5 reasons why working out in the morning before work is a good idea

5 reasons why working out in the morning before work is a good idea

(Last Updated On: February 19, 2021)

In the morning, set the alarm clock an hour earlier to work out before dawn. It may sound like an impossible task for some people, but don’t click away. After all, working out before work has a lot of advantages, making it even for evening people to consider. And assume that of an evening person.

Until recently, I always played sport in the evening. In the morning I preferred to lie down until the very last moment – snoozing , who doesn’t do it – and I always left for work in a hurry. Not the most ideal situation. In addition, I found it difficult to go to the gym in the evening, because how do you stay productive after a long day at work ? I kept finding it difficult.

Until I started to study work sports in the morning. If getting up early can lead to success, why shouldn’t I even try? In addition, it is wise to start your day with your most important task . This principle applies to work at work, but also in life. If you find sports important, start your day with it. An enormous amount of endorphins will be released, making you feel good all day long.

A good idea for work sports? Yes!

I’m not going to lie: sometimes I also want to sleep late. Set the alarm for another hour. The hardest part was – and still is – getting up early . That alarm clock at 6 a.m. while my friend can sleep on for at least two more hours, well, that is not ideal. Even if I go to sleep extra early that night (because sleep is important!). But once you have put your feet on the ground, have your sportswear on and are already outside before anyone can be found on the street, it really gives you a good feeling. Not to mention the quiet gym.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, then we have another 5 reasons why it is good for you to exercise in the morning.

1. Skip the coffee, go for a workout

Don’t you wake up in the morning without a cup of coffee? Stop that and train your body instead of the coffee maker. Coffee is certainly not unhealthy, but an even healthier choice is a workout. Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier than normal (come on, what’s half an hour?), Leave that snooze button for it, and walk straight to the bathroom to throw a splash of water in your face. Are you awake? Great, you can use that extra half an hour for a workout instead of a cup of coffee.

At first it might take some getting used to, but in the end you get just as much energy from a short workout as from a caffeine shot. In addition, this energy comes from body-own substances, which makes it healthier than that daily cup of coffee.

2. It helps you focus on work

By starting your day with a workout, you improve your concentration and your ability to make difficult decisions at work. Because of your active morning in the morning, you are immediately alert and no longer stare sleepily at your computer screen.

3. Exercising improves your mood

Various studies show that by exercising you become happier and experience less stress . In addition, you are also more productive when you exercise. After all, you are enjoying yourself! If you go to work with a better mood day in, day out, are happy about it all and have less stress, then it is of course a chop that your work performance will also increase in an upward trend. And of course we all strive for that in the end .

4. You are guaranteed to eat a good breakfast

Are you someone who is in such a hurry in the morning (because: snoozing) that breakfast often breaks in, and are you at work with a grunting stomach? There is a good chance that you will not skip that breakfast when you exercise. Of course you also want to provide your body with energy before you start running that round.

Exercising on an empty stomach is of course also possible, but after your workout your body will crave carbohydrates and proteins. The option of not having breakfast now seems almost impossible. That makes exercise in the morning the ideal stick to have breakfast every day. That way you also avoid that afternoon dip , so that is an outright win-win situation.

5. You create a healthy habit

Getting enough exercise every day is important. And whether you achieve that daily exercise by throwing weights in the powerhouse, doing your favorite yoga class or breaking for an hour during a football training, it doesn’t matter. Exercise is healthy and important. Even if you start in the morning with 10 minutes. If you fall exhausted on the couch after a long day at work, you will be happy that you left your bed 10 minutes earlier in the morning.

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