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Looking for a Birthday Card Message With a Christian Sentiment?

Choose from these Christian Birthday PoemsBirthday VersesBirthday GreetingsChristian Birthday QuotesBirthday WishesBirthday Sayings and Christian Birthday Messages for handmade Birthday Card Making, Scrapbooks, Crafts and Birthday Gifts (for Family and Friends to wish them a Happy Birthday)

May God bless, a wonderful person like you with peace and prosperity and fill your days with goodness, warmth and heart full of joy and hope. With his blessings may you overtake all the hurdles and difficulties. let me share the message of the God that is the true love. Wishing you a blessed Birthday

  • May every day of your life bring glory to the name of Jesus. I pray that you continue to live in the light of His gospel. Happiest birthday!
  • On this special day as you celebrate your birthday, Wishing you embrace all the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Happiest and most blessed birthday!
  • You are one God’s most beautiful masterpieces. Today is a day to celebrate His works and a gift to us all. Thank you for the warmth you have brought to our lives. May you have a birthday full of God’s blessings.
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here tarjetas de cumpleaños cristianas in spanish.

  • May the abundance of the Love of Christ fill all the days of your life. Have a blessed birthday dear!
  • On your birthday, I pray to Lord Jesus to bless your life with lots of good luck prosperity!
    and good health! Happy Birthday!
  • Today is a wonderful day worth celebrating, because today God Almighty gifted you with life. May you share the joy of salvation with everyone around you. Happiest birthday!
  • May God fill your life, with infinite happy moments and countless love moments! Happy Birthday!
  • Jesus Christ died for our sins and salvation. You are here because of Him. Happy birthday on this day of celebration.
  • You are as beautiful as the shining sun. No heart is purer than yours is, friend. God can see that, as we all can. God bless you and happy birthday.
  • happy birthday may god bless you abundantly
  • May God continue to bestow his blessing upon you!!. Happy Birthday
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Christian Birthday Messages For Your Dears

In this section you can find lot of best Christian birthday wishes. Birthday wishes in this section can be sent to anyone you know personally or professionally through phone or internet.

  1. When you entered my life, I came to know the real meaning of love! On your birthday, I really want to thank God to sending you as a blessing in my life. Love You Dear! Happy Birthday
  2. May the glory of Jesus
    lighten up your life
    and you feel the love and compassion of God,
    on this special day of yours!
    Be happy and stay blessed!
    Happy Birthday to you!
  3. Wishing you a very happy birthday! May God always shower his love on you!
  4. On your birthday,
    I pray to Lord to bless you
    with wisdom, loyalty and generosity!
    Happy birthday sweetheart!
  5. On you birthday, I would like to thank God for sending you in my life and making it a better place to live. Love you! Happy Birthday!
  6. May God’s grace be with you today, on your birthday, and forever. Happy Birthday, my dearest.
  7.  imagenes para enamorar.
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Blessed Birthday Wishes

  1. may god continue to shower you with blessings
  2. happy birthday may god bless you with many more
  3. may god continue to bless you
  4. may god bless you with all the happiness and success
  5. may god bless you with all the happiness quotes
  6. may you continue to be a blessing to others0/mo
  7. may god bless you with good health and happiness alwaysmay god continue to bless you and use you in all of his ways
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