What Does It Mean When You Dream About Elephants?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Elephants?

What does it mean when you dream about elephants?

Dreaming of elephants can likely be overwhelming, but its meaning should not worry you. Dreaming of elephants is a sign of good omen for your life. Good luck is knocking at your door. If you dream of an elephant at the entrance of your house, it is a sign that you will feel the protection of your family’s energy in your home. Also, depending on the context and the situation of the dream, elephants are animals that predict good luck.

You should keep in mind that dreaming about elephants does not have any meaning if you were recently watching a documentary about this animal species or watching a movie where there were elephants. The same happens if you have visited the zoo or if you went on an excursion to Africa, if so, then you should ignore it because it is a way in which your subconscious makes you remember that recent experience.

Returning to the meaning of dreaming about elephants, you should know that the relationship between these animals and your working life can have a much more accurate interpretation if, during the dream, you see yourself on the elephant. Being on the backs of the elephant is a good sign that a great job opportunity will soon come to you. You must take advantage of this opportunity that is yet to come. This dream is an omen of suitable job offers, as it can also refer to a raise. It can also presage a possible recognition for your achieved merits, greater prestige, or more responsibilities in your workplace.



The dream of elephants is one of the dream experiences with animals that foreshadow the best future. They indicate that good luck will soon come into your life. The meaning of dreaming with elephants means that your energies will be protected and, also, you will succeed in your work. Seeing elephants in dreams is an indication of new and better job opportunities, possible salary increases, greater prestige, and the possibility of starting much more significant and exciting projects. The only context in which you can have a negative meaning is if you dream of a dead elephant.

And you had mentioned that the elephant is a symbol of wisdom and strength, which makes dreams about elephants symbolize your ability to make decisions, bold you are to take the initiative, and your strong ambition to achieve each of your goals. From the moment you have dreams with elephants, you should know that the door to success has been opened for you. However, keep in mind that there are dreams with elephants that lead you to reflection. 

If during the dream experience, you see yourself hunting an elephant, every good omen vanishes like smoke. Dreaming of killing an elephant reveal all the lost opportunities, all those that are about to escape your hands because you are clinging to the facts of the past and not trying to learn from your mistakes.


Dreaming of elephants in the water

If you have dreamed of elephants in the water, it indicates that you have just begun to experience a sense of freedom after having lived a season of stress and instability quite abrupt. If the elephant swims in the water, this symbolizes the happiness, tranquility, and freedom you feel when you can take a break.


Dreams with baby elephants

Dreaming of baby elephants is a sign of your anxiety about having a child, you want to procreate with your current partner. There is a possibility that, if the one who dreams is a woman who is already pregnant, then it is a sign of the subconscious regarding this change in your body.


Dreaming of elephants running

Dreaming of elephants running is a good omen; your life will be long, full of health and prosperity. In particular, you will have an experience full of intense emotions. If the elephant runs and you go on its back, then your economy will grow as the size of this animal.


Dreams with small elephants

Dreaming of small elephants is an indication that you find yourself turning to an idea that is probably not beneficial in the short term, but that without a doubt you must insist on it to be able to achieve success through this idea.


Dream of dead elephants

This is one of the few dreams with elephants with a negative meaning. Dreaming of elephants killed indicates that you do not know how to grow in various areas of your life, mainly at work. It can also be a sign that you are incompetent in a specific area, which prevents you from reaching the best resources to make your business grow and be successful.


Dreams with angry elephants

Dreaming of angry elephants is a sign that you will live a significant dislike on the part of a famous person for you. It is probably a family problem. Pay attention to your surroundings and take appropriate precautions.


Dreaming of elephants in the sea

Dreaming of elephants in the sea, like elephants in the water, is a sign of freedom after suffering a stressful and stressful season. In addition, you have reached the level of comfort and relaxation you were looking for.


Dreams with white elephants

Dreaming of white elephants is a symbol of purity. It indicates that you are a generous person with a noble soul and fondness for philanthropy. There are also other colors, dreaming of blue elephants is a sign that you are a person focused on your work, you should take everything more calmly. A golden elephant reveals that you are an ambitious person.


Dream about big elephants

Dreaming of big elephants reveals how your efforts are rewarded in some way, and if you can get on the back of the elephant, then you will have the joy of enjoying your successes from the top while receiving the admiration of others for your work.

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