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Birthstone: Which Gemstone Is Your Birth Month?

Personal Meaning Birthstone: Which gemstone is your birth month?

Depending on the date of birth, absolute gems are assigned to us that can influence our lives. Find out which birthstone fits your month and what that means for you.

Do you have a weakness for a particular gem, for example, when you buy jewelry? That could be more important to you than you thought. For centuries, different stones, which are assigned to the individual months of a year and which are also related to the twelve signs of the zodiac, are attributed to special meanings.

January Birthstone: Garnet

Wear the red garnet as a lucky stone; you are specially assigned the power of the new beginning. This gem stands for new opportunities that open up for you. In addition, it is a sign of peace, prosperity, and health and is considered a unique symbol of life.

Birthstone February: Amethyst

If the purple amethyst is assigned to you, it means that you can solve conflicts particularly successfully. The gemstone is considered a sign of inner peace, and it is attributed to healing, invigorating effects. He should be able to strengthen relationships and give courage to his wearer. He also stands for consistency.

Birthstone March: Aquamarine

Those who have the blue aquamarine as a lucky stone, in particular, should be protected from dishonesty and fraud. The stone also stands for clarity – in love as well as in mind. In addition, it should have a soothing effect on its wearer and prevent him from being disturbed. He also stands for loyalty and friendship.

Birthstone April: Diamond

Born in April, they have the purest, most precious gemstone as a lucky stone: it is a sign of purity and innocence and is considered a symbol of eternal love. The diamond should not only give its wearer fulfilling partnerships, but he should provide it overall strength and prosperity.

Birthstone May: emerald

If you have your birthday in May, the green emerald is your lucky stone. This gemstone is designed to give you balance and harmony. He is also closely associated with nature, and he is in tune with the spring for the blossoming of new life. This is also a sign of fertility. He should also strengthen his intuition, and he stands for wisdom and patience.

Birthstone June: Pearl

The pearl, an organic gemstone, is also particularly precious and a beautiful symbol of fidelity. It also stands for modesty, decency, and purity. In addition, pearls are attributed to a calming effect on the mind.

Birthstone July: ruby

Who has the red ruby ​​as a lucky stone, can hope for numerous admirers and great wealth. In addition, this gemstone is a symbol of fearlessness and power, and he should protect his wearer from evil. Ruby is also associated with energy and passion.

Birthstone August: Peridot

Carriers of the bright green peridot should be particularly blessed with determination, satisfaction, and success, as their view is sharpened for the essentials. This gemstone also stands for strength, and he should even be able to protect against nightmares.

Birthstone September: sapphire

Anyone who was born in September is assigned to the lucky stone sapphire and is considered particularly compassionate. Through the bluestone, his carrier should have the wishes and needs of his fellow-men particularly well in view. He also stands for wisdom and purity and is considered a sign of heaven.

Birthstone October: Opal

The colorful opal is a sign of hope and faith. He should also be able to calm the nerves of his wearer and strengthen not only his creativity but also his memory.

Birthstone November: Citrine

If November is your month of birth, wear citrine, yellow quartz, as a lucky stone. This gem promotes vitality and gives its wearer energy. In addition, he should provide him with wealth, and he is mainly associated with happiness and youth.

Birthstone December: turquoise

If you wear the lucky stone turquoise, one of the oldest gemstones, you are exceptionally blessed with perseverance, assertiveness, and steadfastness. He should also keep away negative energies, and he relaxes the mind. He is also a symbol of spirituality.

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