Where In The Bible Does It Say No Sin Is Greater Than Another

Where In The Bible Does It Say No Sin Is Greater Than Another?

(Last Updated On: January 5, 2021)

Where in the bible does it say no sin is greater than another?.

Are all sins the same for God?

This legend is common among Christians in affirming that all sins, in the eyes of God, have the same level.

It is time to counteract this legend because this belief is Catholic. By inheritance, it was acquired by evangelical Protestants who, thanks to this they have a terrible understanding about hell, and has crawled among the beliefs of Seventh-day Adventists. Beware of believing about the false theology of eternal torment.

Before continuing, I want to make it clear that sin is a transgression of the law (1 John 3: 4) and whether it is a big sin or a small sin (as we often say) have a price, and the payment for sin is death. Someone has to pay, or you spend it, or Jesus pays it.

Any sin applied separates us from God. Therefore the price of receiving eternal death is equally for all because of the eternal consequences, but this has nothing to do with saying that for God all sins have the same level because the bible is clear in saying that not everyone will pay the same price.


I recommend reading the first seven chapters of Leviticus to understand this issue better.

Leviticus chap. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, prince’s sin, ruler’s sin, sin in the case of the wretched, voluntary sin, sin for ignorance, we can see that there were different types of animal sacrifices.


Solomon mentions seven sins that God hates, so we should ask ourselves why Solomon highlights seven sins. There is another reason to perceive that for God, not all sins are equal, if not, Solomon would not make that mention:

“There are six things that the Lord hates,

and seven that are detestable:

the eyes that are exalted,

the tongue that lies,

the hands that shed innocent blood,

the heart that makes perverse plans,

the feet that run to do evil,

the false witness who spreads lies,

and he who sows discord among brothers.”

Proverbs 6: 16-19 NIV


God will charge according to the light that the person received. He cannot make payment in the same way he did not know; That would not be justice:

“For God “will pay each one according to what they deserve his works.” [A] He will give eternal life to those who, persevering in good works, seek glory, honor, and immortality. But those who for selfishness reject the truth to cling to evil will receive God’s great punishment.” Romans 2: 6-8

»The servant who knows the will of his Lord, and does not prepare to fulfill it, will receive many blows. Instead, he who does not know her and does something that deserves punishment will receive few hits. To everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and to whom much has been entrusted, he will be asked even more.” Luke 12: 47-48

“If the Church follows a behavior of the world, it will share the same fate. Or, rather, as he received greater light, his punishment will be greater than that of the unrepentant.”-Joya of the Testimonies, p. 12


A person who steals a pencil will not receive the same price as the one who murdered an entire family. He who sinned and made suffer more that will pay at a higher cost.

Not all sins are of equal magnitude before God; there is a difference of sins in his judgment, as there is in the judgment of men. However, although this or that evil act may seem trivial in the eyes of men, no sin is small in the sight of God. The judgment of men is partial and imperfect; but God sees all things as they are”-The Way to Christ, p.30

Some are destroyed as in a moment, while others suffer many days. All are punished “according to their deeds .” Having been charged upon Satan the sins of the righteous, he has to suffer not only for his own rebellion, but also for all the sins he made the people of God commit. “{The Conflict of the 54th Centuries, p. 731.1}

The wicked receive their reward on earth. Proverbs 11:31. “They will be bast, and that day that will come, will burn them, saith the Lord of hosts.” Malachi 4: 1. Some are destroyed as in a moment, while others suffer many days. All are punished, “according to their deeds.” Having been charged upon Satan the sins of the righteous, he has to experience not only for his rebellion but also for all the sins he made the people of God commit.

His punishment must be much higher than that of those whom he deceived. After all, those who fell for their seductions have perished; the devil must continue to live and suffer. In the purifying flames, the wicked, root, and branch are finally destroyed: Satan the root, his followers the branches. The full penalty of the law has been applied; the demands of justice have been met, and heaven and earth, when contemplating it, proclaim the justice of Jehovah. {The Conflict of the Centuries, p. 652.3}

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