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What does the Bible say about heartbreak?

Snuggle up with your lover on the couch under a woolly blanket while watching ‚ÄėLove, Actually‚Äô for the twentieth time.¬†Love is something very nice until it ends.¬†With tears in your eyes, you sit next to your best friend eating a bowl of Ben & Jerry‚Äôs empty.¬†But ‚Ķ What god says about broken relationships?

God knows how you feel like no other

Did you know that God very often compares His grief about people in the Bible to grief of love? For example, the prophets sometimes compare Israel to a cheating bride. It feels about the same as what God feels when he is rejected by people. If you are broken by heartbreak, you are therefore somewhat in line with God. Very encouraging to know that He understands your pain so well!

The word of God is very powerful.

Broken heart bible verse. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you if you repeat these texts out loud or softly to yourself. Soak your whole being with it, because if your heart is filled with truth, God will richly bless you. After all, your heart is open to believe and to trust and thus to take the right steps and to receive from God.

‚ÄėMy plan is clear: I want happiness and not an accident for my people.¬†A promising future I promise.¬†Whoever seeks me with heart and soul will find me.¬†I promise that I will be found. ‚Ä̬†(Jeremiah 29:11)

‚ÄėThe Lord is my shepherd, I will not lack anything.¬†He brings me to green meadows, let me rest by the water.¬†He gives me strength and leads me along safe paths, as he promised.¬†Even though I go through a deep dark valley, I do not need to fear any danger, because you, Lord, are with me, Your staff and your stick protect me.¬†Lord, you invite me to your table, My opponents must face it;¬†You anoint my head with oil (image of the Holy Spirit) You fill my cup until it floods.¬†I experience your goodness and your love, All my life, I can live in your house, for days to come. ‚Äė
(Psalm 23)

‚ÄúJust ask and you will receive, and your joy will be perfect.‚ÄĚ
(John 16:24)

‚ÄėGod is good, patient and loving.¬†He takes away the sins of us, and throws them far away from us, as far as the east is from the west.¬†Like a father loves his children, So he loves those who worship him.¬†He knows our fragility, He knows that we are just dust. ‚Äú
 (From Psalm 103)

They could then also use some of it

Yes really! In the Bible there are several stories about heartbreak (without all sorts of symbolic meanings, but just howl because it is out). For example the story of Tamar and Amnon. Amnon was madly in love with beautiful Tamar and wanted nothing more than to be with her. The big plot warden came when he raped her and then suddenly got a huge dislike for her.

This was incomprehensible to Tamar and she felt¬†heartbroken¬†as he threw her out of the door.¬†For example, it says in¬†2 Samuel 13¬†:‚ÄúWhen Amnon‚Äôs servant had put her out on the street and locked the door behind her, she threw dust over her head (that was a sign of sadness in the Bible!) And tore her multi-colored dress.¬†She grabbed her head and whimpered home. ‚Ä̬†

You will never be alone (even though it feels that way)

It is only the Source of love, God Himself, who can fill our hearts with lasting love.

God‚Äôs heart is moved for those who have a broken heart!¬†This is often clearly stated in the Bible, as in¬†Psalms 51: ‚ÄúThe sacrifice of God is a broken spirit;¬†you, God, will not despise a broken and shattered heart. ‚ÄĚ By this is meant that God‚Äôs heart is full of pity.

He sent Jesus not only to bear the penalty for our sins, but also to proclaim the Gospel of Salvation. That means that Jesus came to heal the sick, but also to comfort those with a broken heart!

Broken heart


A broken heart can cause you deep sorrow and even make you sick.

Relationships are the most beautiful thing God has given us on earth. Because God is love , He created us as love beings who need love more than anything else. Nothing makes us as cheerful, strong and healthy as love. Love is God’s greatest gift to us. Having a broken heart can make someone intensely sad and even sick. How do you receive healing?

Because we know that we can receive love in a relationship with a partner, we are often desperately looking for it.

Few of us, however, succeed in meeting the right life partner immediately. Many have had multiple relationships, which unfortunately broke down, after which we were left with a broken heart. I myself have had various relationships before I met my wonderful wife in a wonderful way. But I had to deal with some painful disappointments before she came my way. After a few years, God began to speak to my heart that I was looking for love with a human being while people could not give me this love.

God showed me that only He could give me the love I was looking for.

