Can You Use Body Wash To Wash Your Hair?

Can You Use Body Wash To Wash Your Hair

Can you use body wash to wash your hair?. Can you use body wash as shampoo?. I do not know if you have ever done it, I suppose that some have, I must at least admit that when I have run out of shampoo or I am already in the shower, and I realize that I have not taken the shampoo I have sometimes resorted to body wash, but is it perfect to do this?. 

Do shampoos and body washes have very comparable formulation? They both use cleansing dealers with some conditioning ingredients thrown. The difference? Body washes use less harsh detergents – they’re designed to smooth pores and skin, that is greater touchy than hair. They work for hair, too, but they won’t offer the deep cleanse oily or heavy build-up hair desires.

Whenever I have used it, I have thought before that if it works well for my sensitive skin, why it will not go badly for my scalp. This would have some logic as long as the body wash has a neutral PH for our skin, that is, a level of 5.5. The truth is that the skin of the scalp is not different from that of the rest of the body, but it does have different needs, either because we have dandruff, seborrhea, or other problems.

What is clear is that the primary function of the shampoo is to clean, and with a body wash, we do it, what we cannot do is treat any specific problem or make our hair look good. In my case, when I have done it, my hair has been quite “esparto” so to speak. Something healthy since it has no conditioner or softening elements, so when that has happened, after the shower, I have always had to resort to serum or biphasic.

In conclusion, better to use the body wash only in a hurry, cleaning will clean us, but it will not pamper our hair, nor will it treat any problem of the scalp. Also remember that this is only applicable in the case that the body wash is pH 5.5, which not all body wash comply, otherwise we may be damaging our hair.

Top mistakes you make every day and damage your hair

Hey you, yes you, you love to shake your hair like Beyoncé herself, you ask your friend with hair to buy the best shampoo, and you do not leave the house without having your hair perfect combed. Do you feel identified?

Well, then you may also be aware of how your hair breaks and its ends open up to 3 parts. We tend to believe that we take care of our hair care following the steps that the shampoo bottle dictates, but the reality is that in our day-to-day life, we ​​make several mistakes that affect the health of our hair, from food to bedtime.

1. Watch your sweet dreams

If you comply with the statutory 8 hours of sleep to rest correctly, the calculation is simple: you spend ⅓ of your day in bed, and what you do influences your whole body.

The friction with the pillow is one of the culprits of the morning frizz effect with which we wake up to the Tina Turner. Precisely this friction can weaken the hair. One way to counter it is to go to the side of the silk pillows.

Of course, part of those nocturnal mistakes is sleeping with your hair up, a catastrophic mistake because your hair is cupping – or doing it with it wet as it gets frizzy, the scalp doesn’t breathe, and you can even catch a cold.

2. Wash and wash

Although there are two opposing theories – one defends that you should wash your hair whenever you notice it is greasy and the other that ensures that it is preferable to wash it 2 or 3 times a week – the reality is that an excess of washing removes the natural oils it gives off. The scalp and which are necessary to protect the root and maintain the correct hydration of the hair.

Dermatologist Mary P. Lupo assured the American Allure website that the proper way to wash it, whether you have oily hair or not, is to concentrate the shampoo and massage on the two centimeters of hair closest to the scalp already which is where dirt, grease, and sweat accumulates. To clarify, the colder the water, the better.

3. Right after washing the hair

Before the drying moment, there is the towel moment. STOP. Stop, never again in life rub your hair because the only thing you achieve with that movement is to rub the fiber and open the ends. Is it better to roll it in a towel with the most fashionable of turbans that Mario Testino became an icon? Nor, since this causes the hair to tangle and break. An alternative may be to dry your hair with a cotton shirt, obviously an old one or one that you no longer use.

4. Stylers and dryers, dangerous allies

It is possible that one of the keys to controlling hair and ensuring that it is always well-combed is the tweezers, irons, dryers, ion brushes, and a thousand and one variants of these. However, heat has never been a good friend of the health of the hair.

Does this mean that we should stop combing with the hair straightener? No, although it is not recommended to use it as a daily tool. Thermal protectors help create a film that protects you from the heat given off by stylers and dryers, as well as enhancing shine.

But another aspect to take into account when styling hair is choosing the heat that our styler releases or that offers the possibility of manually adjusting it so that the temperature does not exceed 185º.

5. How do you really dry your hair?

Applying the heat of the dryer directly to wet hair, in addition to being a waste of time because excess water has not yet been removed from the hair, damages it. Another practice to avoid is to try to smooth it with a comb and the dryer when it is still wet. Of course, maintaining a proper distance between the dryer and hair also helps prevent breakage.

6. Unbalanced hair

That at this point in the film, we talk about hydration as the quintessential beauty and health of the body is no surprise, but it is the key. Schwarzkopf experts say that “hair needs 15 to 17% water” and the best way to provide that water to the hair is, on the one hand, from within through food and, on the other, to through cosmetics that hydrate. Masks with natural oils, ingredients such as mango, avocado, or honey are always a right choice. But beyond the shower, you can also hydrate hair with dry oils, repairing balms with a plus of hydration or hydrating treatments in beauty salons.

7. Do you get along with your hairdresser?

Who wants something, it costs something. Phrase of a mother who, when it comes to talking about the hairdresser, is a truth like a temple. There is an exact interval to cut hair according to its characteristics, treatments, and style, and we already anticipate that under no circumstances does this interval exceed three weeks. Yes, every three weeks, you have to cut the ends, even if it hurts your soul. Only in this way, the breakage of the tips is prevented, and the perfect haircut is always worn.

8. Your hair color is a ‘false friend’

Whether they are highlights, highlights, balayage, California highlights, permanent dye, or your usual coloring technique, chemicals damage the hair fiber. No, it is not a secret and, no, we are not going to stop changing the color of our hair. However, hair exposed to coloring treatments must be cared for with great care, and highly hydrating products are those great allies.

9. The tires and forks also claim their place

Putting your hair up in a ponytail, that simple gesture that significantly facilitates our lives comes from the hand of a tight rubber band that tightens and damages the hair. Why do you think the hair at the nape of the neck is always shorter?

In the same way, that hairbands, very tight buns, lifting braids, or hairpins nailed to the head controlling the hair with strict Prussian discipline also do a disservice to the hair by breaking it.

10. You are what you eat

Feeding is also to blame for hair health. If there are foods capable of making hair shine, not including all the nutrients that our body needs ends up making hair more fragile. Proteins are vital to get the hair fiber to grow strong and to keep breakage very far away. body wash in hair.


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