What Your House Number and Road Say About Your Life

What Your House Number and Road Say About Your Life

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Whether your home is in your environment, thanks to the power of numerology, the symbolism of numbers, you can calculate yourself in just a few steps. We’ll tell you here what you need to do for it.

Use your street and house number to calculate what your environment means for your personality and your future.


You may have noticed elsewhere that numbers can have a significant impact on our lives and our personality: while, for example, the hearts tell us what we want deep inside, the number of fates tells us what our strengths and weaknesses are.

Find out now, with the help of the following instructions, which deeper meaning lies in the address of your place of residence, to which specific energies are attributed.


How to calculate the number of your home

In order to determine what your present home or past dwelling means or means to you, you need to calculate a number between 1 and 9. Proceed as follows: Write down your street name, including house number, for example, Musterstraße 15. It is important not to shorten the street and also not to replace the “ß” by an “ss.” Then assign a digit to each letter, as shown in the following table.

Character values ​​in numerology

A, J or S = 1

B, K, T, O or β = 2

C, L or U = 3

D, M or V = 4

E, N or W = 5

F, O, X or A = 6

G, P or Y = 7

H, Q, Z or Ü = 8

I or R = 9

Example calculation for street and house number

For the example given above, Example 15, you would now calculate the letter values ​​as follows:

4 (M) +3 (U) +1 (S) +2 (T) +5 (E) +9 (R) +1 (S) +2 (T) +9 (R) +1 (A) + 2 (p) + 5 (e) + 1 + 5 = 50th

Now form the checksum by calculating the digits 5 + 0.

The number of your home would, therefore, be 5. If you have an address in which connects to your house number still a letter (for example, a small “a” or “b”), you must also convert this in advance in a message and take into account in the formation of the checksum.

In the following overview, you can see which number has which meaning.


Meaning of energy number 1

A home with the number 1 fits in particularly well with people who have apparent ideas about what they want to achieve in life – and who are looking for a personal or professional reboot. Therefore, these houses are particularly suitable for building something new. Residents of the Eisner house want freedom, and they fight for what is important to them. In general, the focus is more on the individual rather than living together with others.


Meaning of energy number 2

Two-person houses enable stable, happy partnerships for its residents. They promote the cohesion between those who live there – for this reason, they are also well-suited to start a family here or to be satisfied for a long time. However, the people living here should pay particular attention not to forget their own needs. 


Meaning of energy number 3

Residents of a threesome house are usually extroverted and have a lively exchange with other people. Socializing is very important in their home. However, chaos can quickly develop in these places, and there is the danger of a certain restlessness. Residents should pay particular attention to earth more and value comfort. 


Meaning of energy number 4

People who live in a home with the number 4 are mainly involved in work and responsible tasks. Stability and security are essential to them, which is why careers are sometimes given priority over family matters. Against this background, these ambitious individuals should pay particular attention to relax enough and enjoy life more.


Meaning of energy number 5

In a five-house, there is a unique exuberance because the people living here are very positive and adventurous. At the same time, however, this is accompanied by a certain instability and carelessness – reliability is not always so important to these people. This home is, therefore, synonymous with change. Think carefully about what decisions you make in this house.

Meaning of energy number 6

A home with the number 6 symbolizes a unique feeling of home, security, and family happiness. It is not only a great place to start a family, but it is also a place where parents who have moved out of their homes and love to stay in this house have special memories. At the same time, the inhabitants of this place are particularly enigmatic, and they sometimes pursue something unrealistic, too enthusiastic ideals.


Meaning of energy number 7

Since the number 7 is characterized by a unique spirituality, even Siebener houses are particularly psychic places. Their inhabitants are very focused on themselves and their spiritual development and seek less contact with many other people – living together can sometimes be more difficult. But their analytical skills also help them to understand others, and they show a lot of understanding.


Meaning of energy number 8

In eighth-grade houses, money is significant – either because their more status-oriented, purposeful residents earn (a lot) money or because they see it as one of their top priorities. In any case, finances have a high impact on people living in these homes.


Meaning of energy number 9

Home number 9 usually hosts people who are very compassionate and socially involved – but there is also a risk of being quickly exploited by others. In addition, although many things come to an end in these homes, these places also give people the energy to start something new. The number 9 is also particularly perfect.

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