Woman Capricorn and Aries man: compatibility of signs in love & marriage

Woman Capricorn and Aries man: compatibility of signs in love & marriage

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Woman Capricorn and Aries man: the compatibility of signs in love, in marriage.

Female Capricorn and male Aries rarely watch each other unless they have an external cause. It can be a joint company, work on one project, the same interests.

General characteristics of the signs of the zodiac

Born under the sign of Capricorn, a woman with age becomes more attractive. Her goal is to become completely independent and independent, to develop in the field of interest for her. As a rule, the representative of the elements of the earth is hardworking, but only if the work really interests her. She strives to constantly improve her professional skills, so she always listens to objective criticism, although she does not like to be pointed out for shortcomings.

Despite the external equanimity and attractiveness, the wife of Capricorn hides a lot of complexes that had developed in her youth. But despite this, the girl is able to earn the respect of others and always only relies on her own strength, not depending on the gifts of destiny. On the contrary, a too quick and easy positive result causes the conscience in the girl of Capricorn. She starts checking all the work again, afraid she did something wrong.

An important characteristic of a Capricorn woman is a small number of friends. But these two or three are really close people who are ready to help a friend at any time. And Capricorn, in turn, is very dedicated to them. In addition to her friends, a woman has been transformed: she has fun and a joke, she is energetic and lively. When she finds herself around her only unknown people, she may seem too proud and even arrogant.

Capricorn woman does not like hints, so she tries to speak immediately. For example, if she doesn’t want to go to a meeting, she won’t find a hundred excuses for a sick cat. She says right: “I don’t want to go.” This directness can also be seen as arrogance and selfishness, but the woman is very attentive to her own psychological comfort and does not waste strength on lies and unnecessary fear.

Despite the fact that the girl usually seems to be impenetrable due to external setbacks, during periods she is covered by grief on abstract occasions, such as the transience of time or nostalgia for the past. At such moments it is better for her to be alone, not to spoil relationships with short sudden bursts of aggression.

In relationships, a Capricorn woman always goes through different stages. In the beginning, she is very careful and removed, so she may seem cold and indifferent. But once she feels that her handsome husband is really interested in her, the girl is changing. She immediately becomes caring, takes the initiative and tries to spend as much time as possible on the chosen ones.

Aries man is very active and confident. He is a born leader, so he cannot stand to follow someone’s instructions. A man is always full of ideas and the desire to realize them, but in many cases fails due to the excess of his own projects.

Other important characteristics of Aries men are hot temper and stubbornness. But despite them, Aries are always many fans because of their coziness. No less of them and jealous: as a rule, representatives of the element fire are financially safe, good at themselves, they know what they want and strive to realize themselves in life.

The Aries man usually leaves just as quickly as he lights up. He seems to be constantly on an emotional “swing,” which can be a major problem for his loved ones. If Ram thinks he has offended a person during his anger period, he will apologize sincerely and try to do everything possible to make it right.

Woman Capricorn and man Aries: compatibility

Aries man Capricorn woman. It seems that Capricorn and Aries are absolutely incompatible in love relationships. The Capricorn woman loves consistency and confidence in the future, and Ram is bored to stick to one thing, whether it’s a project at work or a girl. But the situation is not as bad as it seems.

In a love affair

The fiery man can grab the attention of hundreds of beautiful women, but they all bored him quickly. Every girl who after a few dates is ready to throw himself in his arms, quickly makes way for the next beauty. It would be naive to believe that “the same” Aries will soon change, turning a self-confident man into an obedient boy. For about thirty years, Aries will continue to change girls like gloves, but after overcoming this milestone, he will be ready to meet his life companion.

When Ram meets a beautiful Capricorn after 30 years, he will be fascinated by her cold appeal. If Ram manages to pierce the “armor” of a woman, she falls in love with a new partner with all passion and gives him real care and family happiness. Capricorn will be fascinated by only one man, who will flatter him enormously. But fragile happiness can be destroyed if the ardent man does not restrain his outbursts of aggression and does not calm his own excessive emotionality. Tired of constant claims, Capricorn will get cold again. Feeling the lack of emotions on the part of a partner, Aries will go looking for them elsewhere, and as a result the couple will say goodbye due to adultery.

Another problem with this pair is that both Aries and Capricorn are too much in a hurry to live together, not fully aware of each other’s shortcomings. Because this couple would have to wait with the move, look at each other from the side for at least a few months.

In marriage

As a husband, a Capricorn wife would rather see a rich man. The point is not self-interest – the girl is financially independent and at the same time quite economical. Rather, the reason is that she wants to have complete confidence in the stability of the future family.

Despite the fact that Capricorns do not like to waste money left and right, they try to give the baby everything after the birth. But savings are rather not spent on material things (although the child always has everything they need), but on paid doctors and educational circles.

The family can collapse due to a lack of sense of responsibility on the part of Ram.

While the woman is employed and looking at the child at the same time, Aries jumps impulsively from project to project, unable to choose one thing. For the rest, the relationship between Capricorn and Aries in marriage is no different than that for the painting.

In friendship

The compatibility of Capricorn woman and Aries men in friendship depends on the age at which these two met. If it goes on at a young age, neither Capricorn’s embarrassment nor the excessive power of Aries hinders a warm relationship. With age these two will see each other less and less, but they will always like to meet each other.

This is the case when the friendship of a man and a woman is not accompanied by a romantic interest on the one hand. Aries sees Capricorn exclusively as a younger sister, and her friend’s girl – as an older brother and protector.

Psychological compatibility

The compatibility of the zodiac signs Aries and Capricorn is controversial. Only truly wise partners who are able to refrain from unnecessary stinging comments and emotional outbursts can remain calm in a few. The difference in the characters – the ordeal that awaits this pair. But if both are able to close their eyes to inconsistencies and find a compromise, the relationship will lead to the creation of a strong family.

Positive and negative sides of the union

Attractive Capricorn women can enchant Ram quickly if they want to. Cold and unapproachable, they can also be clear and interesting companions. This is greatly appreciated by Ram, who does not tolerate boredom.

Based on the compatibility horoscope, there are other positive aspects of this union:

  • Both Ram and Capricorn are interested in building a successful career and realizing themselves in something else. They are ready to go through all the difficulties to achieve the desired.
  • Financial well-being is important for both, because wealth will always be in the family.
  • Neither Capricorn nor Aries tend to be hypocritical, therefore there is sincerity in the relationship.

But against this background there may be problems in the pair:

  • Excessive honesty causes many conflicts.
  • Aries are free birds who do not find it necessary to consult with their partners. Capricorns do not accept this in their family, prefer to keep everything under control (or at least be aware of what is happening).
  • The Mars department can be rude in expressing its emotions, which causes many problems. And not only in the family, but also in relationships with others: there are often times when the wife has to apologize for the rudeness of the furious husband to settle the conflict.

Aries must realize that Capricorns do not accept a lack of respect for themselves. Therefore, if a man does not learn to control emotions, he will lose his family.

How a man Aries wins a woman Capricorn

You should not try to cause sympathy in the Capricorn girl, artificially. So you can only ruin the friendly relationship. But if a man was initially sympathetic, transferring communication to a romantic channel is enough to let a girl know that she is really interested in her.

To maintain a relationship, Aries must learn to stop emotions, not to break promises, and not to cause jealousy in Capricorn. The future will not be able to build without mutual respect. The trade union is able to reinforce common life principles and goals.

Between this union and happiness, Aries infantilism, his habit of floating in the clouds, also stands. It can be very difficult to reach an agreement, but if this does not happen, the relationship will inevitably collapse.

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