Do you also find it difficult to set good priorities?

Do you also find it difficult to set good priorities?

Take a good look at your agenda: what do you spend the most time on? And are those things that matter? Are you extinguishing fires, or are you being lived by the agendas of other people? With these tips, you will set the right priorities!

First, I’d say put God. Yes, you may think, nice cliché: God first. I know that. And I also occasionally read in my Bible, and I pray for the food, fine, right?

There are indeed many Christians who think so, but who have not yet recognized the value of genuinely putting God first in your life. “Rather seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness first, then all those other things will be given to you …”, says Matthew 6:33. Make your relationship with God the most important of your priorities.

In other words:

  • first, seek God
  • bring your firstfruits to Him
  • pray before you do or decide
  • implement wisdom from the Bible into your life
  • don’t worry
  • trust in God despite the circumstances

God wants to be first and foremost in our lives because your life becomes so much more productive and more peaceful when we learn to live from His Source and His love. Problems are not necessarily solved from one day to the next.

You will genuinely receive new strength, courage, love, hope, joy, and peace when you spend time with Jesus. Make this your priority, and the Holy Spirit will guide you in the way that you must go. He will show you what God finds essential to you. And He will give you the strength to listen to God instead of people.

Determine your priorities yourself

What does God want you to do? Do that, and don’t let anything come in! Too many people are guided by what other people find meaningful, without ever wondering what God wants them to do. If there is something that causes stress, it is that we let others determine our lives. Too often, we make our environment determine our agenda.

And the devil laughs badly because we are exhausted and exhausted by those far too full diaries with useless activities. Yes, it seems useful, but if it is not God’s will for us to do those things, it distracts us from the task that He does have for us.

Don’t plan your schedule

We have to realize that Jan and all of us let ourselves be distracted, but oh woe if God comes along and messes up our agenda. Yet you must have room for that on your list. Stay tuned to Him. Learn to listen to His soft voice that you want to lead and help you make the right choices. 

Ask yourself a few right questions every day

If you ask yourself three questions every day and start working on the answers, you are sure that you are working on the essential things.

  • What should I do today?

Deadlines are deadlines for a reason. So what’s important today? What should you not forget, and do you have to do? This includes both private matters that are important – such as a good friend’s birthday or sports – and business deadlines that you must have completed or arranged by today.

  • What can I prepare for another moment?

What could be more beautiful than being able to prepare things firmly (at rest)? If you structurally plan time to think about things and make as far as possible, it is much easier to stay in peace.

  • Who am I going to love today, consciously?

Love is the most important thing we can do here on earth. Be especially aware that it is essential to God that we love. Sometimes love disrupts your agenda because suddenly a child comes home sick or because a neighbor or colleague needs help.

Pray for God to want you to be present for that person at that time. If so? Do it! But also realize: God does not want you to go after all the needs that you see, because then you will be burned out in no time. He has specific tasks for you, and for other needs, he calls other people.

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