10 Tips for a better Feng Shui through lighting

According to the Eastern philosophy of the Feng shui your environment influences your well-being and your mood. The idea is that you arrange spaces in such a way that the positive energy or chi can flow freely. But whether you value that philosophy or not, everyone knows spaces where you feel very comfortable and cozy. And there are probably places that you find uncomfortable and where you are less happy. Light often plays an important role in this.

Light and Feng Shui

At Feng Shui it’s all about chi or life energy. The chi in your house must be in balance. There must be a balance between yin and yang. Light is an important form of energy. The light in your house, both natural light and light from lamps, is not only important for the atmosphere in your house. Light also influences how you feel.

Feng shui lighting


Feng shui lighting

Feng Shui lighting is based on obtaining lighting in the home that improves the well-being of the people in your home, provides a circulation of positive energies and harmonizes the flow of Chi. 

Feng Shui lighting has its maximum exponent in the sun, but since the sun is not at our disposal all the time, nor does it illuminate all the corners of our house equally, it is necessary to use correct artificial lighting. In Feng Shui each point of light symbolizes the sun, so necessary for life, and which is vital in the emotions and mood of the people in the home.

To have correct lighting in our homes, according to Feng Shui, general lighting must be balanced so that there are no areas of darkness, but also no areas with excessive lighting. 

This luminous balance makes the emotions in the house balanced. In addition to light balance, the best type of light must be chosen. According to Feng Shui, the most suitable color temperature is warm light, of a more yellow tone, whose color temperature is lower than 3500 K.

Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the use of fluorescent lamps or low-energy light bulbs. consumption with white light, since they provide a white / bluish light with a color temperature above 5000 K.

To achieve the balance of light in each of the rooms of the house, it is best to opt for Recessed spotlights¬†in the ceiling, with warm light bulbs, since it is a better way to distribute the light throughout the room, than by using lamps in a single area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe room.

To avoid dark areas that cannot be covered by recessed lights, it is best to use floor lamps. Floor lamps are also highly recommended to illuminate small rooms, such as corridors, to highlight certain areas of the house or to be used as point light generators.

The use of spotlights can also be recommended to highlight certain decorative elements so that they are placed pointing towards the element that you want to highlight and generally, these spotlights can be embedded in the furniture that accompanies the decoration. This way of highlighting objects with light causes Chi energy to be generated.

Too much or too little light


A house that is too dark has too much yin energy. Yin energy is feminine and mostly passive. You can balance that through more yang energy or active energy. You can do that by installing more windows, skylights or installing lamps. The art is of course to find the balance. Not too much light and not too little.

Hard and soft light

Direct light or fluorescent light is quickly too hard. Indirect light or yellow light is softer. When choosing lamps for your house, it is good to take this into account.

Nowadays, full spectrum LED lighting is also available. With full spectrum lighting all possible colors are present in the light, from infrared to almost ultraviolet light. This light mimics natural sunlight, which is also full spectrum, as well as possible. This full spectrum light is ideal in spaces where you are active.

The right lighting for every room

You naturally need a different light in a study or kitchen than in a bedroom. What brighter lighting is nice when you have to work, where you have to be awake and active. If you want to sleep, a bright light can keep you from sleeping.

Tips for a better Feng Shui through lighting

Below you will find tips for better balancing the lighting in your home. Sometimes they are only small and subtle changes.

1. It is important to properly illuminate the entrance and exit of your house. Light on both sides of the front door is ideal for guiding positive chi into your house.

2. Replace broken light sources immediately. Everything that is broken or does not work properly disrupts the energy flow according to the Feng Shui.

3. Choose lighting where you can change the color. Nowadays there are all kinds of lamps available where you can adjust the color of the light to your activity or mood. You can do this very easily with a remote control or even easier, with an app and your own smartphone. An example of such a lamp is the Philips Hue Beyond Table lamp.

There are whole theories about which color of light, which activity or mood is suitable. Make the light a little more pink if you are in a romantic mood or have a romantic dinner. Purple light makes you more creative and is therefore very suitable in spaces where you are engaged in your hobby. Orange light stimulates the appetite, makes you happy and gives you energy and is therefore very suitable for the living room or dining room. Soft yellow light is the most suitable for the bedroom. A clear white light is the best choice for the study or bathroom.

lamp that changes color
feng shui lamps

4. Avoid lighting that causes many sharp shadows. This makes a space less relaxing.

5. Paper or fabric lampshades are ideal for softening the light. The color of the hood naturally also has an effect.

6. Select the bedroom a soft, preferably dimmable lighting. According to the Feng Shui, it is better not to hang a lamp directly above your head, but rather, for example, next to you on a bedside table or table.

7. Light that shines upwards, let one space appear larger.

8. Instead of having one light source in a room, it is more beautiful and easier to get a feel by using two or more light sources.

9. Illuminate sharp corners or dark spots in your house by placing a beautiful lamp. This way you promote energy flow and you make a room more pleasant.

10. Mirrors can help you to reflect the light. Mirrors promote the chi and provide more activity and energy. They are therefore very suitable for study or study rooms.

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