Then I started to realize what it means that God is LOVE. He created us as beings who first of all need love and who will therefore do everything in our lives to receive that love. But people are just as needy and imperfect as we are. If we want to fill our hearts with human love, we will be deeply disappointed.

It is only the Source of love, God Himself, who can fill our hearts with lasting love.

I always fled from loneliness, in relationships with girls. Only when I dared to surrender to God’s love did I find the joy that I had always longed for. That was quite a struggle, because I did not know God enough to know how overwhelmingly his love for me is.

Now I know that there is nothing more wonderful than truly loving God. Now I experience how soft and sweet his heart is and that, in spite of his immense holiness, power and greatness, He more than anything else is love and desires intensely to share his love with us.

After I had first filled my emotional needs with God’s love, and thus had a strong foundation for my heart, God could prepare me to meet my life partner. Before this meeting could take place, however, He had to free me of memories and emotional ties with previous relationships. I had connected my mind, my soul and my body to girls. God showed me that I had to become free from these bonds, because they would be an obstacle to my future life partner.

Because many Christians are affected by this, I have set out a number of practical steps below to help you recover from your broken heart.

I understand that some of these advice may sound strange to you. You don’t have to take it from me immediately. But I believe that what I describe are important realities that, unfortunately, few people are aware of. We live far too superficially and are too concerned with earthly, material things, without realizing that it is precisely the spiritual dimension that controls everything. Take a moment to go through these steps. I have already received many testimonies from people who were immensely liberated and healed.

1) Break the soul bond

The Bible shows that man is much more than a body. We are a spirit, we have a soul and we live in a body. Your emotional life takes place in your soul. If you have a relationship with someone, whether sexual or deeply emotional, a connection will be created between your emotional life and the emotional life of the other. Your soul is connected to the soul of the other. In their feelings many people stay deeply connected with someone they no longer have a relationship with. This can cause a deep feeling of pain and loss.

If you still have the feeling that you are longing for someone from the past, it is good to consciously break the soul. You do that in prayer and with the authority that Jesus Christ has given to everyone who believes in Him. The name of Jesus Chistus is the highest name in heaven and on earth, the Bible says. When you pray, you pray in the name of Jesus, to break every soul bond that God does not want, so that you become free. How do you do that?

Speak out with conviction that in the name of Jesus Christ you break the soul with former relationships. For example: ‚ÄúIn the name of Jesus Christ I break the soul bond between me and (name).‚ÄĚ

Many experience liberation once they have done this.¬†As long as you do not ‚Äėcut through‚Äô the soul bond in the spiritual world, your emotional life can remain bound to a certain extent to your previous boyfriend or girlfriend.¬†It is like cutting an umbilical cord or a rope.¬†The invisible connection that was there is cut.¬†Not everyone understands the dimension of our soul, but it is a reality.¬†This is also an important step, if you want healing of your broken heart.

2) Recall every particle of your heart

A second dimension of the soul that many do not know, but which in practice becomes a reality, is that it is possible that a part of you will stay behind with the other.¬†You have been so connected to your inner self and you have given something of yourself to the other person.¬†In prayer it is possible to recall that part of yourself.¬†For example, you can pray this: ‚ÄúIn the name of Jesus Christ, I call back every part of myself that has remained with (fill in the name)!‚ÄĚ You can do that after you have broken the bond of soul.

First you cut the spiritual connection and then you call back every piece of yourself that you have given to the other.

Some may find this strange because you may not have heard of it that way before.¬†But it works.¬†The Bible speaks of spiritual realities that are stronger than the tangible.¬†You give yourself, your heart, your soul, your feeling, your inner self to the other.¬†When you leave a part of your heart stays with the other person.¬†Recall every part of yourself and also send every aspect of that other back to him or her.¬†Do this out loud and in the name of Jesus Christ.¬†‚ÄėIn the name of Jesus Christ I call back every part of myself from (name).¬†And I send every part of (name) back to him / her. ‚Ä̬†¬†Do that for every person you have had a relationship with.

3) Do not keep memories

Nurturing memories, such as photos, gifts, clothing, text messages and so on, is an important reason why people do not receive healing from their broken hearts. Some people stay and mourn for life, because they hold on to memories. If you want to receive healing, be radical and clean your ship thoroughly. When I was in a relationship that didn’t do me any good, someone said these life-saving words to me: “You have to put the MES in it. Gentle healer make smelly wounds. Only if you break radically will you become free. “

If you keep something from the other person, you will maintain the bond and you will never be completely free from that relationship.

