Zodiac Who Are Your Ideal Match – Based On Your Moon Sign

Zodiac Who Are Your Ideal Match - Based On Your Moon Sign

Love is complicated, but a moon sign can help you see if you really fit together. The moon stands for your emotions (and they can be pretty crucial in a relationship) and for how you respond to others in relationships.

 And if your sign does not fit together, but you do have a pleased relationship? Then you are one of the many cosmic exceptions. Don’t make a difference and enjoy this match that may not be in the stars, but that makes you happy.

The moon in Aries

You are straightforward, no detours, no jokes. You love quick thinking, you get straight to the point, and you always exude confidence when you talk about something – whether the conversation is about painful emotions or about shopping. You are clearly a fire sign, and you fall, drumming: on yourself. Someone who has the same moon sign suits you best, because you need someone who can firmly serve you with the same ease and charisma that you breathe.

You can interact with each other in a playful way, without worrying that you will be bumping over the other. The spark can also skip with a Lion, but it is better not to start a relationship with a Scorpio or a Cáncer.

The moon in Taurus

De Stier is known for his stubbornness, and that is undoubtedly true in love. Fortunately, you are helped in love by love goddess Venus. It would be nice if you managed to find another bull to immerse yourself in joys together, but you could sometimes clash a lot at times that matter. That is why you might be better off looking for someone with his moon in Virgo or Capricorn, and the best thing to do is to stay away from scales – they find it pretty hard to keep diplomatic if you act a little bullying.

The moon in Gemini

You are not really into the long, stable relationships, and you have a strong tendency to flutter from one object d’amour to another. The planet that is most important to you – the fiery and talkative Mercury – is much more satisfied with a sign in Libra or Aquarius, because with that you can have a conversation on topics that are really important to you at almost any time. The moons of the more severe Capricorn and Scorpio offer more challenge. Dating Pisces can be tempting, but the flirtatious in combination with the flirty are the ideal combination for a fling.

The moon in Cancer

You are in good contact with your emotions, to say the least. You are in touch with what you feel, you pay attention to other people’s emotions, and you enjoy talking about your experience. You can build a romantic relationship with Pisces, and a more reclusive Scorpio could also be a good match. An extroverted and brittle Lion, on the other hand, can often be a bit too much for your finely cut mind.

The moon in Leo

You are someone who loves perfection and who does a lot to achieve that. You work hard, you love creating order out of chaos, and you are good at grasping almost every opportunity that you get. You much appreciate it when your partner recognizes and names it, and therefore you fit well with an action-driven Aries or an optimistic Sagittarius. The most important thing for your partner is that they are confident enough to keep up with you. That is why the stubborn Taurus and protective Scorpio are probably not the best choices.

The moon in Virgo

Is there someone self-critical and analysis? Those are two words that describe you very well in a relationship. You are continually analyzing almost every situation and every conversation. You like perfection, and that also applies to relationships. A fellow Virgo and a down to earth Capricorn are therefore a good match, while fliers such as Aquarius and Sagittarius are less suitable for you.

Moon in Libra

The order of things and balance that is important to you. You are also a very diplomatic love partner, always looking for harmony. But it doesn’t just have to be serious: you also have a light, creative side. That’s why you go well with Aquarius and Capricorns. A ram, on the other hand, can still cause problems – the strong survival instinct of these moons means that you could sometimes flee when it comes down to it.

Moon in Scorpio

There is a no more profound and more withdrawn sign. You look for that which moves beneath the surface, and you see small details and pieces of information that others miss entirely. Your partner might also have to scratch his head well before he makes fun of you. An intimate Taurus or an intelligent Virgo would be a good match for you because they both understand your ambition and drive very well. An independent Aquarius, on the other hand, could sometimes tap into your tendency to fathom dark waters.

Moon in Sagittarius

You find pleasure and enthusiasm in almost everything you do – and you have a firm belief in everything that concerns the affairs of the heart. Someone who enters into a relationship with you must be open-minded – otherwise, it will be tough to stay together in the long term. A Gemini or Aquarius who have an optimistic view of relationships might suit you, but a sensitive Cancer or a stubborn Taurus is a less good match.

Moon in Capricorn

You are always looking for the path that leads you up: still climb, always strive for the highest achievable. The strict planet Saturn rules your moon, and a severe Taurus or moon in Virgo understands your hunger for ambition the best. But a Cancer that has a homely side can help you create a stable and disciplined home. A Libra, on the other hand, demands that you might go further down your mountain than you would like, and that can be problematic in the longer term.

Moon in Aquarius

Calm, cool, and controlled – that’s you. You know better than anyone how you approach situations independently and are good at working together towards a common goal. In a relationship, you can work well with someone who breathes a little spontaneity into your life. A lion that challenges you to seek your strength and supports your individuality brings out the best in you, but a stubborn Taurus or an impatient Aries is a less good idea.

Moon in Pisces

You are a gentle dreamer, and you have a hot, gentle nature. In a relationship, you are looking for someone who is not as submissive and submissive as you – that means a moon in Libra or Sagittarius is not such a good idea in a romantic covenant. An intense Scorpio or an efficient Virgo, on the other hand, can very well keep you in the mud with two feet.

Zodiac Who Are Your Ideal Match – Based On Your Moon Sign

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