What is a Birth Chart and How is it Calculated

What is a Birth Chart and How is it Calculated?

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What is a Birth Chart and How is it Calculated?. What exactly does the astrologer do and what about the complicated birth chart . You may have asked yourself whether working with the personal birth chart is reserved for you or you may have had a free birth chart made for you.

What you will discover in this article:

  • How is your birth chart created?
  • Calculate the horoscope
  • Calculating your ascendant
What is a Birth Chart and How is it Calculated?

Perhaps you still have little insight into the true value of astrology and you are still unaware that it involves a serious profession and study of a few years . There are still many who have never seen the ‘radix’ or ‘birth chart’. Did you know that there is a training institute in England where astrology students attend day classes! The fascinating astronomy is also an important part of the profession there.

The Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung, was a great advocate of astrology. His vision; that your world is a projection of yourself and the language of synchronicity, he has spread for years. This is what the birth chart also shows. The simultaneity of events and in this case ‘as above, so below’.

The horoscope is, as it were, the building plan of human existence, but it is man himself who must ultimately build a life out of it. Central to this is your choice of free will.

Meet the horoscope structure

Meet the horoscope structure

First, let’s take a closer look at the word ‘horoscope’. The name is composed of the Greek words ‘hora’ (hour) and ‘skop’ (see). By this is meant that one looks at the birth hour of someone, to be able to study the personality of someone. This is one of the most important principles of astrology: the moment of birth gives a cosmic image that influences someone, a company, a project or a marriage.

The moment of birth applies to various situations . No decision is made in southern cultures without first consulting an astrologer.

The horoscope calculation

Seen from the Earth, the Moon catches up with the Sun 13 times and then forms a circle in one year . This is indicative of the zodiac and with this the zodiac is divided into 12 parts, in which each sign of the zodiac is given a symbolic name, from the constellation Aries to the constellation Pisces .

Subsequently, the following distribution of the horoscope is created , namely the houses (pie points) as shown above. These are generally unequal in size and differ from person to person just like the distribution of the 12 zodiac signs.

The distribution of the houses , at your time of birth and time of birth, are derived from the movements of the Earth around its own axis. These movements cause the differences of day and night. Connected to this is the Equator.

The horoscope calculation

The Equator divides the Earth into the northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere. It is this axis which is called ascendant and descendant in astrology and offer inspiring information to you as a personality.

You can compare the personality with a wheel of 12 spokes, the twelve archetypes, or 12 signs of the zodiac. This wheel is constantly moving. In the center of the wheel is symbolically represented, your true Self or the center of your Being .

If you choose to go into peace or choose a meditative moment, you will find the space and silence within yourself. Others, like you, consciously or unconsciously make attempts to return to the center of this wheel. Herein your everyday work and life, with all the choices that come with it, whether small or large, are the challenges.

Be aware that yourself, consciously or unconsciously, is actively involved in your process of personal growth and development.

Your personal birth chart forms a beautiful navigation system in this.

Calculate the horoscope

The skilled astrologer used to learn how to calculate the horoscope manually. This is no longer necessary in this digital age. The intensive and complex mathematical calculations have been taken over by a variety of programs that you can purchase and that are also offered on the internet as free to calculate your horoscope .

The big advantage of this is the speed with which a horoscope drawing can be calculated, but also the fact that the main calculation work can be done without errors.

Calculate the horoscope

The old fashion way is still somewhat discussed during vocational training, but is then quickly put aside again.

Like there are different horoscope programs, astrology also offers a variety of different techniques . You can think of the different housing systems, which have been tested and examined by the trained astrologer for years.

The important basis from classical Jungian astrology and psychology, however, always remains the starting point for every astrologer.

Similarly, astrologers worldwide look at different technical ways regardless of background, culture and religion.

Then there are the distances and angles that the planets make between themselves.

These distances are called ‘aspects’ which can be distinguished in Majeure – basic aspects and Mineure – small aspects.

The major aspects consist of:

  • The Conjunction of 0 – 6 degrees
  • The Sextile of 60 degrees
  • The Square of 90 degrees
  • The Triangle of 120 degrees
  • The Inconjuct of 150 degrees
  • The Opposition of 180 degrees

This allows the professional astrologer to do precise research on how the psyche and human developments work. This, not from a prediction but from the insightful and practically applicable instrument of the personal horoscope. All of these aspects and techniques are also applied to calculate the birthday for, among other things, weddings, projects, companies.

