Flowers have always been of special importance to humans. They are sensual and mystical, have their very own character traits. Every month a flower can be attributed. Find out the meaning behind your birth flower here.

January has the birth flower carnation

For January is the carnation. The flower is a symbol of love, fascination, friendship and otherness. Carnations come in many different colors, each of which has its own meaning. The pink carnation, for example, is a strong symbol of unconditional love. In the 15th century, the white carnation was a sign of marriage and love.


January has the birth flower carnationzazamaza / iStock

In February, the signs are on violets

The violet stands above all for loyalty, truth, modesty, humility and affection. Hardly any other flower is so modest and delicate. Since the Victorian era, the violet colors deliver the following messages: Violet Violets say “I will be faithful to you”. The white color means “Let’s dare.”


In February, the signs are on violetsAndrei Kavaliou / iStock

To March belongs the daffodil

People born in March are attributed the birth flower Osterglocken. It stands for respect, respect, domestic happiness and courtesy. The flower with its bright, cheerful color is also associated with cheerfulness and spring. In Christianity, it is the symbol of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and eternal life.


To March belongs the daffodilrgbspace / iStock

April has the birth flower daisies

The daisy is a sign of gentleness, tenderness, happiness, innocence and indulgence. The small, cheerful flower is a symbol of the beginning of spring. The daisy is also used to predict love. The individual petals are – in conjunction with the counting rhyme “He loves me, he loves me not …” – Plucked. The last petal gives the answer.


April has the birth flower daisiesJanBussan / iStock

May is happy about the classic: the lily of the valley

People with the birthstone lily of the valley are said to have grace, modesty and purity. The flower highlights the fresh and youthful side of the birthday kids. Legend has it that the lily of the valley was created where Maria shed tears beside the cross. Therefore, the lily of the valley is also a Christian symbol of pure love.


May is happy about the classic: the lily of the valleyOlivier Verriest / iStock

In June, the birth flower Rose laughs

Although there are different meanings among the many varieties of roses, they are principally synonymous with love, maturing beauty, devotion and passion. In the ancient Greeks the rose is dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite and to the Romans Venus. The different colors of the rose have their own symbolism . For example, red roses stand for love, romance and passion, white roses for innocence, loyalty and longing, and pink roses for youth, beauty and gratitude.


In June, the birth flower Rose laughshrabar / iStock


July is happy about the knight spurs

In July the larkspur is in bloom. This birth flower stands for loyalty, frankness and carefreeness. The Greek name Delphinium is derived from the shape of flower buds, which is similar to a dolphin. The intense blue color makes this flower something very special. In romanticism, the “blue flower” was a symbol of yearning.


July is happy about the knight spursAndreaAstes

August has the birth flower Gladiolus

The gladiolus is a typical summer flower and stands for beauty, honesty and a strong character. Born in August are strong, like to prove integrity and are often carried away to rave-ups. In earlier centuries, the gladiolus stood next to the rose for a great proof of love. The flower should symbolize admiration for a human and the pride to know it.


August has the birth flower Gladiolus

September is all about asters

These small, fine flowers stand for wisdom, love, patience, courage and trust. In antiquity, people believed that the smell of burned asters dispels evil spirits. This daisy-like flower is said to have been created by a virgin crying over the missing stars in the sky. Where her tears fell, asters grew.


September is all about astersfototdietrich / iStock

October gives marigold special meaning

October is attributed to the marigold as a birth flower. It stands for sympathy, compassion, immortal love and wisdom. Their appearance is to reflect the warmth of the sun. Previously, women used them to dream of their great love. Dried, ground and processed with honey and vinegar into a marigold ointment , they wore them before going to bed. In the dream then her lover should appear to them.


October gives marigold special meaningHansJoachim / iStock

The chrysanthemum belongs to November

First, the chrysanthemum was discovered in China. It stands for friendship, optimism and joy. The chrysanthemum is loved all over the world and has a different meaning everywhere. In Asia, it is the ultimate symbol of happiness and health. In France and Germany it is a sign of truthfulness. The yellow flower of chrysanthemum in Japan is a symbol of the sun, light and immortality.


The chrysanthemum belongs to NovemberKatarinaGondova / iStock

December has the birth flower Poinsettia

The poinsettia stands for luck, fertility and truth. Many legends surround this popular Christmas plant. One says that a Mexican girl stood crying in front of the altar in the church and out of her tears an angel appeared. He told her to pick up leaves from the roadside. These leaves should then have turned into beautiful poinsettias on the altar. 


December has the birth flower PoinsettiaAndrea Kuipers / iStock

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