These are 8 surprising things that autumn does to your body

These are 8 surprising things that autumn does to your body
Many people still feel a bit gloomy when the leaves fall and the days get shorter. But did you know that autumn also has a lot of positive effects on your body and your mind?

In the fall, the conditions for being the most fit and cheerful version of yourself are perfect. These are the reasons why autumn is so healthy:

You sleep deeper

Nice hear those summer evenings, but those sticky summer nights can be stolen from us. It has been proven that a low temperature outside helps you sleep better. Moreover, it gets dark early, which makes you feel sleepy faster. Because it will be light later, you will probably wake up later, so you can take a lot more sleep hours.

The fall colors are good for your mental health

When you feel sad, it is a smart idea to go outside. A little vitamin D does wonders for your serotonin (= lucky substance) level, but the fresh air and the colors of nature also offer something of comfort. How can you look at such a beautifully colored tree and not be surprised about such beautiful scenery?

Seasonal herbs are good for your well-being

Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg; all those hot, spicy herbs are not only tasty and warming, but also good for your health. Nutmeg competes with germs, ginger promotes blood circulation and cinnamon has an anti-inflammatory effect.

It is good for your love life

Not only is it cozier under the covers in the fall than in the summer, but also the testosterone in the body reaches a peak. And the more testosterone, the higher the libido. This applies to men and women.

It helps you to think clearly

Whether it is in your head or not; as soon as it gets cooler outside, it seems like you can think a lot clearer and your brain seems a lot less foggy than in the summer. Just breathe in the cracking cold air and suddenly you know what to do.

You are more outside

We think that we are the most outside in the summer, but we secretly like to spend a lot of time in rooms with air conditioning. There is no such thing as lying on the beach, but who doesn’t spontaneously feel like taking long walks in the forest in the fall?

It brings us together

Is there anything nicer than crawling on the couch with your loved one and a good series during a cold evening? And whether you are under a blanket with your partner, children or cat; staying inside brings people together and you are no longer bothered by the thought that you have to go outside because the weather is so nice. All that cozy hanging gives the oxytocin level a boost, making you feel even more connected to the people around you.

There is a lot to look forward to

There is one thing nicer than Sinterklaas, Christmas and New Year’s Eve and that is to admit to all these holidays. The decorated shopping streets, the beautiful shop windows, the fantastic Christmas recipes, lights everywhere … looking forward to all those festivities gives the serotonin content a good twist, which makes you feel happy immediately.

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