In Chinese astrology we mainly work with the Moon and with ‘dates’ and with Vedic astrology the Moon is also used as the main actress. Only later did the positions of the Sun play a major role here. The birth time is therefore used here in a different fascinating viewpoints and techniques.

Calculate your Ascendant

However, you usually know the Sun sign, or the constellation under which you were born. However, your position of the Moon and the ascendant are almost always unknown , until you have been able to find out your astrology birth date, place of birth and birth time.

Calculate your Ascendant

If your birth time cannot be traced through your parents or other close family members, you can always request the birth time from the municipality where you were born . If this is also difficult, the highly experienced astrologer can come very close to your ascendant through questions and astrological research into your past in which you were involved in awkward or correct joyful moments. There are various astrological techniques for this, such as ‘progressive astrology’. The upbringing that you have enjoyed and the image that you have of your parents also play an important role in this.

The astrologer usually starts with your birthday horoscope, with the time of noon. This as a symbol because the Sun is at its highest point, so that it optimally lies most over your sky map, or astrological blueprint.

Of course your intuition also counts as a beautiful and ancient hand of the clock.

Calculate your Ascendant

Your ascendant also plays an important role in addition to your Sun position and Moon position and you also have a wonderful total package with starting a full-fledged horoscope display. The ascendant is formed by the rising sign on the Eastern horizon , so where the Sun rises and determines the very first impression you make in your environment at the very first encounter. You can see the ascendant as your front door, where people ring the bell, before they get to know you better.

So you understand that this gives an important impression and is a personal characteristic of who you are and what you color in terms of the zodiac sign. Your clothing, makeup, attitude, communication skills and adaptability are all written in your ascendant.

You calculate your ascendant by entering your details.

Another floor

The drawing or blueprint of the personal birth chart can be seen as one organic whole, in which each link has an important, individual function.

A clear distinction is then immediately created in this:

  • The planets are the drivers or energy and can be seen as a psychic content.
  • The zodiac signs form the color that a motive – planet – takes on when it comes into contact with it.
  • The houses indicate where you develop yourself. What circumstances and motivations are you looking for to develop yourself?
  • Planets can be in any zodiac sign. Every planet has its own speed in their fixed orbit around the Earth and all move in their own unique way.

Speed ​​of the planets

  • Sun: 1 year
  • Moon: 27 days, 7 hours, 4 minutes (28 days)
  • Mercury: 1 year
  • Venus: 1 year
  • Mars: 20 months
  • Jupiter: 12 years
  • Saturn: 28-29 years
  • Uranus: 84 years
  • Neptune: 156 years
  • Pluto: 342 years

Astronomically, the orbital times of the planets to go through the entire zodiac are averages. Due to the retrograde movement (considered from the earth, the career of planets changes into a seemingly opposite course) time is sometimes a little shorter or a bit longer. All planets can run retrograde, except the Sun and the Moon.

As the planets rotate around the Earth, their movement will seem to move faster and from the Earth sometimes slower and seemingly move back – retrograde. In this way it is already possible to get a picture of how the horoscope is made and how it is subsequently interpreted.

Speed ​​of the planets

For example, imagine that on the birthday of the horoscope, someone is born the moment the Moon is in the zodiac sign Sagittarius . Next, the Moon is in the twelfth house, which symbolizes the dreamy and imaginative Pisces zodiac sign . This may already give you a clear picture.

The Moon as Moon sign shows in astrology what the emotional needs are and you need to feel good and satisfied. The light of the Moon indicates in the horoscope how someone is looking for security and safety. Everyone has this motive, because the Moon appears in every horoscope.

But of course everyone has a different hue and need to find the soul’s destination.

Returning to the Moon in the Sagittarius star, you will never have finished learning in your life.

Knowledge transfer and philosophy belong to you, just like exploring the big wide world and going on a journey. Emotionally you do not stay in gravity for long. Optimism and being able to look ahead quickly, quickly get you out of negativity.

Then the twelfth house will be added as the last to conclude. This house often indicates a need for seclusion. You have an emotional need to regularly withdraw from your daily work and life and you love being on and with yourself. Meditation, Yoga and Tai Chi suit you.

Regularly looking for peace and quiet belong to you, in which it would be great for you, for example, to do a retreat week with a group of like-minded people abroad once a year.

In short, are you looking for yourself and are you longing for a positive and loving life, take the trip to an astrologer or calculate your horoscope yourself. There is more to explore!

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