What does the number 6 mean in the Bible

What Does The Number 6 Mean In The Bible?

(Last Updated On: June 6, 2022)

What does the number 6 mean in the Bible?

The number of SIX [6] is a number that has captivated the attention of believers and curious unbelievers,

almost equally and has given rise to all kinds of speculation.

This is the number that the Bible itself designates for the Antichrist or Beast.

However, it is necessary to study before, the mystery that surrounds the number six, to fully understand the triple six.

In that sense, in this chapter, we will reveal things associated with these two biblical numbers [6 – 666].

We will see his numerical relationship with man, with the ancient serpent, with the Antichrist, with the false prophet, with the original sin, with the builders of Babel, with the Ancient Pyramid, with the occultism of the ancient alphabets, and assigns of Imperfection. These numbers, go beyond relating to man, and with the Antichrist itself, have a vast reach, and a deep meaning with the Religions of Mystery.

6 | Man Number

It is vital to understand this number marks that man himself; He was created on the sixth day of Creation.

The meaning of the number [6] is “man number“.

The Bible uses [6] different words to define “man.”

In the Old Testament (in Hebrew)

1] א דם (ah-daham) »Adam» Man as a human being.

2] א יש (Ish) «Male» Man as a vigorous and robust being.

3] אנר ש (Enosh) Man as a weak and mortal being.

4] ג ב ר (Gehver)The man in distinction to God and the woman.

In the New Testament (in Greek)

5] ανθρωπος (Anthropos) Man as a gender.

6] ανηρ (Aner) Man as a powerful man.

To understand the biblical meaning of the figure applied to the Beast, or Antichrist, we must use the symbolic interpretation of the numbers.

The triple repetition of a number in the Bible [666] represents the maximum expression of its essence, [or base number] [6].

It is the concentration of its essence. In other words, it means that its nature is at its best.

Now, let’s revisit the biblical text with this immediate sense:

“He who has understanding, count the number of the Beast, for he is the number of men… “

The reason why he says that “he is a man’s number” is because his essence is represented by the number [6],

whose meaning is exactly “man’s number.”

Therefore, here its base number [6] reveals that the Antichrist will necessarily be only a man, a being of the human race,

although the devil himself will empower it, for it is written: “As for that wicked one, he will come with the help of Satan” (2 Thessalonians 2: 9 DHH)

The book presents a thorough examination of the meaning of this particular number:

  • applied to imperfection (6)
  • applied to enmity with God (6)
  • as a sign in the builders of Babel (6)
  • used to humanism as a philosophy (6)
  • the degree of mystery and occultism of (6) in ancient alphabets
  • the biblical key to understanding the number of the Beast as a sign of Imperfection (666)
  • applied to the old serpent (666)
  • as a sign of original sin (666)
  • the mark of earthly riches (666)
  • in the Ancient Secrets or Religions of the Mystery (666)
  • in the Great Pyramid (666)

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