The cherishing of memories of the other person can even be a form of adultery. You do not marry that person, but you maintain a strong emotional bond. Set the other person free and set yourself free. Delete your hard drive and start again. Note: it is precisely the things that you value the most that ensure that the bond continues to exist. So put those memories away that you are emotionally attached to.

4) Resist the thoughts

What afflicts many after a broken relationship are thoughts of happy moments that were experienced together. If you give those kinds of thoughts space, they form an obstacle to your growth towards your actual life partner. Do not give room to memories like that. Do not give in to the tendency to long for the happy moments, because that only causes pain. Point your thoughts on your previous relationship. Be consistent in this too.

5) Give forgiveness

A fourth element for healing your heart is forgiveness. It is important that you completely forgive yourself and that person for the mistakes that have happened.

Giving forgiveness is an important key to recovery.

Even if someone has abused you: as long as you do not forgive, the wound will continue to exist. Therefore, forgive the other and yourself. Do that very specifically, by naming names and situations. Make forgiving as concrete and detailed as possible. That sets you free from the pain and bitterness that result from intense disappointments.

It can help to take a sheet of paper and write down everything that makes you angry or sad.¬†Then go in prayer with that sheet of paper as a guide, and list everything point by point and say (preferably out loud) to Jesus Christ: ‚ÄúLord Jesus, I forgive (name) for (list every point).‚Ä̬†That is an important part of cleaning your inner house.¬†It is like cleaning up the mess.¬†You keep a big cleansing in your heart and you clear up all the pain and sorrow.¬†You do not approve of what happened, but you prevent it from lying around in your life as a nuisance.¬†By forgiving you really put things away and you set yourself free.

6) Ask forgiveness

If you realize that you have done something that has hurt the other person, have the courage to say ‚Äúsorry.‚ÄĚ Humiliating yourself is the best thing you can do.¬†It breaks your pride and it brings a lot of healing, both to yourself and to the other person.¬†God honors this wonderfully.

There are very few people who have the honesty to say ‚Äúsorry.‚ÄĚ Yet that is the most divine thing you can ever do as a person.

It breaks away much evil and opens a huge door to God’s healing and blessing. It takes some effort, which only proves how important it is … Pride destroys so much in our lives. So much … If you can say sorry, you open heaven … So be very honest with God, yourself and your neighbor.

Ask the Holy Spirit to remind you of everything that hurt the other person. Write these things down too. Then gather all your courage and simply ask (in writing, by telephone or in person) forgiveness for those points in which you have hurt the other. You will see that miracles happen when you do that. Few do it and that is one of the saddest realities on earth, that people are often too proud or afraid to ask each other for forgiveness. If you do this, God will wonderfully bless you.

7) Bless the other

The step after giving and asking forgiveness is to bless the other with all your heart with all the good that God wants to give us all. Even if you are angry or sad: do not let resentment or bitterness enter your heart. Anger is human and you can safely process that. But make sure you reach the point where you can forgive the person wholeheartedly and that you consciously wish for the good. That too brings deep healing to your heart. If the other has hurt you, you do not approve of the words and deeds, but you choose to overcome the evil by the good. So bless the other, with the goodness of God. Then God can richly bless you.

Reciprocate no evil with evil; if you are called names, do not scold back. No, rather wish people the good; then you yourself will receive the good that God has called you to.  (1 Peter 3: 9)

8) Trust in God

The hardest thing for all of us is trusting God that he will really make us happy. Yet God is nothing but love, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, compassion, restoration, hope, etc. Therefore, it is essential that you immerse yourself in the truth of God’s word. Your thoughts block God’s abundant grace. That applies to every Christian worldwide, in all times.

Your thoughts stop God’s flow of love and goodness.

The only way to change that is to take in God’s Word. Below I give you some Bible texts that can help you to penetrate deeply into God’s love , goodness, understanding and forgiveness. If you do that regularly and make it a habit of life, you will be surprised how powerful God will ultimately make you.

7) Receive healing prayer

Visit Christian meetings where people can pray for you to heal your broken heart. We regularly organize conferences, where hundreds of people attend and many are touched in a life-changing way by the love of God. Nothing is better for healing your heart than being filled with the love of God.

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