Choose A Hairstyle That Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

(Last Updated On: June 25, 2021)

Your zodiac sign not only says something about your character traits, but also about your outer characteristics or which hairstyle suits you.

Hairstyles for the Ram

Hairstyles for the Ram
Rosie Huntington – Tinseltown /

Rams often have thick hair with strokes or curls. Because the Ram is quite self-confident, she dares to choose a bold color or model. But a complicated hairstyle that takes a lot of time and / or effort to model is not for the Ram who is far too impatient for that. The Ram is a fickle type and can be completely fed up with a haircut from one day to the next. It must therefore immediately be different. Then don’t choose a haircut that requires a lot of maintenance on a whim, because you’ll be tired of it soon. In terms of color, the Ram can also come up surprisingly and choose colors that are slightly more flashy than average.

Examples of familiarities with the constellation Aries:

  • Reese Witherspoon,
  • Kate Hudson
  • Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Rosie Huntington
  • Keira Knightly

Hairstyles for the Bull

Hairstyles for the Bull
Miranda Kerr DFree /

Elegant, stylish and practical are words that match the style for the Taurus. De Stier will gladly choose a feminine hairstyle and feminine color. A classic look, such as a bob haircut , also works well with the Taurus. But no complicated or overly styled hairstyle. It may look a bit nonchalant. Once the Taurus has found a hairstyle that suits her, chances are she will keep it that way for years. A Taurus is conservative and does not like change.

Examples of familiarities with the Taurus constellation:

  • Jessica Alba
  • Miranda Kerr
  • Amber Heard
  • Gigi Hadid
  • Renee Zellweger

Hairstyles for the Gemini

Hairstyles for the Gemini
Lucy Hale DFree /

The Gemini love changes both in terms of hairstyle and color. They love to experiment and like to view the fashion magazines to copy the latest looks. They can then spend an endless amount of time shaping their hair exactly as they want it.

Short hair is nothing for the Gemini, because they can’t do anything else with that. Twins are best prepared to go to the hairdresser regularly and spend the necessary time in the morning on their haircut. Everything to look good….

Examples of familiarities with the zodiac sign Gemini:

  • Angelina Jolie
  • Brooke Shields
  • Heidi Klum
  • Nicole Kidman
  • Lucy Hale

Hairstyles for the Cancer

Hairstyles for the Cancer
Selena Gomez – FPA / Shutterstock

Lobsters are gentle, maternal types. A female hairstyle therefore often suits them best. Long or half long hair with waves so that it looks romantic will be a hairstyle that she likes, if they have the hair for it. De Kreeft is less likely to opt for ultramodern or very striking hairstyles. They are also types that stay around for too long with the same hairstyle.

Examples of familiarities with the zodiac sign Cancer:

  • Ariane Grande
  • Lindsay Lohan
  • Selena Gomez
  • Julianne Hough

Hairstyles for the Lion

Hairstyles for the Lion

Cara Delevingne-DFree /

Just like the Rams, the Lions are often provided with a beautiful, thick bundle of hair. Hair that, like their personality, has its own will. Lions love attention and adventure. They see their hairstyle as part of their image and are quite willing to spend money and attention on it. It does not have to be the trendiest haircut, but it is very special. A bit striking is allowed. Highlights in a separate color, for example, or a pointed bob.

Examples of familiarities with the constellation Leo:

  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Clara Delevigne
  • Mila Kunis
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Sandra Bullock
  • Meghan Markle

Hairstyles for the Virgin

Hairstyles for the Virgin
Michelle Williams – Tinseltown /

Virgos are perfectionists. Also regarding their hair. It has to fit perfectly, every hair in its place. Curls are therefore not for the Virgin, because they are never exactly as you would like. Straight cut, steep hairstyles are therefore the best choice for the Virgin. And a lot of gel or hair spray that helps keep the hair in place. In addition, it must be elegant and stylish. With the Virgin, it often seems like a simple haircut, but you don’t want to know how much time they have left.

Examples of familiarities with the constellation Virgo:

  • Blake Lively
  • Cameron Diaz
  • Michelle Williams
  • Alexis Bledel

Hairstyles for the Libra

Hairstyles for the Libra
Gwyneth Paltrow -s_bukley /

Scales are the natural beauty of the zodiac. They often look good without having to put a lot of effort into it. Scales are therefore good at coordinating their hairstyle and clothing in such a way that it fits nicely together. Long hair that they can braid or put on is a good choice for the Libra.

Examples of familiarities with the zodiac sign Libra:

  • Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Naomi Watts
  • Bella Hadid
  • Kate Winslet
  • Susan Sarandon

Hairstyles for the Scorpions

Hairstyles for the Scorpions

Katey Perry – FPA / Shutterstock

Scorpions often have a strong personality and a strong, sexy appearance. Hairstyles with dramatic colors therefore often do well. They can choose both for feminine long wavy hair, but also for boyish short . Whatever they choose, they will look beautiful.

Examples of familiarities with the constellation Scorpio:

  • Julia Roberts
  • Katy Perry
  • Emma Stone
  • Anne Hathaway

Hairstyles for the Sagittarius

Hairstyles for the Sagittarius
Scarlett Johansson – DFree /

Sagittarius loves fun and adventure. They also want to look good, but without having to put too much effort into it. Playful hairstyles that do not bother them when exercising or doing other activities are preferred. But despite the preference for an easy haircut, they want to look good. Think of short or half-long hair that has been cut into layers or that is just long enough to wear in a tail.

Examples of familiarities with the constellation of Sagittarius:

  • Scarlett Johansson
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Britney Spears
  • Taylor Swift

Hairstyles for the Capricorn

Hairstyles for the Capricorn

Zooey Deschanel – K. Hutchins /

You don’t have to expect much craziness with a Capricorn. They are quite serious and will not do crazy things with their haircut either. Classic hairstyles in normal colors are often the hair styles they choose. Just like with the Virgin, they are a little perfectionist and the hair must be comfortable. A Capricorn often chooses a hairstyle that is both suitable for work and for going out with little effort.

Examples of familiarities with the constellation Capricorn:

  • Sienna Miller
  • Zooey Deschanel
  • Kate Middleton
  • Kate Moss

The hair of Aquarius

The hair of Aquarius
Jennifer Aniston – FPA /

Aquarius love freedom and don’t worry about what others think or think. They choose a hairstyle that they themselves like and that can be striking. Aquarius love trendy hairstyles with sometimes striking and unnatural color accents. From long to an ultra-short punk hairstyle, you can expect everything from the Waterman.

Examples of familiarities with the Aquarius constellation:

  • Paris Hilton
  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Lauren Conrad
  • Laura Dern

Hairstyles for Pisces – Pisces hairstyle

Hairstyles for Pisces

Jessica Biel – DFree /

On the one hand the Pisces likes the latest trends. On the other hand, they also want to adapt to the people they interact with. Fish are soft and feminine types and therefore long hair or half long hair is often a good choice. If, for whatever reason, they take a different hairstyle and they don’t like it, they can be quite upset.

Examples of familiarities with the Pisces constellation:

  • Drew Barrymore
  • Ruby Rose
  • Jessica Biel
  • Sophie Turner
  • Olivia Wilde

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