creatures – and these little crawlers can often be associated with our inner consciousness. If you dream of cockroaches frequently, this can encompass in waking life the need to recognize that change is needed.

Remember the cockroach will disappear as soon as they appear! To keep having a dream of a cockroach can also mean a challenge is in front of you in life. As I have already covered the symbol is connected to healing and also cleaning away the old to make way for the new. You need to communicate your real needs in life and the most important thing is to focus on who you are.

What did the dream of a cockroach signify in the 1930s? Some ancient dream books can seem, in my view rather far-fetched in our modern world. When researching the spiritual meaning of seeing a cockroach it is important to really “understand” this dream from all angles. 

When you see a cockroach in your dream, it denotes that, you are going to encounter an important person in society or one who is wealthy – so lucky you! To try to kill a cockroach in a dream in olden dream books state that if you play your cards right then there could be an opportunity to benefit from others in life.

Alternatively, the dream could be a sign that you are going to hit the jackpot through the lottery, a number game, bingo or gain an appreciation at work for a job well done. This could result in a pay rise. To see many cockroaches in a house is a suggestion you will acquire property or be in a position to buy expensive furniture or home from earnings which you just got.

  • What does a black cockroach mean in your dream? A black cockroach in a dream can indicate the following: secrets, worry, contentment with money and shiftiness. The black cockroach is known officially as the “oriental cockroach.” They are a large shiny black cockroach – and we have often seen these in films and in fairytales. When I think of a cockroach these often spring to my mind.

These cockroaches grow to around 1.2 inches long and they are not able to fly. The scientific name of this roach is called the oriental cockroach. So what is the spiritual meaning of seeing this chunky black cockroach in your dream? This particular cockroach, unlike others, this roach cannot fly, thus, they signify that you are feeling a “roadblock” in life.

This dream is telling you that you do not need to think too much about what is happening in your life right now but think of things standing in your way. The oriental cockroach can often give out various bacteria, they can cause vomiting and fever as well as diarrhea so basically the spiritual block can also be illness or someone standing in your way.

Obviously, every cockroach is somewhat dirty, but the black cockroach is particularly dangerous due to the fact that they are so large. Killing black cockroaches in a dream can often suggest the end of dark times. There may be some thoughts that you have had that has caused depression. Being attacked by a black cockroach in a dream can signify you will take on a new project that will clear the roadblocks in life.

What does it mean to dream of cockroaches in a house?

If you dream that a house or a residence is invaded with cockroaches, and you find it impossible to stay there in your dream then this relates to your home. As these little bugs are such a nuisance, the dream is an indicator that you are not feeling that sense of harmony at home.

Maybe your house feels full of clutter? Do you have too much stuff? It could be that you hold items which you haven’t disposed of, due to your attachment to them or for personal reasons. Sometimes we all need to declutter and work through heaps of items which are making it impossible for you to do a thorough cleaning.

Is your kitchen full of unused pots and utensils? With messy sights of half-opened flour. Go to your bedroom – it also tells a story; closet crumpled with mismatched pairs of shoes, empty perfume? hairsprays and lotion bottles. So, the dream is telling you that it is time for you to do a thorough clean-up to clear the spiritual energy.

What does it mean to dream of killing a cockroach?

Spiritually, in dreams killing a cockroach is about war, defeat, happiness, and longevity.  Cockroaches are famous for the difficulty that arises when they are eliminated, a really gross fact is that they can scuttle around for a week without their head! Or survive a month without any food.

The fact is that the crushing does not (even though a popular belief) result in the cockroach laying eggs. This is due to the fact that the eggs are unlikely to survive the crunch. However, the squashed roach will mean that another cockroach will feed on the remains.

The gross thing is that up to 1000 roaches can live in a home. A dream that a cockroach is killed can indicate a need for you to clean up your life. To crush a cockroach with your shoe or to hit the roach using a slipper can mean there is something which is going to happen that will be the beginning of positive things coming your way.

Lucky you! At the moment, there are a number of areas in your life that need attention. It may be hard for you to understand how to ensure success in future.

What does it mean to dream a swarm of cockroaches?

Seeing a swarm of cockroaches under your feet “crawling” denotes that, you are engrossed with fear of losing what you have been working hard to achieve. It can mean you are worried about your wealth and material possessions. Yes, there are so many hardships we go through and the pain we feel sometimes every now and then.

The swarm of cockroaches indicate the possibility of losing something important – this is what is bothering you. The cockroaches are representing the negative thoughts that are feeling. In ancient dream books, the dream about a swarm of cockroaches is a sign that you are not a reckless spender.

What does it mean to dream of a cockroach that is red?

 Benevolence in your life is represented in a dream where you see a red-colored cockroach. There is a possibility that you are going to receive money, which will be in the form of a gift from someone whom you know or from a stranger whom you least expect.

Whatever the case, you are going to feel grateful and at the same time, lucky about the generosity. The money will be directly proportionate to the number of red cockroaches you see in your dream.

What does dreaming of cockroaches attacking you mean?

A dream whereby you are attacked by a cockroach is an indicator of injustice. It can indicate that you are going to experience worry in your life very soon – sorry that does not sound positive, but the cockroach also suggests transformation.

A senior person is going to cause your untimely dismissal or will give you a harmful threat, as long as you don’t adhere to what they are telling you, even if it is contrary to what you believe in.

What is the spiritual meaning of seeing a cockroach on its back?

To see a cockroach flipping on its back is a positive sign. It is normally successful in regaining its balance and can suggest that you will have a highly complex situation on your hands shortly. A cockroach sometimes dies on its back and if the cockroach in the dream has died then this dream can indicate that there will be a long journey in life.

What does it mean to dream of seeing cockroaches scattering in all directions?

If you see cockroaches scattering all over the floor in all directions indicates that it is time to reorganize your life. Ancient dream books state that dubious dealings, bad habits, suspicious activities and questionable transactions should come to an end. The dream is a warning that you are being caught up in your own feelings.

What does it mean to see an infestation of cockroaches in a dream?

Dreaming of cockroaches everywhere

If you dream that your house has been infested with cockroaches, it means that you need to clean your life. As cockroaches are nocturnal and live in the dark they often flatten themselves to get into the smallest crack and hideaway. Normally, such an infestation comes with seeing dead cockroaches on the floor or noticing a few scurrying about. In your dream, if you may have seen many cockroaches fill your house then it is time for a change.

The cockroach cannot hurt you and it is a sign you need to clean-up your life, otherwise, problems will multiply just like the untreated cockroach infestation. A dream of an unclean and a messy house that includes cockroaches is a symbol of relocating, getting divorced, or financial constraints.  It is time to take a break and give your life a thorough check to avoid the issues above.

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Do not panic if you dream about cockroaches again, the most important thing is that they are not in your house and it was just a dream!

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