11 Feng Shui tips for using mirrors

Mirror feng shui, can give something special to your interior. How do you use them?.

A mirror is not just to see if your hair is sitting properly. It can be an eye catcher in your room, it can make a room appear larger and lighter. Read the tips before use.

Feng Shui and mirrors

According to the Feng shui mirrors have a special meaning. They can strengthen, enlarge or double energy. According to the rules, if placed correctly, mirrors can bring prosperity and wealth and allow chi to flow. But also accident if you hang them in the wrong place. But how do you position the mirrors correctly? or feng shui mirrors facing each other.

1. Large mirror in a small space

If you want a small space to appear larger, you can do so in different ways. One is to place a mirror. And that mirror may be as large as possible. The mirror will provide extra depth and, despite its size, will not dominate the room. Feng Shui believes that placing a mirror in a narrow, long corridor is a great way not to let the chi flow away too quickly and to make the room more interesting.


2. Let the mirrors reflect something nice

Place your mirror so that you see something beautiful in it. That can be the window with a nice view, a nice lamp, a painting or a photo for example. In this way you use the mirror to double beauty.

3. Reflect something of value

If you place a mirror in such a way that your money box, your jewelry or something else is reflected in value, it brings wealth and prosperity according to the Feng Shui. At a store, therefore, a mirror close to the entrance or so that the cash register is reflected is a good place. This way you attract extra money from customers.

4. A mirror at the dining table or living room

A mirror at the dining table is a perfect place. What you eat is often a reflection of the wealth of a family and therefore you increase this energy. Also rooms or spaces where parties are held or other gatherings are great for hanging a mirror. You double the number of people in the room through the mirror and that brings extra chi and improves the atmosphere.


5. A mirror from head to toe

A mirror in which you can see yourself completely is a good idea. This gives you a complete picture of yourself, literally and figuratively. Unlike small mirrors or tile mirrors where you only see a small “broken” part of yourself.

6. Keep your mirrors clean

A blurred image in the mirror is a blurred image of yourself.

7. No mirror opposite the front door

A mirror opposite the front door would reflect the energy and send it outside again. A mirror in the hall is a good idea, but would rather not hang it directly in front of the front door.

8. No mirror where ugly or negative objects can be seen

Do not hang a mirror in which the toilet can be seen, in which you can see the open fire of, for example, the fireplace or the stove or a messy space. If you see something that is not positive or not beautiful, then you double that negative energy. A mirror above the fireplace is a good place.


9. No mirror in the bedroom

According to the Feng Shui, mirrors do not belong in the bedroom, especially when the bed is reflected in it. A mirror creates too much energy and can therefore cause insomnia. If there are problems in the relationship, a mirror can cause additional disruption.


10. No broken mirrors

A broken mirror brings negative energy, just like everything that distorts an image or breaks it into pieces. Quick disposal according to the Feng Shui.

11. No mirrors facing each other

Do not hang mirrors opposite each other. You know where such an infinite effect arises. That is harmful for the energy flow in your house.

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