Suffer from itchy breasts? These can be the causes

Suffer from itchy breasts? These can be the causes

Itching is never pleasant, but itching of your breasts is totally annoying. It is not exactly the place that you are going to touch extensively if you are – at the moment, an example – at work.

Fortunately, itchy breasts are innocent in most cases. Curious about the causes? Here they come:

Irritation from your bras

Bras are of course available in all kinds of fabrics. Some cheaper (and often synthetic) variants can seriously irritate your breasts. Purchased a new bra and suddenly itchy breasts? Then it may be due to the material. Switching to a natural fabric bra (such as cotton) can help. Your bra can also simply be too tight. Whatever the reason may be: your bra is dirty! Yes really. That is how often you should really wash your bra.


Few kilos arrived? That too can be the reason for tickling breasts. Your breasts grow with you when you gain weight, which makes your skin stretch and that can cause itching again.

Dry skin

Itchy breasts can also simply be caused by dry skin. Your skin can dry out by not drinking enough, showering too long and too hot or by inclement, windy weather or dry air from a central heating system. Is your skin extremely dry? Then you may suffer from eczema.


The skin of your breasts is super sensitive. He can therefore easily burn. Do you regularly sun topless? Make sure that your breasts do not burn. Burned skin dries out, becomes irritated and can then itch. All the more important to always apply well. Burned anyway? Then lubricate with a cooling cream to prevent itching.


Yes, if you are pregnant you may suffer from itchy breasts. This is not surprising: it is often due to hormonal changes. Your nipples in particular can itch when you are pregnant. Not nice, but luckily it will pass again.

Rare cases

In most cases, itchy breasts are not a cause for alarm. Nevertheless, we would like to point out that in very rare cases it can be caused by breast cancer. The complaints are often accompanied by other complaints such as swollen breasts, nodules, heavy breasts and pain. Not sure if there is more to it? Then contact your doctor. ovarios caidos, Can be other explanation.

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