After having had a number of failed  relationships  , you finally found her: the true one. At least, that’s how it feels at the moment. This is of course a wonderful feeling, that you can always share your feelings with someone you trust and you can count on. If you have only recently been with your girlfriend, check these tips . But how do you ensure that the mission stays with you forever?

As you may have already realized, I am a young lady myself, so make sure you have the following tips in your ears:

This way you always stay with your girlfriend

1. Trust

It sounds very standard and cliché, but trust is the basis for a healthy relationship. So have faith in your girlfriend and show it. Don’t go hang out with the jealous friend who looks over her shoulder when she’s on her phone. Also don’t throw angry eyes in her direction, because she’s talking to another guy in the pub . Give each other room, you will be happy about that later. Also stand up for her when it is necessary and do not tell others negative or personal things about her. Be each other’s ally.

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2. Think in ‘we’

When you make plans for the future, do this together and not alone. Make sure you involve your girlfriend in your ideas and see how you are going to realize this. Also take into account the wishes and needs of your girlfriend and make compromises where necessary.

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3. Don’t be too dependent

It is good to undertake activities and make decisions together, but make sure that you do not become the friend who is totally dependent on his girlfriend. Your girlfriend will probably also find this very unattractive. So take enough time for your own things and passions. Do your favorite sport or take a guitar playing workshop for example. Go regularly from your friends, if you maintain these relationships well.

4. Communication

Talk to each other! Sounds obvious, but it doesn’t always happen. Are you bothered by something? Tell this to your girlfriend! Nothing so annoying when you keep this in front of you and your girlfriend has no idea why you are sitting on the couch so badly. In addition, we women often view things differently, which means that we might be able to give you surprisingly good advice. We help you with all love!

5. Discuss your relationship

Talk regularly about how you find the relationship going, even when you think everything is going well. It is nice to check if your girlfriend is on the same line. Also make irritations discussable when there are and do not avoid them. Think of it as a kind of feedback round where you discuss the positive things and points for improvement.

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6. Accept

Nobody is perfect. Not your girlfriend, but you really don’t. She too will have her lesser sides , but accept this. Do not try to change this to how you would like to see it, but leave it in its values. Of course you can indicate when something annoys you so that she can pay attention to it, but often it is just a matter of accepting and focusing on all the things that you do find attractive and attractive to your girlfriend.

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7. Surprise

At the start of your relationship , you probably did a lot of fun things like eating out, giving a gift for no reason, or getting totally fed up in the kitchen when she came to eat. You will probably do this less now. Understandable, because at the beginning it is just important that you make a good impression. But why should that not be necessary anymore? Take her as a surprise to a concert of her favorite band, come home with a bunch of flowers for no reason or pamper her with a relaxing massage. Especially when you already have a long relationship, it is good to regularly do new things and keep it alive.

8. Keep it exciting

Talk about lively. You often see that the longer a couple has been together, the duller the sex life becomes. The number of times they have sex is also often less than at the start of the relationship. Make sure that this does not happen to you and keep it exciting! Be open to new things, tell each other what you like or what you would always like to do again. This way your sex life will never bore you.

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9. Accepted

It may be that when you are already in a long relationship, a time will come when you will feel attracted to another woman. Don’t make a drama out of this. This happens to everyone sometimes, because it is very human. It does not immediately mean that your relationship is no longer good or that you no longer love your girlfriend. Ultimately it is about feeling happy with your girlfriend and wanting to share your life with her.


10. From falling in love to ‘loving’

It sounds terrible, but be real, the butterflies in your stomach have had it at some point with all that fluttering. So you will not fall in love forever and forever. At a certain point, that feeling of love changes into ‘loving’. It may sound boring, but this too has its advantages and happy moments.

And she lived happily ever after …

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